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Skype registration


The Skype program is fully Russified, has a simple and fairly clear interface, so it’s easy to deal with all the functions and options of the program, even for new and inexperienced users. The program is constantly updated and updated with new features. Using the Skype service, you will always be in touch with your family and friends, and at the same time, there is no difference where exactly your interlocutor is located, all calls are free. The Skype program is so closely integrated into modern everyday life that it is almost impossible to do without it.

Download Skype for free on PC - This means forgetting about expensive international calls. With her appearance, calls with the help of telephone operators have receded into the distant past. Millions of people being thousands of kilometers apart use this application daily for online communication. Just imagine for a moment, in what amount, communication with your relatives from another country would cost you half an hour earlier. That's it with Skype, you communicate for your pleasure as much as you want, there are no time limits. The only thing is, if you want to call from a computer to a mobile phone, and not to another computer, you will have to replenish your personal Skype account, which is tied to your account. Downloading Skype to your computer is very simple, just go to the official website of the company.

In addition to ordinary conversations, using the camera you can make video calls, make video conferences and communicate with several people at the same time. You can easily send photos and video files, and in no case will they lose their quality. You can instantly exchange text messages and video messages completely free.

How to register on skype for free?

In general, when it comes to some famous program, there is no need to find out if it is possible to register for free. It is beneficial for the creators of these programs to provide them for free so that as many people as possible use them. These programs include Skype.

In order to register on Skype, you need to go to the official website of the program and click on the word "Registration" in the upper right corner

After which you will be transferred to a page with a form where you must enter all the required data: first name, last name, email address (if you do not already have one, be sure to tell how to do this, I told you in this lesson - How to register for mail?).

Then you can enter your personal data.

You, of course, can not enter them. But there is one thing "but"! If you do not enter them, then it will be more difficult to find you. That is, when your relatives or friends want to find you, they will have a hard time, because there will be a lot of people with the same name and surname (I know by myself, this is despite the fact that I have a rare surname). So if you are not a secret agent, you can safely enter all the data, except, for example, a mobile phone.

Under “How do you expect to use Skype?” Select “Mostly for private conversations.”

Next, you will need to come up with your Skype name and password.

Login must be in English. If you suddenly write any login, and below you will see the inscription “You cannot use such Skype login”, then most likely it is already taken, and you will need to choose another one, either from the ones proposed below, or come up with some new one. As for the password, come up with something more serious, then do not forget the main thing.

After which you will have to pass a spam check, i.e. the system will check if you are a robot.

And, after you enter the text from the picture into a special field, which is located under it and is highlighted in red, you can click on the button "I agree (-on) - Next." If you didn’t fill out something correctly, a message pops up saying that you made a mistake somewhere, read it and correct it, then what is said there. Well, if everything is filled out as it should, then you will be transferred to the next page where you will be offered to buy something, select the item “Thank you, do not need it yet” and click “Continue”.

Everything, skype registration finished, now you can download skype.

How to download skype from the official site?

If you have just registered, then just click on the “Download Skype” item, which is located in the top menu of the site.

If you have already been registered and you just need to download Skype and install, then, first, click on the "Login to Skype" button, which is located in the upper right corner next to the "Registration" button and enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. After logging in, you can click on the option “Download Skype”.

After which you will be transferred to the page where you will need to select the item that is highlighted in red in the picture below.

Well, on the next page, select "Download Skype"

After that, the download will begin.

How to install skype on a computer?

When the download is over, you can install skypeby simply launching the downloaded SkypeSetup.exe file. By the way, he himself can start, so do not be alarmed. If suddenly it does not start, and you forget where you downloaded it, just click on the main menu in any browser, and then select the “Downloads” item, when you find this file there, just left-click on it. Then the installation will begin.

When the installation is completed, a window pops up, prompting you to log in.

Enter your username and password that you specified when registering, and click the "Sign in to Skype" button, everything, you're in the program.

How to set up skype on your pc?

We figured out how to install skype on a computer and how to download it. Now it's time to figure out how to set up skype.

Settings start with the first login to Skype. The program itself will offer you to configure your microphone, headphones (speakers) and video camera. If you don’t have all of this, or at least one of the above, don’t be afraid, just skip this step and that’s it. The settings window looks like this.

In principle, there is nothing complicated. In order to check the sound, click "Check Sound" and if you hear any sound in the speakers or headphones, then everything works. If not, then try to select another device by clicking on the button that is highlighted in red in the figure above, and from the proposed options, select the device that you have not tried. If nothing works, then make sure Is everything correctly connected and turned on?.

As for the microphone, everything is the same, the only thing, its performance is shown by a green bar, which starts to move from left to right when you say something into the microphone.

Well, a video camera, of course, is shown when it is connected.

When you are sure everything is working or not working, click Continue.

If you want, you can set an avatar, your photo, or any other image, or you can skip this step by clicking “Postpone”. If you want to put an avatar, click continue and select there: either take a picture from the video camera, if you have one, or find an image on the computer.

When the initial settings are over, click on the "Use Skype" button.

If suddenly, somehow, it didn’t work to configure skype at the very beginning, or if you connected some computer devices after the initial setup, don’t be afraid, you can configure everything later. To do this, click on the "Tools" item at the top of the program and select the "Settings" section there.

After which a settings window will open.

I could explain to you for a long time what and how to configure, but everything is very simple and clear there. Just go from point to point and read what is written there. That is, first read what is written in the “General Settings” item and check or uncheck the boxes where necessary, then go to the “Sound Settings” item and do the same, then to “Sounds” and so on to the end. Act in cases like me - if you understandwhat this setup is all about, then configure if not, then do not touch anything and move on, so you will very quickly understand the settings of any program. After completing all the settings you need, click on the "Save" button in the lower right corner for the new settings to take effect.

How to use skype without problems?

In order to conveniently use skype, you must first understand what and where he is.

  1. The program settings panel. This is clear, in this panel you can configure the Skype program.
  2. A panel in which you can set your status. Usually the status is shown “Online”, if suddenly you need to go somewhere, or you want your friends to not see your presence in the program, and in general, then select either “Do Not Disturb” or “Offline”, or whatever your soul desires. In order to change the status, click on the button highlighted in blue above (in the 2nd area), and select the corresponding item.
  3. In this area of ​​the program are all those contacts that you have accepted as friends. In order to start communication with one of them, first select it by clicking the left mouse button. If your interlocutor is inside the program, then the icon will light green, if not, then it will not light accordingly.
  4. Also, you can see whether the person you need is online in the 4th area highlighted in the picture above. It will write the name of the person, his avatar, whether he is online, where he came from, and other information that he wrote about himself.
  5. This area is a communication area. After you select the person you need, and make sure that he is online, you can start communication. In Skype, you can communicate in three ways:
    • Chat That is, write a message in the area highlighted in blue, press Enter and the message is sent when a person answers you, his message appears under yours, and your new answer appears already under his message. I hope it is clear. By the way, correspondence, if necessary, can be deleted, how to do it, I told in the article - How to delete correspondence on Skype?
    • The call. It makes sense to call when you have a microphone. That is, it turns out an ordinary conversation, like on a regular phone. You can, by the way, make calls to ordinary phones, but, as far as I know, this is paid. To call a person, you need to click on the “Call” button, which is located at the very top of the 5th area, directly under the 4th, well, and then what to do, you see, everything is clear.
    • Video call. If you have a camera, you can make a video call. The only thing is that it can be used when both you and your interlocutor have a camera, otherwise it will not be interesting if someone alone sees, although to whom it is. The video call button, located next to the Call button.
  6. Advertising.

How to find a person on skype?

These were the main areas, but I would like to tell you one more thing - this is the search area. In order to find person in Skype, for example, your friend or relative, you need to click on the "Add Contact" item, which is located under the 3rd area, the figure above is highlighted in black. Before you open such a window.

To quickly and easily find a person, you need to know not only the surname and name, otherwise there will be a lot of coincidences. The easiest way to find a person is by login. Enter his username in the search form, and the program immediately starts looking for him, and when he finds it, you just have to click on the “Add” button, and he will be sent a request to add you as a friend. It is also very easy to find a person by mail, but he simply could not indicate the phone number. As for the search by name and surname, here, it is not always possible to quickly find who you need. There are a lot of people with similar names and surnames and you have to look in the proposed options. If you tried all types of searches, but did not find anyone, perhaps this person is simply not registered on Skype, or registered under a different name and surname.

How to update Skype to the latest version?

Bear with a little more, the article is nearing completion. It remains to tell you one small point - how to update skype.

Why update it at all, you may ask. Yes, then, that the developers of this program constantly improve it, come up with new methods of protecting your data, speed up the program, etc.

In principle, if you downloaded Skype from the official site, then there definitely was the latest version. But it may be that you installed it from some disk, and to update it you need to do the following.

  1. Open the Skype program, you can not enter your username and password. Usually, if a new version of a program is released, then it itself offers you to update it. If this does not happen, take the next step.
  2. We click help in the top menu and select the item “Check for updates”.

If there are no updates, the corresponding window will pop up, and if there is, then this will pop up:

  • After that click on the “Download” button and Skype will update. Just follow all the steps that the program will offer you, everything is simple there.
  • You can write about skype for a very long time, but you can fully understand it, you can only start using it, I gave you the initial knowledge so that you at least understand a bit what skype is, and then yourself. On this I think you can finish. Good luck!

    Click here to watch a video tutorial.

    How to download Skype, instructions for dummies

    1. To open the homepage of the Skype website in an Internet browser that opens, in the address bar, enter

    2. To open the Downloads page, on the Skype home page, click the Download button.

    3. Skype will start downloading to your computer. It will automatically detect the operating system and the web browser you are using.

    Note: If the download does not start automatically, you can start it manually by clicking the "Start Download Again" button.

    4. After you press the program download, you may be asked to save or open the program SkypeSetup.exe. For files, always choose to save to your hard drive. Do not open or run the program during the download process.

    5. Skype sometimes hosts two types of downloads, the general accessible version and the beta version with new updates. It’s best to download the public version because it is more stable.

    Note: Over time, the beta version will also become publicly available and then, you can update your application.

    6. Select "Save to Disk."

    7. Select a convenient location to remember, such as the Windows desktop, and click OK. Remember this location so that after saving it, you can double-click the file.

    Step-by-step installation of Skype on a laptop

    1. When the download is complete and the program is saved to disk, double-click the Skype Setup program that you just saved, or simply click “Run” if you have this option.

    2. If a user account management window opens asking for permission, just click Continue.

    3. When the installer starts, it will ask you to select a language. Select it from the list that opens.

    4. The installation program will then ask you to read and accept the End User License Agreement. You must accept this in order to proceed with the installation. A program may also ask if you want to install some other programs or additional browser settings. I would advise you to uncheck the box to disable the installation of these additional programs, and click "Next".

    5. Click the Options button.

    6. Once the installation is complete, a page appears where you need to choose how Skype will start. The checkbox is already checked. If you do not want to start Skype immediately, uncheck the box by clicking on it. You also have the option to update the Skype Advanced Services Manager and install the Skype plug-in for the web browser (s) that you installed on your computer.

    7. Click "Agree - Install."

    8. Skype will ask you to create an account by specifying a name, Skype name and password.

    • On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your email address, country and city. If the Skype name you provided is already in use, you can choose any other. After you do this, Skype will be installed and will automatically start if you do not uncheck the box “Launch Skype” on the “Settings” screen.
    • If you already have an account, just enter your details.

    If you encounter any difficulties during installation, you can always ask a question below in the comments.