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For nee princesses, beauty queens and mere mortals


From time immemorial, the tiara has been considered a symbol of the monarchy of power, an attribute of queens and princesses, but recently it has been gaining more and more popularity as jewelry for mere mortals, because the tidy sum required to possess a precious headdress by Chanel, Bvlgari, Cartier, Gucci or even Mikimoto, now found not only among representatives of noble families. However, learning to wear them properly is still worthwhile with the royal people of Europe.

After the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011, on which the future duchess donned the Cartier tiara, created in 1936 for the Queen Mother, the precious headpiece suddenly became interesting not only as a ceremonial decoration for royal people, but also as a wedding accessory for everyone - all-all. And when, in 2016, the designer Edie Slimane added the Saint Laurent women's collection in spring-summer 2016 with tiaras in the style of the young Courtney Love, they did not have time to appear on the shelves of the boutiques, as they were immediately sold out. Balls at Met Gala's New York Costume Institute over the past two years have shown that more and more women complement their look with tiaras not in a desperate bold style, but more often in an elegantly luxurious.

Crown for Miss Russia 2018, Mercury

The modern crown for the Miss Russia contest has traditionally always been made in the Russian manner. Since 2005, its shape recalls the domes of Russian churches, and pearls are present in the decoration. The crown crowned the first redesign in the main beauty contest in 2010; last year, Miss Russia Polina Popova crowned the new winner Yulia Polyachikhina with the work of the Russian jewelry company Mercury. For the first time in this honorable headdress sapphires and rubies appeared, together with snow-white pearls making up the Russian tricolor. After the contest, the crown went to reliable Mercury safes, where she would expect a new stage next year.

Bvlgari, rose gold, sapphires, diamonds

Harry Winston, platinum, diamonds

Buccellati, tiara Carlotta, white gold, diamonds

Tiffany & Co, transformer tiara with detachable bracelet, platinum, diamonds

Graff, tiara Diamond Scroll, white gold, diamonds

Chanel, tiara Etoile Filante, white gold, diamonds

Chaumet, Josephine Tiara, white gold, diamonds

Cartier, transformer tiara, white gold, diamonds

Garrard, tiara Princess, white gold, diamonds

Axenoff Jewelery, Silver, Zircons, Pearls

I must say that precious jewelry with many large stones have a decent weight. Today's hairstyles, implying clean and light hair, hold the tiara and, all the more, the crown only with a ton of varnish and a lot of hairpins. Before shampooing, such a difficulty did not exist, in principle, since the hair was denser, fatter, richly smeared with lipstick and easily amenable to shaping. In addition to tricks with a haircut, a tiara helps to stay on the head with a tape tied to its open ends or an elastic band that hide under the hair. If the tiara is heavy, additional fasteners in the form of ridges are made for it.

Zoe Deutch and Keira Knightley

Deepika Padukone and Scarlett Johansson

Nicole Kidman and Stella McCartney

Elizabeth Hurley and Katy Perry

Chiara Ferragni and Rita Ora

Elizabeth Taylor and Anna Ivchenko

Modern tiaras are made in a variety of styles, materials and price categories. Almost every major jewelry brand has gold and precious stones. Parisians Chaumet known for their tiaras from the end of the XVIII century. Cartier head-decorations in Art Deco came in handy in the 1920s, the tiara of this brand was put on the wedding of Princess Diana, and then the Duchess of Cambridge.

Diana, like a real style icon, even with such a formal ornament for the 1980s, like a tiara, handled playfully. The episode is known when the princess put on a necklace with diamonds and emeralds as a headpiece. Most of the many crowns, tiaras and tiaras for the British royal court created the jewelry house Garrard - by the way, the oldest in the world. They still have a wide selection of these jewelry for modern princesses. The French Chanel produce tiaras in a variety of styles: a bezel with a feather made of gold and diamonds, a jewelry bando in the style of the 1920s, a low diamond kokoshnik. Americans Tiffany & Co. make tiaras look like crowns and often adorn them with colored stones. But the Russian jeweler Pyotr Aksyonov made silver tiaras with his visiting card and last year even staged a Ball Tiare in St. Petersburg.

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, duchess of York, future Queen Mother and Princess Margaret

Diana, Princess of Wales and Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II

Diana, Princess of Wales and Princess Alexandra, wife of Prince of Denmark Joachim

Queen of the Netherlands Maxima and Crown Princess of Sweden Victoria

Queen of Sweden Sylvia and Camille, Duchess of Cornwall

Princess of Great Britain Anna and Princess of Monaco and Hanover Carolina

Queen of Spain Leticia and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine

Sometimes a jewelry tiara is made as a transformer jewelry, so that it can also be worn as a necklace. Or make some of its elements detachable to wear them like a brooch, earrings or pendant.

It is said that tiaras improve manners and contribute to the creation of a special psychological state for the one who wears it. Today, all sorts of formal rules of etiquette regarding them are cast into the past, that is, they can be worn at any age and situation. Even royals wear precious hats today, not as a status symbol, but rather as a tribute to tradition.

Guo Pei, Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent

Recently, tiaras made of metal and artificial stones and crystals are increasingly appearing on the catwalks. In 2015, the Saint Laurent tiara could not be found in boutiques - they were so quickly dismantled from the shelves. They are put into circulation by haute couture designers, in particular the Chinese woman Guo Pei. It is especially nice to see tiaras on the red carpet. Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Liz Hurley, Keira Knightley have successfully demonstrated that modern women need to wear tiara not of royal origin, but good posture and confidence in their own irresistibility.

How to wear a diadem

Thin tiaras with soft lines can be positioned directly above the forehead. If this is a wedding outfit, then a veil in this position is not worn.

On hairstyles with bangs, the diadem on the front of the head at the base of the bangs looks great. Most often, the decoration is located in the middle of the crown. In this case, the diadem should be at an angle of 45 degrees to the head. This is the optimal tilt so that it is not too vertical or unnaturally tilted.

For a complex high hairstyle with a diadem, an option is possible when the accessory surrounds the hair gathered in a bun. A sufficiently flexible and not very bulky diadem is beautifully located around the hairstyle. You can also decorate only the upper central part by securing the diadem crest.

In some cases, the diadem can even be placed on the back of the head, for example, in combination with a Greek hairstyle. If the diadem is a hoop, then it is worn as a hoop, hiding the ends of the hair.

How to fix a diadem

Tiaras require special attention when attaching to the hairstyle. These are not hairpins, but jewelry for the hair, so they themselves need reliable methods of fixation. The tiara strewn with stones is also quite noticeable in weight. So that the accessory does not move, does not fall, does not constrain movement and does not squeeze the head, it must be correctly attached.

The easiest option is comb diadem. She clings to her hair like a regular comb. At the ends of some diadems, cloves can be located to help fix the accessory. But they are not enough. Therefore, the most proven way is to use invisibility. They are crossed with the letter “X” and the diadem is fixed in several places. Invisibility should match the color with a shade of hair, this will make them as invisible as possible.

Hoop diadem does not require special means for fixing. The main thing is that the size of the jewelry matches the volume of the head.

It is more difficult to attach a diadem to short hair. A hairstyle with smooth hair near the face looks beautiful. Thus, the diadem will occupy a central place, as it should be in status.

(more examples of different types of diadems and methods of fastening - in our article "Tiara-rims, diadem-crests, Greek and other types of diadems").

General approaches to the question of “how to wear tiaras” seem obvious and understandable. But it would be much more interesting to learn about the various nuances familiar to the master and his clients, and about what modern girls choose.

We asked Katerina (brand BREBEND (, whom we met at one of the Seasons design markets, to comment on an article by designer and hair jewelry master, a designer from Ufa, who organized her brand more than three years ago. It was there, in Bashkiria, all jewelry is made, going to customers in all corners of the country.

According to Katerina, a wide variety of jewelry is in demand today: tiaras, tiaras, wreaths and the brand name of the brand - stylized kokoshniks. In general, the Russian style is now noticeably in fashion.

What should be the diadem?

Katerina’s brand is trying to produce such forms and types of tiaras that could be worn in the city. The most “urban” jewelry can be those that can be easily worn and removed, but it is comfortable to wear. These are wreaths worn from the back of the head, low kokoshniks, hairpins, hairpins, and woven light bracelets made of brass.

According to our expert, girls also often order this type of hair jewelry for various celebrations: weddings, holidays, graduations and others. For such special occasions (and holiday dresses), a more complex and refined design of the jewelry, taking into account the type of hairstyle, is appropriate. Girls with long hair, for example, often choose jewelry under the "Greek" hairstyle.

Regardless of the circumstances under which the girl will wear the diadem, the main "secret of success" is the correspondence of the jewelry to the anatomical features of the future hostess. When executing orders, it is important to take into account sizes and wishes - how the girl plans to wear the jewelry, at what angle and with what hairstyle. If everything is done correctly, the following phrases come in reviews from customers: “the diadem is light, I forget that it is”, “it doesn’t press, it doesn’t squeeze behind the ears, but it doesn’t fall off”, “it does not cling to the hair, holds strands”. All this is extremely important!

Which diadem to choose and how to wear it? Here are some of Katerina’s recommendations regarding the types of diadem popular today.

Greek style bezel

The "Greek" bezel is worn behind, that is, from the back of the head. The decorative elements on this hoop diadem are located at the temples, and these can be beautiful beads, pebbles or delicate curls. Around a metal strip, a girl can fix several strands - in fact, the accessory will shape and support the Greek hairstyle. By the way, such a diadem is suitable for those who have short haircuts. The hair on the back of your head can be let out on top of a metal tape - it will be beautiful.

Tiaras for Greek hairstyles:

Tiaras on the forehead

According to Katerina, today the most popular are exquisite jewelry on the forehead. Including these are tiaras, at the base of which there is a rim that repeats the bending of the head. Separately fixing such a tiara is not required. A feature of this model is that it is convenient to wear it already in the finished hairstyle without violating anything. The main thing is that the jewelry exactly matches the size and shape of the head.

Crown-rims and stylized kokoshniks

Light rims in the Russian style are very convenient - small neat kokoshniks, which are made of brass. Despite the fact that they are made of metal, they do not press at all behind the ears. Kokoshnik will suit both a hairstyle of long hair and short hair.

According to customer reviews, this accessory has a wide variety of uses. Some with it help create a real Russian image - for example, they are worn on the street, combining with a Pavloposadsky shawl and with a scythe. Others, on the contrary, “see” in it an element of the Western European style, and wear it with an elegant dress or even a trouser suit. Kokoshnik can be worn on the head like a hoop, shifting it to the forehead or to the back of the head, but you can also turn it over and put it on the neck, getting a high standing necklace. The very texture of the stylized kokoshnik is simple and discreet, and according to one of the customers, “it seems to conceal the unusualness of the kokoshnik as an accessory, so it can be worn with ordinary clothes.”

Stylized crown rims and kokoshniks: