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Overview of store and folk remedies for flies


Flies in the house? Not the most pleasant company. In spring, the number of insects in the apartment increases, and the question arises sharply how to get rid of flies and make sure that they no longer appear. Before you start a fight with these flying insects, you must determine where they come from, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. So, let's figure it out.

  1. In the warm season, they can fly in from windows, balconies, doors, and even from ventilation openings.
  2. It so happens that the street has not yet warmed up, and they are already flying in the house. These are insects that hid in the crevices in the autumn, secluded places for hibernation, and in the spring they come to life again and begin their “mission” to annoy people.

If the apartment has even the slightest hint of unsanitary conditions, then flies will love this place, because they are attracted to the smells of rotting food and dirt.

Annoying buzzing, flights from one place to another, "traveling" through food products and through your body cause irritation and psychological discomfort. It would be easier if the harm from insects was limited only to unpleasant emotions. They can be very dangerous to humans.

What is the danger of house flies?

Flies are two-winged insects, very small and light. They eat only liquid food, sucking it through the proboscis. Various sweet liquid products are very attractive to them: compote, juice, tea, jam, honey. If these products are uncovered in your kitchen, they will certainly attract insects.

No one knows where insects flew before they hit your house. Perhaps they sat on decaying corpses of animals, rotting fruits, human feces, and now they are walking around on bread and fruit. Very impressive picture! Therefore, the question of how to get rid of flies in the house should be decided immediately!

Insects carry thousands of bacteria on their paws that cause cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, helminthiasis, conjunctivitis, diphtheria, and anthrax. They can also lay larvae in food and foods that you can eat. This is fraught with intestinal disorders. Some flies bite and can cause severe skin irritation.

In order not to have to solve the problem of how to get rid of flies at home, you need to take care in advance to make your home unattractive to them. What are some ways to do this?

  1. Keep the house and apartment clean, immediately throw away the trash so that it does not spread odors: sweet - for flies and unpleasant - for us. If everything is clean, there is no unsanitary conditions, then flies have nothing to do here.
  2. You can use folk remedies. It is known that flies dislike the smell of geranium. By putting pots with this indoor flower on the windowsills, you will prevent them from flies entering the apartment through the windows.
  3. If you complement the collection of room sizes with pots with seedlings of tomatoes, then this will also scare off the flies.
  4. In the spring, when insects are activated, you need to equip the windows with mosquito nets.
  5. From Latin American countries came a way that does not benefit from the aesthetic side and which is unlikely to be resorted to by residents of modern apartments. If you hang plastic bags filled with water in the room, then the flies in the room will not take root, since the environment that they see through the water suspended in the bag scares them and they prefer to retire.

Next, we will consider cardinal and effective measures to get rid of flies.

Popular ways to deal with flies in an apartment and a house

Fly traps are very popular and effective in controlling insects. They can be made from improvised means. The following traps are most common among the population:

  1. AT glass jar it is necessary to place the bait, as which you can take honey, syrup, sugar-sweetened water. A paper cone is inserted into the jar, so that the wide part is located on top, and the narrow part is on the side of the bottom of the can, but not close to it. The insects attracted by the bait will fly into the jar through the hole in the cone, but will not be able to get back.
  2. The most elementary trap is open bottle of beer in which a little drink is left. Flies flock to the smell, penetrate the bottle and cannot fly out.
  3. The following trap is also effective: in glass jar pour a little vinegar with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wrap the jar on top with cling film and make a hole in it, into which the adult fly will fit. A fly that flies into a jar will not be able to escape and drown in the prepared mixture.

Ready-made devices and devices for controlling flies

To combat hated insects, you can use a special device to kill flies. Manufacturers offer various models that make life easier.

  • Insecticidal lamps come in different shapes and sizes: in the form of sconces, floor or desktop devices. They work from electricity, are absolutely harmless to people and can be used indoors around the clock. How is the fight against flies? Devices emit ultraviolet rays of a certain spectrum, attracting flies. Insects that fly close to them die from the discharge of current. Many models are equipped with adhesive sheets or a special design that does not allow dead insects to fall on the floor, on the table, providing high hygiene.

  • Exist instruments that attract flies with UV radiation and then suck flying insects. Silent operation, hygiene and safety make it possible to use devices in the house and apartment.
  • Insect exterminator - An effective and unique anti-fly device. It is very easy to install and their radius of action is an area of ​​4000 m2. It can not be installed indoors, so this is one of the most popular models for private homes. By installing it in the yard, you can enjoy your vacation without being distracted by annoying insects. The likelihood of flies getting into the house through windows and doors is also many times reduced. How does this device work? It produces carbon dioxide, moisture and heat, which attract flies. The flying insects are sucked into the net and die within a day from dehydration.
  • Velcro shredders or adhesive tapes - an effective trap. It is a tape and a sticky sheet. It is enough to hang it in a room with the most flies. They will attract insects with a specific smell. The fly that has settled on them will no longer be able to unfasten and die.

Street flies are annoying too: ways to deal with them

Most flies are in the courtyard of a private house, in the garden and in the garden, and they also cause inconvenience to humans. How to get rid of flies on the street? First you need to determine if there are accumulations of garbage, garbage containers, cesspools, compost heaps, as they will be a permanent breeding and distribution site for insects.

There are several rules, the implementation of which will minimize the number of insects in the yard and on the street:

  • Keeping the yard clean. If a dog is walking there, then you need to collect her litter so that the smell does not attract insects. Lids of garbage containers in the courtyard should be tightly closed.
  • Regular mowing and lack of heaps of grass or leaves.
  • There should be no standing water in the yard.
  • The smells of some plants and bushes have a deterrent effect. If planted elderberry or hcherry tree around the perimeter of the plot, then insects will be rare guests in the yard of your house. If you grow on the flower beds mint, lavender, amorphous, basil, tansy, then they too will save them from interfering with your life.

For the fight, you can use modern devices.

  • Street insect killer - An effective remedy for flies on the street. It generates carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, attracting them. Insects fly to it from all over the site, are sucked into the net and die after some time. The advantages of these devices are that they cover a large radius and are harmless to people, soil and plants in the garden and on the site.
  • With a large accumulation of flies it helps fumigator. Fumigation of insects with gases poisonous to them for a long time will save from uninvited "guests".
  • One of the popular means in the fight against flies are pyrotechnic fumigators, or insecticides. They are used to kill flies outdoors. If spirals and sticks are placed around the perimeter of the site, this will protect against insects.

If you need to get rid of flies while camping, you can do repellents. They are applied to human skin and protect against annoying biting flies.

Common ways to deal with flies in the country and in a wooden house

Usually in the country house and in a private house the probability of breeding and increasing the number of flies is greater than in apartments. The presence of garbage containers directly in the yard and cesspools is affected if the house is not connected to a centralized sewage system. But the question of how to deal with flies in the country can be resolved just as efficiently and quickly.

  • All methods described above are suitable for killing flies in summer cottages.
  • Sink pits must be treated and sprinkled with bleach.
  • If there is a restroom and toilet on the street near the house, then they need to be systematically often treated with a solution of chlorine.
  • Such folk methods are effective as lubricating the floors in a turpentine mastic house and wetting the window frames with vinegar.
  • Ventilation of rooms and drafts helps to quickly get rid of flies.
  • Many summer residents use flies chemicals. So, prepared from a special powder, poisonous for flies (for example, Agita), solutions are applied with a brush to walls, floors, and ceilings. These funds relieve flies and prevent their appearance for several months. And suspensions prepared from the same powder and sprayed in the air also quickly destroy insects and prevent them from appearing for about a month. These products are harmless to humans.

The problem of how to get rid of flies in a wooden house can be solved using the same means.

  • Mosquito nets on the windows.
  • Adhesive tapes, both finished and self-made. For a homemade tape you will need resin (or rosin), castor oil or linseed oil, for the bait - honey, glycerin and sugar. Melt all these “ingredients” in a water bath and spread the paper tape with the mixture, then hang it in the room. The effect of this product will be the same as that of store adhesive tape.
  • The flies will fly away to look for another house if they rub all their favorite flies with laurel oil, if they spread shoots or fresh leaves of fern, tansy, elderberry, clove sticks (seasoning), eucalyptus on windowsills and furniture.

How to deal with flies in the room: secrets, proven over the years

Not sure how to get rid of flies in a room? And you need to do this locally and without compromising your own health? Homemade Lures effective in combating flies in an apartment and a private house. Everyone can make them and after a while the fly, having treated itself with a poisoned treat, dies.

  1. Sweet liquids adore flies, but do not tolerate saccharin at all. It is necessary to make a solution of 10 g of saccharin and a small amount of honey. The resulting solution should be wetted with a paper towel and, laying it on a saucer, leave on a windowsill. Flies, attracted by a sweet smell and tasted saccharin, die after a while.
  2. The next type of poison is also easy to prepare. The solution is prepared from 5 teaspoons of soda, 3 tablespoons of milk, 0, 5 teaspoons of formalin. It is necessary to pour the resulting mixture in a saucer, put a piece of bread there. You can place some saucers at home and wait for the flies to poison themselves with such a “delicacy”.
  3. A solution based on water sweetened with syrup or honey with the addition of black pepper is very effective. Having poured it into shallow plates and arranged around the house, you can solve the problem of how to get rid of flies. Ground black pepper is deadly for insects.

Chemical manufacturers offer their own ways to deal with flies in an apartment. Using aerosol help get rid of insects 100%. The most famous means are Dichlorvos and Chlorophos". Their disadvantage is that they can be dangerous for people and pets. Having sprayed them, you must leave the apartment, and after achieving the effect, ventilate the rooms several times.

Less harmful to humans, but adamant about flies fumigators for home use. A plate is placed in the body of the device, which, when heated, exudes vaportrin, which is poisonous for flies, into the air. Typically, fumigators begin to act 30 minutes after switching on and the time of their exposure should be limited, since they are harmful to children and pets.

Indoor flies: how to destroy?

Sometimes it is necessary to quickly resolve the issue of how to get rid of flies indoors. When the room is small and there are few flies in it, then you can do with an ordinary fly swatter.

If there are many flies and there is no way to get rid of them "manually", then you can use folk remedies. So, flies are very sensitive to essential oils. If you light an aroma lamp with cloves, lavender rosemary, eucalyptus oils, then the flies retire for a long time.

Eco-friendly and efficient ultrasonic fly repellers. Sound waves, not perceptible to humans, but fatal to flies, will force them to leave the room. They are suitable for use in apartments and houses and are absolutely useless in open areas.

To combat insects, you can put an exotic predatory plant on the windowsill - a venus flytrap. It attracts the sweet smell of flies, and when they sit on the leaves, they slam shut and the digestion mechanism starts. The plant will be a constant fighter with flies.

To summarize, let’s say, there are many ways and means of fighting flies. But they require effort and time. To never raise the question of getting rid of two-winged dangerous "neighbors", it is better to take preventive measures in advance: keep the house clean, keep plants in the apartment that are not loved by flies, and in private houses you can install fly exterminators that are not tens of meters away let flies to the house.

Mechanical means of control

Protection against flies involves the use of various types of Velcro, decoys, electro-sound repellers, and fly swatter. They are safe for people and pets, suitable for getting rid of a small number of flies flying into an apartment or house. The most common are such funds:

  1. Duct tape. It is quite effective. The principle of operation is based on the impregnation of paper strips with a special sticky smelling substance that attracts pests. Tapes are hung in the house in the room, on the balcony, kitchen, loggia, near lighting fixtures. Flying on the smell, the fly sticks and can no longer be released.
  2. Traps. They come in two forms. The light trap is similar in principle to an adhesive tape. The insects only attract the bright light to which they fly. Inside the flashlight or luminous screen is a sticky mixture. Having stuck in it, the fly is not able to get out. A trap with a bait can be made independently using a plastic bottle. With a knife or scissors, it is cut into two parts - the smaller with the lid and the larger with the base. Pour sugar, chopped banana to the bottom, put jam, honey, pour water. After that, a smaller part of the bottle is inserted upside down in a large container. A fly caught inside cannot get back.

The method is quite effective. I live in a private house, and my flies behave like hosts. I use adhesive tape and place baits from plastic bottles on the veranda and kitchen. In the summer, we often have dinner in the gazebo, so there are always such traps there.

Physical methods

You can fight flies on your own using special devices, the principle of which is based on the use of ultrasound, electromagnetic waves, electrical discharge. They will help to exterminate pests or scare them away. The cost of devices is low, and the benefits are substantial. Their advantages are as follows:

  • they are harmless and safe for people
  • devices clean rooms in a house, apartment,
  • the products are small in size and have a modern attractive appearance.

The following devices have proven themselves well:

  1. Electric traps. The electronic means is a construction of a light screen, closed by a grating made of metal. A small discharge of electric current passes along its circuit. As soon as the fly, attracted by the light, touches the grate, it falls under tension and dies.
  2. Fumigators. These are small devices that plug into an outlet. Inside there is a plate soaked in fumigants. Under the influence of an electric current, it heats up, evaporating the poisonous substance. For humans and pets, it is completely safe. The device is used not only for flies, but also for mosquitoes, wasps, midges. The plate is removable, it should be periodically changed.

I use the fumigator constantly. Действует он неплохо, только выбирать рекомендуется специальное устройство для мух. Также при выборе учитывают размеры помещения и радиус действия. Если комната большая, возможно понадобится 2 устройства. Отлично зарекомендовала себя продукция «Raid».

Магазинные препараты от мух

Хорошо помогают от мух, купленные в магазине специальные средства. Современный рынок предлагает их большой выбор. Aquafumigators, powders and tablets, aerosols have proven themselves well for exterminating flies. Pest control with their help shows good results.

Aqua-fumigator for fighting flies


They are compact devices, inside is an insecticide that is sprayed into the air. Devices work independently or from a network. They are intended for repeated use. One cylinder is designed for 2-3 months. Toxic concentrate enters the air at regular intervals. Penetrating the body of an insect, it causes paralysis of the nervous and digestive systems. Well-established fly exterminator of such brands:

  1. Raid. The can is screwed into the device and inserted into the outlet. For people and animals, the product is safe, it does not have a smell, and when you use the device you can not leave the room. One bottle can be used for up to a month. The cost of the drug is 140-160 rubles.
  2. Raptor. The set contains a plastic container and a bag of liquid, which should be poured onto the bottom of the container, and then put it in a jar made of aluminum containing an insecticide. The room should be left for 2-3 hours, then it should be well ventilated. It should not contain food, toys, dishes, personal items. Raptor helps to effectively destroy pests, suitable for getting rid of flies and mosquitoes, other insects that have fallen in love with the house.

Sprays are sold in spray cans. Poison flies should be by spraying insecticides. They act instantly and help to quickly get rid of harmful insects. But they are highly toxic.

Before using the aerosol, you should free the premises of the house from food, things, put on gloves and a mask on your face. Processing is carried out indoors, which can be ventilated in 2-3 hours.


To get rid of flies in the apartment, consumers recommend buying these sprays:

  1. Karbofos. An insecticidal agent is available in the form of a concentrated emulsion. The active substance is malathion. The composition also contains an emulsifier, a solvent, and other components. Use a remedy for flies in the room, as well as cockroaches, bugs, mosquitoes, ants. Karbofos is sold in the form of a dry substrate in packs of 30 and 60 g. It should be diluted with water according to the instructions and treated the room, observing safety requirements. The price of the drug is 18-590 rubles, depending on the packaging and packaging.
  2. Get. An effective remedy that can poison the most tenacious insects. A week after treatment at home, there will be no trace of flies. Get destroys larvae and eggs. The effect of the drug lasts for six months. For processing a house of 100 square meters. m. you will need 100 ml of the product. The price is 980 rubles.
  3. Dichlorvos Varan. The double-acting preparation effectively destroys flies, mosquitoes, moths, bugs. It has a pleasant lemon scent and is not addictive in insects. For people, it is practically harmless, helping to get rid of flies in the courtyard of a private house. The price is 55-126 rubles. depending on the volume.
  4. Dr.Klaus. Effective poison from flies and other flying insects (midges, wasps, mosquitoes). The tool is used for processing rooms and outside the home: on the veranda, foundation, plot. Easily handles hard-to-reach spots. Destroys larvae of flies. A 600 ml can costs about 280 rubles.

I regularly use Dichofos. It is really effective and quickly destroys flies. Used this drug to get rid of ants. They suddenly appeared in the house, it was such a horror. I just had Dichlorvos Varan. All carefully sprayed and lo! The ants disappeared and until no longer appeared.

Very good spray Dr. Klaus. Just once in the evening I sprayed it in the place where the wasps settled (under the ridge of the house). In the morning, insects lay dead on the veranda. Recommend.

Victor, Nizhny Tagil

House spray

Any of these remedies for summer areas is also suitable; it has been in effect for quite some time. And pastime in the fresh air will not be overshadowed by insects circling nearby.

Tablets and powders

At home, powders and tablets are often used to get rid of flies. They are convenient to use and quite effective. They process the premises of large areas. There is no need to close the doors and windows, ventilate the rooms in the house. The poison is laid out in certain places or the powder is mixed with water to obtain a suspension. With their help, you can remove pests in the country. Their cost is low and affordable for consumers. Use them carefully, as they are not safe for pets. The following flies are considered the best:

  1. Agita. The powder contains highly effective insecticides, natural pheromones. Suspension with a brush is applied to floors, walls, sprayed onto other types of surfaces with a spray gun. Active substances - thiamethoxam, tricosen Z-9. 400 g of the drug is enough to process 160 square meters. m. Cost - 890 rubles. and higher. The remedy is valid for 2-8 weeks.
  2. Byte. Sold in the form of granules. They should be decomposed where flies most often appear. The action begins 3-5 minutes after contact with insects. The cost of the tool is quite high and amounts to about 2400 rubles. for a two-kilogram package. Byte retains its activity during the summer period (2-3 months).
  3. Dust The powder is gray or white. It retains its effect for 3-4 weeks. Upon contact with it, the nervous system of insects is affected, and they die. This effect is achieved due to the content in the dust of active substances - themeofos and alpha-pericamethrin. Often use this remedy for flies on the street in the yard. Price - 25-75 rubles. for packing.


I live in a private house, which is often attacked by all kinds of insects. Therefore, dust is always there. The tool is quite effective and, importantly, is inexpensive. I lay out the powder both in the premises and in the yard, including under a canopy, where family gatherings often take place in the summer.

Folk remedies

For those who do not want to use insecticidal drugs, it is recommended to pay attention to funds without chemistry. Flies do not like pungent odors that can drive them out of the room. You can make a home-made device in the form of traps, baits, which is often used in summer cottages, personal plots, from available means. Consider the popular methods that repel flies.

  1. Vodka. Not the cheapest way to help drive out insects. But they can’t stand the alcohol smell. The product is sprayed indoors or saucers are left on the windowsills. The windows should be left open so that the flies can fly away. You can use vodka in nature, spreading it over exposed areas of the body.
  2. Cloves. You can discourage annoying flies with the help of this plant, the aroma of which they also do not like. To do this, it is recommended to put clove buds (10-15 pcs.) In a vase. Clove oil is more effective.
  3. Sagebrush. Dried bunches of grass hang in the house. You can put live bouquets in vases. Wormwood will drive away not only flies, but moths and ticks.
  4. Essential oils. Their pungent and persistent smell is able to drive the fly out of the room. This method has proven itself from the best side. Oil of citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint is suitable for this purpose. They are added to aromatic lamps, to water while washing windows, floors, surfaces.

Essential oils for controlling flies

I always use vinegar in the kitchen. Lubricate the surface to them. Having done this once, I realized that more flies did not fly into the house.

Knowing what flies are afraid of, regardless of where a person lives, in a village or city, you can quickly scare away or get rid of these annoying creatures. You can get rid of flies with folk remedies using tansy, lavender, mint, eucalyptus, geranium. These plants should be planted in places that block access to the house for flies.


So that flies do not annoy the house, you need to think about this in advance, ensuring the protection of your home. To do this, do:

  1. Hang mosquito nets on doors and windows.
  2. Keep all rooms clean. Pay special attention to the kitchen: do not leave products open, take out the trash on time.
  3. It is not recommended to put spoiled products in the bin, especially meat and fish.
  4. If animals live in the house, their dishes should always be clean.

Any of the listed means and methods will also help to destroy or drive flies out of the car. Which one is the most acceptable - each car owner decides for himself. Now you know how to get rid of flies in the house. Following simple tips and tricks, these insects will not annoy their presence.

How to get rid of flies in the house

In a modern house, an apartment where plastic windows are installed, there are no gaps in the wall, mosquito nets are installed, the problem is solved by itself. In addition, you need to maintain cleanliness in the house, wash vegetables, fruits immediately after entering the room, store food properly. In a situation where it is not possible to carry out a global repair, and the flies are incredibly annoying, they resort to special means.

Mechanical destruction

You can fight flies yourself with the help of a special cracker. It is a long stick at the end of a piece of flexible rubber. Quietly sneak up to the pest, abruptly clap on the body. For lack of such a device, a newspaper, a magazine, and a gum folded into a tube are used.

Such a remedy for flies in the room is absolutely safe, but has several drawbacks. There are traces on the walls and furniture, you need to spend a lot of time hunting, it takes some agility. This also includes the method of hand-catching. The fingers of the palm of the hand are bent, the sitting or flying fly is sharply cut.

Flies can fly into the smallest crevices, not necessarily through an open window, a window. Use poison for several winged individuals does not make sense. A cracker enters the fight. They watched a flying creature, waited for a landing, clapped.

Aquafumigator for home

A modern remedy for flies based on a unique broad-spectrum insecticide. It is allowed to use at home with strict observance of the instructions. The only aquafumigator in the market for modern products is the Raptor.

The device consists of several parts - a container for pouring liquid, a jar with holes with the active component. To start the action, you need to install the main part of the aquafumiator in a container of water. A chemical reaction immediately begins, resulting in smoke emitting into the room with tiny droplets of water.

The main advantage is many times more effective than conventional aerosols; it penetrates into the deepest crevices and soft tissues. Destroys pests at any stage of development. Does not require human presence, is not fire hazard. It takes effect from the moment smoke is released. The maximum effect is observed for the first 4 hours, the residual effect is prolonged for 20-30 days.

Among the shortcomings - you need to hide things, products, dishes, mop the floor after disinfestation, wipe the furniture, and thoroughly ventilate. The price of an aquafumigator Raptor is about 600 rubles, the processing area is up to 30 sq. M.

Poisoned on the loggia. It turned out to exterminate the insect colony in a couple of hours, they did not observe a repeated invasion for about a month. Getting rid of an aquafumigator is convenient, effective, simple.

Aerosol for home

You can get rid of flies in an apartment, a house in one day using an aerosol. The product is sold ready-made, in convenient spray cans. It is based on several insecticides. Destroys adults, larvae within an hour, the maximum effect is saved for a day. Continues to protect the premises for up to 10 days.

  • Extremely convenient to use. Shake spray can, spray onto walls, floor, ceilings.
  • It does not leave marks on the surface, does not spoil furniture, does not contain an unpleasant odor.
  • Affordable price - an average of 250 rubles.

Aerosols Raptor, Raid, Clean House, Dichlorvos are in special demand.

  1. Requires a respirator, rubber gloves.
  2. You need to hide clothes, bedding, food.
  3. Cleaning after disinfestation is required.

The destruction of flies by insecticides is advisable on the balcony, terrace, porch, in the corridor.

If you need to quickly defeat the mushin family, provide protection for several days, use any insecticidal aerosol. You can even if there is a pet in the house. Just take him out for a couple of hours to walk outside. I like the Raptor. It doesn’t stink much, it helps. It can poison insects in a few minutes.

Powerful poisoning from flies in the house based on one or more insecticides. It is recommended to resort to this method in case of severe infection of the premises. It is advisable to use on the veranda, balcony, terrace. A concentrated drug helps to quickly get rid of pests, prevent a second invasion. The residual effect is from 14 days to 6 months.

It is sold in the form of a concentrated emulsion, immediately before use, you need to prepare a solution by adding the specified amount of concentrate to cold water. The finished product is poured into a household spray bottle or a spray bottle.

The treatment at home is carried out in a protective suit, respirator, rubber gloves, and glasses. At the time of disinfestation, windows and doors are closed. The maximum concentration is maintained for 2 hours after the procedure. The duration of the residual action depends on the form of the concentrate. Microencapsulated products provide protection for 3-6 months.

  • quick result
  • long-term protection against flies.

  • high toxicity
  • the need for personal protective equipment,
  • thorough ventilation, cleaning,
  • do not use indoors with children,
  • relatively high cost - from 1 thousand to 5 thousand rubles.,
  • if you violate the instructions, poisoning is possible.

Effective drugs - Get, Tetrix, Sinuzan, Executioner, Cucaracha.

It is possible to poison annoying flies with concentrated solutions on the street, indoors, outbuildings, but safety precautions must be observed. Used by Fufanon. Insects are not visible for about a month.

Powders and pills

Tools are very convenient to use. Possess high efficiency. They are a pressed insecticide with flavors, flavorings to attract insects. They are laid out in places of accumulation of pests. Apply in office, house, apartment, in the country. The residual effect lasts from 4 to 8 hours. Dilution with water with addition of sugar, jam is provided.

  • convenient use
  • long action
  • affordable price - from 50 rubles.,
  • the ability to use in premises for various purposes.

  • valid only when ingested,
  • small exposure area.

Common drugs in the form of powder, tablets - Agita (Agita), Byte, Bros, Trianon, Global, Agromaxi.

Home traps

Help from flies at the adult stage. The easiest option is adhesive tapes. Suspended under the ceiling in places of accumulation of insects. Act until the entire surface is filled. Safe, easy to use, but not very effective. Adhesive tape is suitable for a small number of insects.

A special trap in the form of a house, a jar with a hole in one or several places lures insects with a bait with a characteristic odor, without chemistry. An example of this design is SWISSINNO, the Fly Trap flytrap. The range is up to 30 m. It is possible to buy the bait separately or to cook it yourself. The price of the trap is about 700 rubles.

A unique window trap is launched by the Swiss company Swissinno. Mounted on window sills, fits perfectly into the interior. Effectively catches insects, helps to remove them even before they enter the room.

You can do without magazine destruction tools, and make a trap or duct tape yourself.

The way to make a homemade trap is extremely simple. Pour jam, honey, syrup mixed with boric acid in a saucer. The traditional method of exterminating insects in any room.

Oleg, Moscow region

Electronic tool

The modern exterminator of flies is released in the form of a lamp of different sizes and shapes. It has a different range of action. Powered by electric current, but some models operate additionally from solar, rechargeable batteries.

Attract insects with heat, ultraviolet light. When touching a metal grate, the pests receive an electric shock, die on the spot, or a special system with a fan draws them in. The lamp is equally effective against flies and mosquitoes.

  • does not contain insecticide
  • can be used anywhere where there is access to electricity,
  • running silently
  • suspended in any room.

A significant drawback is the high price. The cost of the simplest lamp is not less than 1 thousand rubles. Powerful electronic traps cost from 3 thousand rubles. Effective WI-15 models from SWISSINNO, Tkrmasel, Terminator.

You can repel a small number of insects with lamps, but completely clear the area, no. Poison is faster. More suitable for prevention.

In addition to luring and destroying flies of electronic lamps, there are also ultrasonic repellers and electrofumigators.

Grass scare

You can drive a fly out of the room with a certain smell. Насекомые в своей деятельности руководствуются обонянием, пищу чувствуют с расстояния нескольких километров. Некоторые ароматы заставляют их избегать неблагоприятной территории.

Избавиться от мух народными средствами можно с помощью специй, трав, веществ, которые всегда имеются в доме.

  • Уксус. Концентрированный столовый уксус наливают в блюдце, ставят на подоконнике. Раствором протирают рамы.
  • Sagebrush. Arrange bouquets on the windowsills, hang them under the ceiling, and crush the crushed powder in a specific place. Grass from flies repels insects, destroys them upon contact. It disrupts the functioning of the nervous system, causes paralysis. Similarly acts tansy.
  • Cloves. A clove plant or spices will help drive the fly out of the room. They are placed on the windowsills, in the corners of the rooms. Use a decoction for mopping, furniture.
  • Geranium. It repels flies with a persistent smell. To prevent their entry into the house, apartment, you just need to put a flower on the windowsill, bedside table.
  • Ammonia. Flies do not like ammonia. A home remedy is prepared in a ratio of 10 ml of ammonia per 1 liter of water. Concentrated solution is sprayed or wiped with frames, window sills, walls, floor. Within 30 minutes, the insects will leave the room.

What insects are still afraid of - mint, lemon balm, feverfew, lavender, bay leaf. Instead of plants, their essential oils are used. Add to water to wipe furniture, windows, floors, soak cotton wool.

Banish flies from the apartment will help the smell of bay leaves. In laboratory conditions, experiments were conducted. After 2 minutes of inhaling the smell of laurel, insects died. At home, killing parasites in this way will not work, but it is realistic to drive away.

Remedy for flies in the street, in the yard

Growing flies will help to drive away the flies growing near the house, on the land plot of lemon balm, peppermint, elderberry, bird cherry, caraway seeds, jasmine. In the village, the folk scare method is combined with modern insecticides. Spray the building from the back with aerosol, spray, microencapsulated drugs. So that flies do not fly into the house, mosquito nets are hung on doors, windows.

Smoke bombs will help drive insects out of the area. Actively used method in nature. Set the checker on a solid surface, set fire. In the process of burning, caustic, toxic smoke is released. The product burns for about 2 hours, the coverage radius is up to 300 square meters. Resting in nature after such treatment is allowed in 3-5 days. This way you can get rid of flies in the courtyard of a private house.

Exterminators of flies in the form of lamps are a modern remedy for flies in the street, in the yard. Devices can run on solar panels, batteries. Such a device is placed under a canopy, in the gazebo, often used in a cafe. Safe tool for summer areas. The range of 5 square meters. m. up to 50 square meters. m. The price of an effective exterminator is not less than 2 thousand rubles.

Odorous air fresheners and essential oils will help drive flies out of the car. They impregnate a fleece or napkin, leave it in the passenger compartment. On the floor you can leave a few chestnuts, citrus skins.