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Free app "Find friends" allows you to find out the location of your family members, relatives and close friends online. In this article we will talk about all the details of using, of course, the most useful program.

Apple branded application "Find friends" (also known as FindMyFriends) is considered one of the most useless "stock" iOS programs. And in vain, because the application has one very interesting function: it always knows where your friends are.

Scenarios for the use of this "features" - a million. So you can watch the children (for example, whether they came home from school), find out when an old friend is driving past your district or city ... or even follow the unfaithful spouse!

application "Find friends" since the release, iOS 9 has been included in the standard software for iPhone and iPad, available “out of the box”, along with the “Find iPhone” utility.

If you think that using the program "Find friends" can only be for espionage, then you are very mistaken. It’s enough to watch Danny Boyle’s film “127 Hours” (2010) with James Franco in the title role, which is based on real events, and you will understand that peace for your loved ones is worth a lot.

"Find friends" - not the first application in this segment. Opener in this field was Google with its Google Latitude program, the existence of which, however, was discontinued several years ago and now its functionality is available on Google Maps. Apple, on the contrary, developed the idea, at first providing access to the program only through the App Store, then integrated it into iOS, and now completely allowed users to search for the location of friends through the service without using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Well, the truth without an Apple ID account is no longer enough.

For those who have installed iOS 8 and older versions (or you accidentally deleted the application from iOS), install "Find friends" You can from the App Store by clicking on this link.

How to see the whereabouts of acquaintances on iPhone and iPad using the Find Friends app

1. After the first launch of the application, click "Add friends"to send invitations.

If someone is already in the list, then to add new friends, click Add in the upper right corner, then enter his name, email address or phone at the top of the window and click "Send".

By the way, in the latest versions of the application "Find friends" it is possible to quickly establish a connection (Add as friend) by sending a request via AirDrop.

2. In the process of sending an invitation, you must choose for how long you would like to share the geo-location with your friend:

  • share your location for an hour,
  • share until the end of the day
  • share indefinitely.

3. In order for your smartphone to be detected by other users on the map, go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Share Location and set the switch Share Share in position Included.

At the same point, you can selectively disable access to your geo-location for individual contacts added as friends.

The same settings page is also accessible from the application itself. "Find friends", just click on the tab "I".

4. Go to subsection “From device” and select one of your devices as a geolocation transmitter for tracking by your friends.

If desired, thanks to this feature you can share fake (fake) geo-location. For example, if you need to leave unnoticed, you can set the iPad (which stayed at home) as the device transmitting the geolocation, while the geolocation of your iPhone (and your current location) will not be sent to friends.

5. Having set the above parameters, go back one step up (section Geolocation services) and allow the program "Find friends" access to geolocation - check the box next to "When using the program".

After the invitation is accepted, you and your friend can see each other's whereabouts on the map.

Added contacts will be displayed on the map in the form of icons with images. For convenience, you can switch the map view to "Hybrid" or "Satellite" (especially relevant in our regions where Apple Maps are in "Standard" not worked out). To switch the map view, click on the map and then on the icon "I" in the lower right corner.

How to find out if your friend left or came to a certain place

But to find out where the contact is located is the most commonplace that the application can. Functions are much more interesting. "Notify me" and Notify Contact.

Function "Notify me" allows you to select a contact and set up a notification to leave a certain place or zone or to arrive at a certain place or zone. For example, you can find out when a contact enters a kilometer zone to your or a given location and so on.

1. Select a friend who agrees to share the location and click on the caption "Notify me".

2. Choose one of the proposed options - "Departure" or "Arrival". Below you will see the current geo position of a friend. If you need a different address - click on the inscription "Another ..." and specify the desired place through the search bar or by moving the “pin” on the map.

Note: You can increase or decrease the radius of coverage. To do this, move the orange dot left or right.

3. Click Done in the upper right corner.

4. As soon as your friend arrives at the marked place or leaves there, you will receive a notification on the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Through function Notify Contact you can do the same, but with respect to your geo-location and your friend. In this case, the smartphone will automatically send your friend a notification that you left or arrived in any zone or place.

To enable the function Notify Contact, select a friend from the list and click "Still" in the upper right corner.

The nice thing is that all places and zones are saved in history and in the future, the setting will be carried out in a couple of clicks.