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How to seduce any girl: 7 tough tips that are better than a pickup truck


To win the heart of a girl you like and seduce her, you need an individual approach. There are general rules and recommendations that will help to charm any girl. There are also cases when a young man understands that he wants to return his former companion, and here it should act a little differently. More precisely, the secrets of temptation will tell the girl's zodiac sign. It is important to remember that sometimes men make stupid mistakes that only exacerbate the situation.

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After a young man meets a girl he likes, sooner or later he has a desire to move on to intimate relationships. To achieve this goal, there are simple, but in most cases effective methods of seduction.

Every woman enjoys confidential conversations with her boyfriend. She will be pleased if a man tells her about some of his little secret or a problem that worries him greatly. This is a very effective way, even despite the fact that the story of troubles in the life of a young man can be invented by him on the go. The companion of a guy should feel smart, exceptional, able to empathize, precisely the person who can understand and sincerely support the man.

Little secrets bring people closer together.

Women always highly value those men who are self-confident and clearly know what they want. In communication with the girl should show all his charm. This secret in relationships with the opposite sex can work wonders. The young man should be moderately persistent, but you can not cross the line, which borders on arrogance.

Each person, and girls especially, likes it when the interlocutor is an attentive listener. In order to learn how to quickly seduce women and persuade them to have sex, it is important to try to talk less yourself, to give the opportunity to express your partner, sincerely showing your interest. From time to time, you can insert words such as “true?” "," Well, it is necessary! ", "very interesting! “There is always a great deal of sympathy for such an attentive listener.

In order to achieve a girl’s disposition towards herself and evoke pleasant emotions in her, one needs to use long-proven methods of non-verbal communication. You can try to breathe in time with her breathing, unobtrusively make the same movements and gestures during a conversation as she does. This contributes to the subconscious feeling that people are the same in everything, or at least very similar. As a result, the girl begins to feel calm, relaxes, as she feels that she is on the same wavelength as the young man.

If a person communicates with a girl he likes, then his pupils begin to expand. This technique is used by many pick-ups. In order to influence the subconscious of your companion, you need to look into the distance, and then directly into her eyes. Pupils will change their size, which will talk about the secret desire of a young man.

The last step in achieving the goal is a romantic dinner at the man’s house. If the girl agreed to come, then this is 70% success. In the process of preparation, some important points should be kept in mind.

At this stage, some difficulties may arise, especially if the young man does not live alone, but with his parents or friends. It is necessary to organize everything so that on this day no one could interfere with the meeting with the girl. You can directly ask relatives to leave the room for one day. If there is no guarantee that this method will work, then you can spare no money and buy tickets for one or two days somewhere in an interesting and beautiful place, presenting it as a gift. If you can’t spend a romantic evening at home, you can rent an apartment for rent.

It is important not to forget to clean up during the preparatory work. If there is a mess and dirt in the room, then any romantic mood will quickly disappear. Next, you need to take care of the beautiful decoration of the room. You can decorate the room using candles, rose petals, fresh flowers.

In most cases, the apartments are too light to create an intimate atmosphere, so you need to think about how you can darken the room. For example, you can curtain the windows with a thick cloth.

It is important to consider room lighting. It is good if the room has lamps that are able to change their color. If not, you can buy a lot of candles and nicely arrange them around the room.

In order to hit any girl, you can cook something yourself. You should remember the simple recommendations that can help in this difficult matter.

  • Dishes do not have to be complicated. You should choose those that you can cook pretty quickly. If you stand at the stove for several hours, then the romantic continuation of the evening may simply not be physically strong enough.
  • All meat dishes should be cooked without bones.
  • Do not give preference to dishes, which include spicy cheese, salted fish, onions, garlic.
  • Spicy foods should be avoided, as they can cause stomach discomfort.
  • No need to cook a lot of food. Two or three dishes are enough.
  • An important point is the beautiful design of the dish. It should resemble food from an expensive restaurant.

There are several universal dishes that can be suitable for almost any person:

  1. 1. Chicken Breast in Honey Sauce. To prepare this dish, the chicken fillet is rubbed with salt and sunflower oil, and then fried on both sides until golden brown. The frying time is approximately 10 minutes. Next, you need to make the sauce. To do this, honey (1 tbsp.), Water (200 ml), apple cider vinegar (1 tsp.) Are added to the remaining juice. The resulting sauce should be boiled over low heat for 5 minutes and add to the meat. As a side dish, you can use rice.
  2. 2. Greek salad". To make this easy and quick salad, cut in half cherry tomatoes (8 pcs.), Green olives (10 pcs.) And black olives (10 pcs.). Add feta cheese (150 g). The salad is seasoned with black pepper and salt, poured with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Salad can be prepared while frying chicken.
  3. 3. Strawberries with whipped cream. Ready cream should be put in a glass, put halves of strawberries on top. Garnish with a mint leaf. This dessert will look most original in a martini glass, but you can use any other transparent glasses.

When the basic preparations are ready, you can begin to create the appropriate atmosphere:

  • For a romantic dinner, it is better to use expensive dishes and wine glasses.
  • Alcohol should be prepared. The best choice would be champagne or wine.
  • You need to turn on light music. It should be clearly audible, but only in the background.
  • The table must be decorated with candles. It will be good if they are made in the shape of a heart.
  • You can light incense sticks.
  • Decorate the room with rose petals.
  • In addition, it is important not to forget to prepare a bouquet of your favorite flowers for the girl.

An example of decorating a table with petals

When everything is ready, it is important to take care of your appearance. A young man should look neat, attractive. It is advisable to use an expensive perfume.

It would be nice if the girl enters the room blindfolded. But in this case, she can guess about the prepared surprise. It is better if a guy meets a girl after school or work and on the road will just talk about household trifles, and then at home he will surprise his chosen one.

You can also have a good time outside the house, and then come and once again surprise your other half. This will help strengthen her feelings even more.

At the end of a romantic dinner, when a woman is all impressed, you should unobtrusively proceed to touch.

It is not necessary to immediately switch to an intimate relationship on the pretext of doing a relaxing massage. You can start by simply taking her hand in order to tell fortunes. In this case, the guy will be able to caress the girl’s hand. In this place there are a lot of erogenous zones, affecting which you can achieve your original goal.

Men who are addicted to palmistry, astrology and mysticism, women seem particularly attractive, interesting, mysterious and sexy. You can end the “fortune-telling” with the words that at last she met the man of her dreams.

If a young man broke up with his girlfriend, but after a while, he realized that he was still dear to him and he needed no one but her, then you need to act and return your beloved. Perhaps for this it will be necessary to fall in love with her again and seduce.

The first step towards the goal should be the complete ignoring of the girl. We must completely stop quarreling, make scandals, sort things out, persuade her to return. It is necessary to make the girl start running after the guy. To do this, it is worth demonstrating complete indifference, calmness and self-confidence. A man must become impenetrable. You can not give in to any emotions and tantrums.

You should begin to carefully monitor your appearance. You must not allow yourself to leave the house in dirty shoes or wrinkled clothes. The wardrobe must be completely changed. Do not spare money on fashionable and stylish things. Perhaps now there will not be many things, but they will all be selected with taste. You can seek help from a stylist, friend, bark in the know about all the latest men's fashion novelties or a consultant in the store. The same applies to the question of the right choice of accessories, hairstyles, perfumes.

It is necessary in every way to restrain oneself from the desire to see the ex-girlfriend or call her. Do not dedicate statuses to her on social networks. She should have the impression that her ex-boyfriend does not suffer at all. To do this, you need to occupy yourself with something. It can be meetings with friends, a trip to the sea, study, work. Classes in the gym will help to correct the figure and become more self-confident.

However, the changes should concern not only the appearance. It is necessary to deeply analyze your behavior in relations with a former girl, to understand what irritated or offended her. You need to think carefully about this, so that at a meeting she decides that this is a completely different person, and not the guy with whom she was familiar.

The woman’s psychology is such that after a while she herself will begin to remember and think about her ex-boyfriend. If she does not dare to take the first step herself, then you can try to suddenly appear in front of her a new and attractive guy, for example, in the company of mutual friends. A young man should be self-confident, but not allow himself to run after the girl. Seeing such a drastic change, the girl herself will begin to flirt with the guy and conquer him. This may be a new stage in the relationship.

Some men, in pursuit of an attempt to seduce a woman they like, make many mistakes that not only do not lead to the desired result, but, on the contrary, exacerbate the situation:

  • Indulge her in everything. A man who does everything the girl asks is called a "rag." Girls just love these young people. But the problem is that henpecked do not excite. These guys are needed just to solve everyday problems, repair a computer, as a personal driver, but nothing more. Women can ask for something for a long time, and a man will do everything in the hope of getting what he wants someday. However, do not confuse henpecked and gentlemen, who always give a hand, will help to remove their coats, to move a chair in a restaurant. All these are signs of good breeding, gallantry and care. Only unlike henpecked, gentlemen do not crave to receive something in return from a woman. They just make her feel good.
  • Have an interrogation on a date. The ability to conduct dialogue is of great importance for winning the heart and seducing a girl. Some guys think that by asking a lot of questions, they will be able to get a favor. This is the wrong point of view. Talk should be on topics that are interesting to both interlocutors. You need to listen carefully to her, to show your sincere interest. Interesting stories should be told about themselves that will make the girl wonder, admire, sympathize. This will make her want to know the man closer.
  • Be unsure of yourself. Women really like strong and strong-willed men. He must by all appearance show his self-confidence. The situation is silly when a man constantly asks his companion if she agrees with him. It is bad when a young man himself does not know what he wants, and each time he needs the approval and support of a girl. For example, you should not bother a woman about where to go during a romantic date. The girl will be much nicer if she feels that the guy has taken part of the responsibility for leisure on himself. If she doesn’t like any of the proposed options by a man, then she herself will talk about it.
  • Buy the girl’s attention and feelings through gifts. Do not try to show your generosity and generosity. This approach only affects some girls who, at best, will only take gifts from a guy. It is a completely different matter if a young man sincerely wants to give his girlfriend something. For example, he saw a beautiful teddy bear and could not resist, bought and presented it to a girl. It is such presents that are remembered for a long time and leave pleasant memories in our memory. All gifts must be made with a pure heart.
  • Talk about your feelings right away. This error is one of the most serious. Beautiful women meet with many men, they have extensive experience in communication. And if at the beginning of a relationship a guy immediately reveals his feelings, then he will simply cease to be interesting to her. She will think that he is the same as everyone else who cannot control himself and his emotions. To avoid this, it is necessary to try to keep the intrigue to the last, so that the girl is tormented by guesses about whether the man likes her.
  • To think that women love beautiful and rich. Most women are interested in men as individuals. His appearance and wallet are not so important as the inner world of a man and the emotions that he is able to give his beloved.
  • Consider your girlfriend special. In the life of every man, that one and only that can be best of all in the world may appear. At this time, he begins to forget about everything else. He is no longer interested in friends, hobbies, no desire to go to work. He sleeps at night, looks for meetings, writes SMS and messages on social networks. All the guy’s thoughts are occupied with his new passion. He shows increased attention to her. The girl sees all this and as a result completely loses interest in such a man. She becomes uninteresting and bored, as all the intrigue disappears. No passions, vivid emotions, expectations, unpredictability. She no longer perceives the new boyfriend as a man.

In order to more accurately find out how you can charm a girl, you need to know her date of birth and the zodiac sign under which she was born.

Pickup truck courses nervously smoking on the sidelines! Here are only really valid tips.

Do you want to be able to seduce girls? Do you dream of learning how to like a stranger so that she wants to continue?

We are ready to tell you the whole truth. And a car with money will not help you.

But we warn you: implementing these points will not be easy. With patience, you will have to break your mind about what is “right” and “wrong” and give up a whole heap of traditional cultural values ​​that are very outdated.

But everything is not so scary! We promise you will succeed.

1. Boost your appearance

Now in your head there must have flashed “appearance for a man is not important”, “women love with ears”, “the main thing is charisma and humor”, “all the main playboys of the planet were not handsome” and so on.

Here you need to immediately clarify one very important point: It's not about who is handsome, but who is not. That is, it’s not about your natural data, but about bringing gloss. Believe me, this will provide 80% success.

No matter what anyone says, looks matter for both men and women. Just think: lips, mouth - she should want to kiss them, hands - with them you will touch her, face - it should be nice to approach him.

Taking care of yourself if you are a man is not a shame.

Take a look at people of your gender in public transport. Many men over 28 years of age (that is, they are no longer teenagers) are dressed in dull clothing, they have a visible stomach, shaggy hair, and a sloppy look. And even those who obviously support the appearance for the sake of work, still look pretty dull and sad, agree.

Чтобы иметь преимущество перед ними, попробуй выглядеть человеком, который умеет наслаждаться жизнью, будь раскрепощенным, счастливым и роскошным, даже если эта роскошь стоила тебе небольших денег.

Вот несколько рецептов, которые помогут тебе выглядеть именно так.

— Запишись в спортзал

Регулярно занимайся спортом, хотя бы раз или два в неделю. Постарайся избавиться от наметившегося живота. У нас есть целая рубрика, посвященная фитнесу. There is about press cubes, and about biceps, and about everything else.

We emphasize that you do not need to make a pitching out of yourself, but let your figure be athletic - both at 25 and at 55.

- Make yourself a fashionable haircut

The other day we talked about short men's haircuts, which will be in fashion in 2019. Make it a rule to cut your hair regularly once a month or a half.

If you have a tendency to dandruff, remove it once and for all. If special shampoos fail, go to the trichologist.

Do not be lazy to style your hair in the morning. We are not talking about spending an hour doing this, but it's worth taking five minutes. Buy yourself any men's styling tool. If you don’t want shine, make sure that the styling is water-based.

- Remember to shave / trim your beard with a trimmer

If you cut your beard in the old fashion with scissors, it’s time to tie it up (we hope that this is not so).

Use a special machine so that the hairs are trimmed evenly, not clumps. If the means allow, go to the barbershop, there you will immediately get a haircut (see the previous paragraph) and beard modeling.

- Buy yourself trendy clothes and shoes

Love to dress stylishly. Start enjoying yourself (no, we’re not joking, this is normal).

Let in your wardrobe appear shirts of saturated colors, a bright scarf and trousers narrowed to the bottom, you can have chinos. Do not be afraid of brown and creamy shades of clothing, but also bright. Try to move away from black, gray and dark blue.

Pay attention to the mannequins that are at the entrance to the store or ask a consultant to help you build a stylish image, many do.

It is important that you look neat and modern.

- Visit a nail salon

Book a salon at the latest time if you are shy. There is still a manicure leaving for the house. If funds don't allow, start small: buy a hand cream and use it at least once a day.

Do not bite your nails and fingers, if such a problem exists, buy a special bitter varnish (in fact, it is just a colorless, drying liquid that does not leave a shine).

As we already said, well-groomed hands are really important, a girl should want to see these hands on her body.

2. Learn to eat well

Pay attention to your manners, you will need a little refinement. By and large, everything is elementary: keep your back straight, hold your glass beautifully, and learn to eat gracefully. Be an aristocrat.

Use knife and fork at the same time

If you eat with one fork, watch a couple of YouTube lessons to learn how to eat with a knife.

Do not bend to the plate

Just lift the fork or spoon higher, try not to drop the contents.

A girl may think that you are in a hurry all the time and do not know how to enjoy the moment (and life in general). If you look like this, there is no guarantee that you will do more thoughtfully with other things (sex, for example). Learn to see aesthetics in your meal and never rush, even if you are very hungry.

Reduce the dosage of food sent to the mouth

Do not put a lot of food in your mouth, bite off from the sandwich half as much as usual. First, you need to have a casual conversation while eating. Secondly, believe me, it’s not very tempting when your cheeks are full of lumps of food.

Do not lick the corners of your mouth and lips with your tongue, use a napkin more often. Fingers are also better to wipe about it.

Do not bite from a piece of bread

Break off from it, even if a piece of bread is small. Already torn off a piece of put in a mouth entirely.

Do not leave food on a fork or spoon.

I mean, if she already visited your mouth. It sounds strange, but it happens with ice cream and other delicate desserts.

Do not ask to try her dish or cocktail

And do not offer yours. Do not put the girl in an awkward situation. You are not so close yet.

3. Get to know you right

Manners are, of course, not only about food. What if you still don’t even know each other? Perhaps you saw her somewhere and want to come to meet you.

We will be honest with you. Most often, a man who drives up to a lady is either tense and constrained, or excessively liberated (perhaps this is where they “tried” on pickup courses).

Both that, and another - exclusively stress for the girl. And your simulated swagger is no less alarming than someone else’s natural. To preserve her nerves and maintain a pleasant atmosphere, be calm and do not play any roles.

Here are some tips to get you started.

The best option to start dating: “Hello, my name is. "

Try to be sincere and don't be afraid to be yourself. Any pretense will be noticeable, and you will look like a young inexperienced pikaper.

Self-confidence is good, self-irony is better. But narcissism - not right away.

Show that you admire her, make the correct compliment with words.

In short, it is important to praise something to which she made an effort - a cool drawing in a notebook lying on a table, interesting thoughts, courage, or other qualities if some kind of situation preceded the acquaintance.

If you still want to talk about appearance, choose something unusual that stands out against the general background - a cool T-shirt, pink hair, an unusual hairstyle.

- Respect the interlocutor

Many men are sure that their opinion is more weighty and authoritative than the female. Whatever the talk, they reserve the last word.

Even if you are a professional in any field, try to track your protective tone and get rid of it. Believe me, it’s not very pleasant to feel that you and your point of view are not respected. And certainly not sexy.

The girl who agreed to the first date hardly wants to listen and nod all the time, listening to your every thought (albeit a genius).

2) Do not try to find out the reasons for the refusal

Do not ask her why she does not want to get to know each other. A girl should not make excuses and generally have some “good” reasons, other than desire / unwillingness.

With your perseverance you can scare her, maybe she will have to leave the place where you approached her to get rid of persistent harassment.

3) Do not take the refusal to your account and do not be offended

Most often, five minutes is enough to understand whether you are interested in a person and whether you want to continue to get to know him. So say the scientists, and this is confirmed by experience.

Just as you may like or dislike girls sexually for no apparent reason, women may or may not like men. Sexual attraction either happens or not. And none of the participants is to blame for this.

6. Competently offer sex

In Russia, men are not educated to be sensitive, most often life teaches them to be first “boys” and then “real men”.

But to really please a woman, you need to learn delicacy. Be careful, try to feel the partner, her mood and attitude towards you.

The transition to sex requires a special elegance. Directness can frighten, because in our culture it is still considered indecent and insulting, and excessive veiling can misinform or seem to be a hoax.

We are for a compromise. The proposal of sex should be quite simple and understandable, but still not said in plain text. For example, like this: “I like you. Do you want to spend the evening with me? ”

In this case, you really should be ready to spend an excellent evening with her, chat, dance, look after and entertain a companion. And only then try to give her the best sex in her life.

But if you are a brave guy and want directness, know that almost no woman will respond to a slap on the offer to leave right now, to go to your house and have luxurious sex, so there’s nothing to be afraid of, you can try this option.

Just do not use this phrase at the very beginning of the acquaintance. Act in the event that a connection has already been established between you. And offer only when I’m ready to put up with the refusal.

Also remember the main rule: a girl can change her mind about having sex with you at any stage. Just like a cup of tea, for example.

(If you have not seen the ingenious video about a cup of tea, then you are lucky - we found it for you in Russian).

A girl can change her mind in a taxi, at your home, in the process of undressing, during foreplay or even during sex itself. At any stage, you will have to stop and respect her "no."

7. Learn the theory (practice alone is not enough)

Do not forget that sex is not only practice, but also theory. Especially if you want the girl to enjoy your interaction too.

Alas, many are sure that sex is a quick intercourse with a couple of kisses and an orgasm (male). To give a woman pleasure, use our tips.

- Learn more about female physiology

Read articles about the clitoris, even if you are sure that you already know everything (for example, humanity discovered how this organ actually looks only in 2009, when it created its 3D model).

Ask in advance how you can excite a girl, because in any case she will need more time to get started properly.

Learn how to caress female breasts and read about the mistakes that every man makes in this matter.

- Tune in for cunnilingus

It’s time to get used to the idea that oral sex for a man is not a challenge, but a norm (we, if anything, about cunnilingus). We recently talked about how to do it right.

Just don’t forget about security. Yes, you heard right, any oral sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, are also transmitted through oral sex.

You can read about the rules and types of contraception here, it also tells how to protect yourself from cunnilingus (spoiler: you need to cut the condom in such a way that you get a square latex napkin).

- Drop template masculinity

Sex is not an alpha male game or a masculinity contest. All the complexes from the series “guys don't cry” or “oh, don’t touch my butt” should be forgotten and not taken to bed.

Try not to think about anything other than your sexual fantasies. Do not be afraid to seem “too gentle” - be gentle and attentive, women like it.

Do not be afraid to seem “somehow wrong”, “wrong” and generally “pervert” - if something is in doubt, ask your partner more often in the process if she likes what you are doing now.

1) No to flowers

Not all girls like flowers on their first date (and on some subsequent dates). If you want to surprise and please her, prepare her a small gift or another surprise.

Something more personal than chocolate or a teddy bear. Something that will reveal you as a person.

Bonus: how to seduce a work colleague

We are sure that our advice will surprise you: first try to find a common enemy and discuss it.

A boss, an unpleasant colleague, paid parking, nasty weather, slow Internet, unfair laws, bad food in the dining room, smokers on the street, Putin, Trump, service (anywhere), lines (anywhere), traffic jams (everywhere, always) ) and so on.

So a strong bond is formed between you, and then you can move on to other topics as friends and like-minded people (which is important).

By the way, don't be afraid to give ethical compliments to a colleague you like. We also told how to do this.

So, we have come to an end. Of course, you will not be able to seduce absolutely any girl by reading and taking into account all these numerous tips (we hope we did not scare you with the amount of information).

Be sure to take into account all the circumstances of your acquaintance: the meeting place, the mood of the interlocutor, the amount of alcohol consumed, and much, much more. Be careful, attentive and sensitive. Good luck