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Erotic Game Reading Thoughts


Do you think it is possible to read minds? If so, does time and distance matter?

Personally, I do not possess telepathy and am not familiar with those who would demonstrate it to me. However, watching many girls while building relationships, they are waiting for this particular skill: that HE will read her thoughts, guess what she wants and do it. Moreover, if you directly say or ask, then this is not so valuable and romantic.

A logical adult part could be a grunt and move on. However, the massiveness of this phenomenon again and again brought me back: is there any hidden, inherent nature of the catch?

There is a concept - empathy. The ability to recognize other people's feelings and empathize with another person. It is provided to us by the so-called mirror neurons. It is thanks to them that we empathize not only with relatives and friends, but also with heroes of films and novels.

More recently, empathy was often perceived as something esoteric and magical. However, with the development of society, the search for new effective communication technologies: sales, negotiations, management - people are forced to more carefully distinguish between trifles and details of their behavior, introduce more subtle concepts into everyday life.

Empathy, together with emotional intelligence, is increasingly coming to training, management, corporate culture and our entire daily life. It is empathy that girls want - so that he feels and guesses what she wants, where and with what exactly to caress her and sip her today. By the way, not only girls in relationships want manifestations of empathy. When we feel the participation of maintenance staff, business partners, friends, we feel at ease and we get annoyed for no apparent reason when those around us on our own wave don't even want to understand us.

Empathy is a great tool. We at an unconscious level remember the "sensual image" of a person, his meta-message. And at any moment of time we can communicate with this way and get a rather unique and interesting answer. The more you communicate with a person, the more accurately neurons remember their image. Even if you saw it only on YouTube, an empathic connection can still work, but its accuracy will be much less.

Want a thought experiment ?!

If you are now in a more or less relaxed state, you can mentally ask, for example, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, "why are roads bad in Russia?" Just imagine his image and mentally ask him a question. Right now, while reading these lines .... I'll wait for you…

Surely you received a certain emotional statement in a characteristic spirit. Now let's try to ask the same question to Edward Radzinsky. I’m sure that the answer of a fundamentally different quality appeared in your head.

These are just pranks for understanding the process itself. In principle, if you ask more intelligible questions to specialists in your field, then you can get free, quality advice. For example, if you are preparing for a public speech, then why not seek the best advice in the world on this issue and it doesn’t matter that he died: "Steve, how can I make my presentation more interesting?" And enjoy the original vision that will visit your head. The main thing is to know “in person” the specialists in the field you need, because the accuracy of the answers depends on this.

So again. The quality of empathic communication depends on:

  1. Your acquaintance through any sources with the image of this person.
  2. Your ability to feel and recognize your own feelings. To do this, you need to be as relaxed and open to new information as possible. Sometimes people are put into a trance for this.

Now I will tell you a magical technique: how empathy can be used to solve applied problems of a more pressing order. This technology is a classic counseling. She shows that almost everyone can "read minds," or rather, each other's feelings. It is included in many training courses, but for some reason it is rarely used by specialists. Although it gives a very strong result in many cases. The application context is relations: family, business, friendship ... any.

The clever name of the technique is “Three Position Perception of Reality”.

  1. I myself. A man describes his feelings and thoughts about this.
  2. I am an observer. Third-party disassociated monitoring of the situation (as if recording a video camera).
  3. I'm different. Associated living feelings and thoughts of another person.

If a person has a problem communicating with someone, then to find a way out of the situation, you can offer him to perform the technique as follows:

  1. Visually imagine a conversation with another person. Where is he in the room: sitting or standing, is he doing something in parallel? We represent the real situation in the kitchen, study, etc.
  • A client from the “I-myself” position tells his opponent what he wants to say. For example: "I'm tired of enduring your eternal lateness, how much longer can this go on?"
  • We switch to the “Video cameras” position and describe aloud everything that the video camera observes: what can be said about both participants in the negotiations. The more information, the better.
  • We move to the position "I am the other", carefully listen to the text and the pitch with which it was spoken and, again, we respond aloud to the opponent. The logical part of the brain can resist and say, saying: "I do not know what he will answer." However, the art of a consultant can help to easily get around this resistance - to pay attention to feelings. And they always say :).
  • After the answer of the “other”, we again return to the position of the “camera” and describe what is happening. Next to the first position.

Thus, we build negotiations between the "two" people. IMPORTANT! All transitions are mandatory, through the position of the "camera" and a description of the situation from the outside. This helps to switch between themselves and an imaginary opponent, to distinguish between their own and others' feelings. Let them express to each other all their claims, let them release all the accumulated tension. After that, it’s usually easier to negotiate.

However, as practice shows, when sincere feelings are exposed, the client begins to be covered with awareness and in half the cases the technique does not reach the end. A ceasefire is not achieved, but the client has enough awareness from the category, “why he constantly drinks,” “she, it turns out, loves me,” etc.

One of my clients, thanks to this technique, She felt love for her mother, although she was absolutely sure that she hated her, because they had not talked for 19 years. This awareness in a sense turned her life upside down.

Again, as practice shows, the accuracy of the information received (depending on the degree of acquaintance and the accuracy of the transmission of feelings) is 50-90%. Which, in principle, is not bad, but in some places it’s absolutely magnificent.

Use this technique if you want to understand how your other half feels, how to agree with him / her on an important matter for you, how to persuade him to a fur coat / rest / ring, how to arrange with your mother-in-law so that she does not go on a visit without warning etc.

Sometimes you need outside help, because it’s hard to keep everything in one head, then it makes sense to use the services of a consultant. This technique is easily carried out on Skype. And you can find my skype in my profile. Say the magic phrase “let's agree” and get a 50% discount on the first consultation.

Develop your communication skills and be happy. :)

Rules of the game

Undress and sit opposite each other. Drop lots - to whom to make wishes, and to whom to read minds. By and large, the gentleman is obliged to give the palm to the lady, so suppose that you are the first to make a wish.

For example: kiss me in the ear or touch me between my legs, or massage my foot, or rather have sex with me.

The partner’s task is to try to read your thoughts and act.

He can begin to act as if he guessed your desire. And your reaction to his actions should tell him if he is likely to go. You can tell him with a look, with movements. But at the same time, both of you must remain completely silent.

If the partner has guessed your thoughts - he won this round and now he will make a wish, and you have to guess him. Only before he should realize the erotic desire you have made.

If the player does not guess what he wants from a vis-a-vis, then he fulfills the desired desire and continues to remain in the role of a guessing and fulfilling desire.

During the game, you can write down your thoughts on a piece of paper. And you can rely on the honesty of the partner - you know better. After all, the essence of the game is not to win, but to become closer, to try to catch the slightest movements of the soul of your sexual partner and, perhaps, to know his innermost intimate desires.

How to play

Create a calm, intimate atmosphere for this erotic game so that nothing distracts you from each other. Having become naked, you will eliminate an undefined barrier. Therefore, one who makes a wish may conceive what he has long wanted to accomplish, but lacked the courage to ask a sexual partner about it.

As already mentioned, during the game you are forbidden to talk, but you can guide your partner in every way so that he does what you want. You can smile or frown - making it clear to your partner whether he is moving in that direction. You can turn to him the place that should lead him to certain thoughts. In general, do everything to help your partner achieve what, in general, both of you want.

If you had to guess someone else's thoughts - look carefully at your sexual partner and try to understand what he wants. First, just calmly sit opposite the opponent, trying to imagine yourself in his place. When conjectures begin to come to mind, slowly begin to fulfill your plan, and all the time follow the opponent’s reaction. If you don’t see the pleasure on his face, try something else. And so on until you guess or get tired of guessing and admit defeat.

Why play

This game is a good way to learn to understand the thoughts and desires of your sexual partner. This game will teach you to pay more attention to his needs, and this is important during sex.

Many men forget that next to them in bed is a living person, not a sex doll. And this person also has a desire to get the most pleasure from having sex. And the game will help build rapport in bed.

Another goal of this erotic game is to find out each other's sexual addictions. If you have a psychological barrier to discussing sex, you can use the game to show what you want. For example, you are interested in cunnilingus, but you have never done it. Make your partner caress you there orally and gradually direct his actions in this direction.

Maybe you will be unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised by the desires of your sexual partner. Do not be afraid to implement them and you will discover new facets in your relationship. And not only in bed, but also beyond.