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12 road tricks to keep stress levels to a minimum


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Vacation is the most wonderful time of the year, which is perhaps obscured by only a long road. Therefore, it is important to make it as comfortable as possible.

We are in Bright Side We’ve gathered some tricks and tips to help bring your next trip a little closer to your dream adventure.

Pack chains and other jewelry

No matter how carefully we put the jewelry, in the end they will all mess up. But there is one way that always works: put chains between two layers of plastic film or special sheets for packaging and roll them up. Here is described in more detail how to do this.

Get in the car right

Most accidents happen when everyone except the driver is sleeping in the car. Therefore, the navigator (he is a DJ, bartender, comedian and assistant) should always sit next to him, he should never sleep. People in the back seats should have a good rest in order to change the navigator and driver over time.

Based on this diagram, arrange things in the car in an optimal way:

1 - what the driver and the navigator constantly need (wallet, glasses),

2 - the most important things, first aid kit, documents,

3 - a box for garbage,

4 - entertainment, children's things,

6 - bags, jackets,

Pack your luggage compactly

Make your luggage as compact as possible: do not bring cans of creams and bottles with shampoos with you. This is especially true for those who travel only with hand luggage.

Buy travel bottles or use shoe covers containers and other small containers that may be lying around at home instead.

Look for free water

Advice primarily for budget travelers. At gas stations and in tourist places, water is expensive, so we recommend taking an empty bottle with you. Here is where it can be filled:

  • in some rooms of mother and baby,
  • in many restaurants you will not be refused if you ask for free water,
  • find out in advance in which countries tap water can be drunk without fear (usually these are countries in Western Europe). In developing countries, it is better to buy bottled water.

You can also take a thermostat, tea bags and coffee with you and ask to pour boiling water in any cafe - this will save you some money.