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How to become a beauty blogger on Instagram from scratch


Beauty themes on YouTube are always in trend, besides, popular beauty bloggers make good money on affiliate programs and advertising. So the desire to start a beauty blog on the most famous video hosting in the world is quite understandable. But just how exactly should you create such a blog and how to work with it correctly to achieve a result?

The general recommendations for beauty bloggers on YouTube are the same as for all other bloggers on this platform: a blog channel will only be popular when the author makes every possible effort. In particular, this means that you will have to engage in maintaining a beauty blog constantly, regularly posting more and more videos that may interest potential subscribers.

By the way, in order not to be "sprayed", immediately decide on what kind of audience you will be guided by when shooting your videos for the blog. Obviously, your main viewers will be women, but which ones? Simple women looking for affordable makeup or hairstyle ideas? Professional make-up artists with whom you want to share experiences and exchange opinions? Young girls who are just entering an unknown world of beauty for them?

In all cases, the approach to maintaining your YouTube channel blog will be different. For example, if you want to offer makeup and hairstyle ideas to spectators and subscribers, then you will need to shoot mostly video tutorials, but if you want to share your experience or fresh ideas with your workshop colleagues with your beauty blog, then rather In general, the format of video reviews or interviews is suitable.

What to shoot videos for a beauty blog about?

To become a popular beauty blogger, you must first decide on the subject of your blog and follow it. For example, some beauty blogs are dedicated to makeup, others to hairstyles, and others to complex care for appearance, etc. In each of these topics, you can highlight a narrower niche, for example, if you decide to devote a blog to makeup, then you can do the emphasis is only on evening options or only on fantasy makeup, and you can devote a blog to makeup, like a movie star or show business.

What to shoot for a beauty blog?

As a rule, videos for a beauty blog are shot in the form of step-by-step master classes (“tutorials”) and reviews of the materials and equipment used. You can also shoot videos for the blog devoted to important and interesting thematic events in the beauty sphere, you can do interviews with famous personalities of the beauty industry, etc.

What to stock up for shooting?

First of all, you will need equipment for shooting, that is, a video camera or digital camera, in a pinch - a smartphone or tablet, webcam. All of these devices have a built-in microphone, which is enough if you plan to write sound for a live video. But if you want to add soundtrack after shooting, then for the stuffing you will most likely need a separate good microphone. In addition to the equipment for shooting, you will need directly the tools and materials that you will demonstrate in the video, you will also have to take care of a decent background for shooting, suitable clothing and even manicure. Do not forget about the source of bright, but at the same time scattered light - for shooting it is most beneficial.

How to shoot videos for a beauty blog?

The way a beauty blogger “delivers” in the frame greatly affects the overall impression of the blog. Speech, demeanor - all this catches the eye of viewers and subscribers, is remembered. Therefore, before each shooting, you need to carefully prepare yourself, thinking over what and how you will say and do in the frame. By the way, do not forget that the beauty industry has its own professional terminology, and there is also professional slang, and you need to have a good command of both in order to correctly name all the tools or materials used in your videos. However, do not overdo it and do not “sprinkle” with terms, otherwise you can scare potential subscribers.

What to do with the video after shooting?

The quality of the videos is extremely important for a beauty blog on YouTube, because viewers and subscribers should see the smallest details, especially when it comes to video tutorials. So be sure to subject the rollers to post-processing, performing installation, eliminating defects, adjusting quality. Then you can upload the video directly to YouTube, but your work does not end there: you still need to format it correctly by inventing a title, description and keywords, and then distribute it correctly, for example, by writing about it in your groups or on social networks .

How I became a beauty blogger

Hello! My name is Natalya Dmitrieva, I am 18 years old, I live in the city of Yekaterinburg. I am a beauty blogger.

Who are beauty bloggers? Well, in simple terms, I do cosmetics and perfume reviews on Instagram.

At the age of 18, I live separately from my parents - I rent an apartment in Yekaterinburg. Studying in college, also has its own small showroom with clothes. I had a Vkontakte blog, but for me, the best social network is Instagram. It is very convenient to use and for the blog itself. Today I will share with you the story of creating my blog and tell you how to make money on Instagram by uploading photos.

What is Instagram - help for those in the tank

Instagram - This is a social network (application) where the user can tell about his life with the help of photos and videos. Many talk about what they eat every day, but I think this is not very normal.

Now very actively Instagram is used to sell goods and services. This is because it is very easy - especially by searching for hashtags to find the right thing or service.

How it all started

I am fond of photographs, I used to hold photo shoots - many liked my photos very much, but then abandoned it, now I am interested in the Beauty sphere, I take courses in makeup artist, I am a little fond of cooking, I also studied and read a lot about promotion in various social networks, SMM promotion, and courses online promotion.

About beauty blogging, and indeed about bloggers - both in the field of beauty, and others, I learned from YouTube. Somewhere from the age of 13 I watched various bloggers, I liked their parcel analyzes, product (product) tests, test makeup of both cheap and luxury cosmetics, life hacks, how to quickly make up or hairstyle. I have been registered on Instagram since 2013, but then I didn’t even have thoughts to start making my personal blog.

At the beginning of 2017, I thought: why not start blogging, I wanted to write and tell something - it was a direct draw!

Attempts to find a niche

I started a blog about good nutrition and how I gain weight, then very few people became interested, but most likely, I did it for myself. Then she shot various music videos and covers for songs - then the audience began to grow - I was found by geolocation and hashtags.

Soon I abandoned it, because I didn’t like it, then I started taking unusual photos, like Elena Sheidlina’s - I really liked her photos.

I remember my first thousand subscribers - it was at the beginning of my blog about good nutrition - but then the audience of the blog began to grow rapidly, I did not track the specific dynamics, and therefore I do not remember at all.

Here is an example - you need to not only take a beautiful photo, but also correctly process the photo.

My professional goals

Of course, the main goal is to promote your blog much more than it is today. Stages and methods that I have determined for myself:

  • Writing quality articles on a given topic,
  • Improve your content,
  • To advance in the field of visage and maintaining a positive attitude towards your duties.

To achieve these goals, of course, I will be engaged in training and self-education, meet new people in these areas, seek and receive mentoring.

Who are instagmers, or from whom did I learn to make my blog

How to process video (photo), or do makeup - all this I go to YouTube in a search engine, it is very convenient and simple. If you are interested in whom to learn to make a blog from, I’ll tell you who I studied with and borrowed some tricks from.

Beauty bloggers care and beauty in Russia - my top 4

I will not make you the top 10 Instagram bloggers by the number of subscribers. If something is popular, it does not mean that everyone will like it. Here are the popular beauty Instagram bloggers in Russian that I follow.

I like most Elena Krygina - on her channel, 775,985 subscribers [at the time of the interview]. I learned from her how to do contouring (reception from the arsenal of makeup artists - Approx. ed.). She also has a lot of interesting life hacks.

Next, I really like from Russian Instagram bloggers Maria Viskunova, on her YouTube channel about 200 thousand subscribers, but she has a million of them on Instagram. Her chip, most likely, is straightforwardness, and she constantly changes her hair color, this girl does not pay attention to anyone and does what she likes, I try to take advice from her and not pay attention to people who speak badly about my activities.

Maria way - on her channel 3 million subscribers, I like her brightness, all her videos are very bright and interesting.

Elena Sheidin I already mentioned.

How to promote your Instagram yourself - free and paid methods

Promotion on Instagram occurs in various ways, some of them are free, some will cost you a small amount, but it all pays off quickly. In general, the methods are different, in free methods you need a lot of effort and time, in the paid segment, of course, you need money, but fraud also happens, the best paid promotion in my opinion is advertising with bloggers and built-in Instagram advertising. But there are some ways how to promote your Instagram yourself for free.

A beautiful photo is the key to success!

I will tell you what methods of blog promotion work today and will work in 2018.

Ways to promote Instagram account

There are eight main ways to promote your blog on Instagram:

  1. Giveaway.
  2. Gifts for celebrities and popular bloggers (barter).
  3. Flash mobs and marathons.
  4. Participation in events, partnership.
  5. Mutual PR.
  6. Advertising.
  7. Massfollowing and masslayking.
  8. Purchase of offers.

My first audience was my friends and acquaintances, then I tried to attract an audience with the help of sfs [Shoutout for Shoutout - exchange of audience] and mutual PR, and also participate in various competitions and games. Not to say that the audience growth was immediately large - it was a bit of a thing. About 200 people gathered per week. Of course, some then unsubscribed, but the content at that time was not very interesting for me - I was still a beginner.

Further we will consider in more detail each method.

Giveaway raffle

Instagram now has many pages of these. The bottom line is that you promise users a chance to receive a gift for reposting your photo, marking you under a photo or inviting friends to participate.
Thus, there is a chance to get into your target audience - you get a chain: they will see a photo about the competition, they will participate - and so on. This is guaranteed to bring you new subscribers to the blog. The more subscribers, the more effective the strategy with each new draw, and the cost of attracting each next subscriber is lower. Gifts are inexpensive, quickly pay off, often provided by advertisers.

Gifts for celebrities and popular bloggers (barter)

Celebrities and popular bloggers are subscribed to by a large number of people. This means that if a celebrity writes about someone, a lot of people will immediately know about this person. You need to agree with the blogger about sending the gift and immediately agree that the star Instagram (or Youtube) will leave a review about you with a link.

Massfollowing and Mass Liking

Massfollowing is a mass subscription to other users. This way you attract attention. Having seen a new subscriber, a user is very likely to log into your account and, quite possibly, will subscribe in response - out of interest or politeness. Of course, they are usually subscribed if your account is interesting.

Massfollowing is considered a wrapping method. Instagram blocks mass-linking and does not welcome such methods, especially if a person does this not with his hands, but uses special software.

I saw a lot of people who automatically promote Instagram and their prices are very high. They find the target audience and mass-follow it, then they themselves unsubscribe from everyone. I think that if you find your target audience, you can move forward, I have many friends who are promoting their accounts, but they say that this will not happen soon, cheat subscribers bots kills account: statistics drop, the account does not go to the top feeds and is shown only among these bots. Thus, do not promote your account, this is just a numerical show.

Buying Offers

In the context of Instagram, offers are people who subscribe to your account for money. These are useless subscribers, because they will not buy, like or comment on anything from you. But they can “add weight” to your account.

These subscribers are sold on exchanges at the ruble (approximately) apiece. I must say that these subscribers are generally 90% bots and fakes, from one, and even thousands, your account will not benefit in terms of significance.

The method is expensive, stupid, useless and potentially threatens blogging account. Strongly do not advise doing so. In 2018, this no longer works.

How to make money on Instagram

Many do not understand whether it is possible to make money on Instagram. As much as possible! There are several ways to monetize your account.

The text is also important for success. Be sure to think what message your photo carries!

How to monetize insta blog

Earnings on Instagram can be different. It could be:

  1. Sale of their services.
  2. Sale of other people's goods and services.
  3. Selling your goods.
  4. Earnings on the sale of advertising.
  5. Promotion of accounts for money.

How much effort is required to earn on Instagram

Do not think that it is enough to drop a couple of photos per day on your Instagram account taken on the way to and from work, and the loot will flow like a river. You need to be creative and interesting subscribers, otherwise you will not see the growth of the audience and earnings.

It takes a lot of time to blog: basically, I spend every day from 5 hours. Time is running out in search of something new, inventing topics, I also try to answer messages to everyone, if I shoot video reviews, then it takes time to edit the video, edit the photos.

My Instagram in numbers: advertising revenue, living expenses, subscribers

Now I have 51 thousand subscribers, of which more than 30,000 are active. At the same time, 70% of my subscribers are, of course, girls and women, the largest number of subscribers is from 16 to 26 years old, they are all very different, both by profession and and income level and place of residence.

From time to time I use advertising on Instagram. From 3000-5000 rubles a month comes out, basically I try not to invest money and move forward without money.

Revenue from advertising for the last month came out about 15,000 rubles. Post views of 100,000 people or more, each active subscriber to the advertiser costs about 45 kopecks to 1 ruble. Basically, for Instagram bloggers from 50 to 100 thousand subscribers, advertising costs about 10,000 rubles, if a blogger is top-end and popular, then it’s many times more.

Work with advertisers

Advertisers are mainly people from 24 years old who are in Russia, most of all women who want to promote their services and goods. They are always in search of new buyers through a blogger (opinion leader). Advertisers interact with bloggers by buying ads or providing their products or services through barter. I find shops and sites with goods (or services) in which I am interested, tell about myself and offer cooperation by barter, for paid advertising they find me and write me.

Many people think that bloggers are selling, because the review scenario is strictly defined by the customer and must aggressively sell. This is actually not the case.

Advertisers do not provide harsh conditions or scenarios, the only thing I had was working with the Lady collection - they took my passport data, and I signed an agreement on how soon everything would be posted, it was a little tough for me, but it wasn’t anymore.

Clickbait example. Anyone interested in learning more.

Personally, my advertisement today stands in the history of 700 rubles, in the profile - 1000 rubles for 24 hours. Prices are changing as the audience grows, I collaborate more on barter, since it is much more interesting for me than cluttering my page with advertising, because top bloggers get 100 times more.

As a result of cooperation, usually advertisers do not write you any feedback, but thank you for the beautiful photos and videos. But they write to me a lot of people interested in their product and ask where and how to get it. I work with advertisers and brands that many people know about, and my opinion of them is interesting to those who follow me.

Advertisers of beauty-fashion sphere, write to me! Также я сотрудничаю на бартерных условиях: пишу видео-фото обзоры на разные товары! Вы получите мой обзор вашего продукта и отзыв от лидера мнений, тем самым о вашей продукции узнает намного больше людей и покупателей.

Если вы решили завести блог, стать известной личностью и заработать на этом. Мои советы начинающим

В общем и целом, ничего сложного тут нет, попробовать может каждый. Вот вам пошаговая инструкция:

  1. The first action is to find your zest and choose a topic that interests you.
  2. Come up with an interesting and memorable nickname, start a blog.
  3. Upload quality photos regularly. Pay attention to the convenience in reading the text and finding the right topic (hashtags).
  4. Before you engage in promotion, you need to fill your blog with texts and information about you: who you are and what you do.
  5. You should always try to communicate with your audience, to conduct various competitions.
  6. Constantly learn processing, writing, and promotion.
  7. You have to love your blog, your theme, and be prepared to be surprised and amazed every day.
  8. To promote a blog, create raffles, negotiate reciprocal or paid advertising with bloggers, meet less popular bloggers - communicate and learn new things, many do not refuse help!
  9. In addition to the blog, there are a lot of areas for earning: selling goods and services, creating contests and finding partners.

What distinguishes a commercially successful account from one that no one wants to subscribe to? In my opinion, weak accounts will report their uninteresting and bad photos and text. Many people are attracted not by content, but by a person’s personality - what kind of person he is. They may not read you, but simply follow your life and photos. But of course, the blog should have variety and brightness!

Never start your blog with the thought "if you get tired, you can always quit." You are not ready. The blogger should look forward. No matter how stupid, but now I’m thinking about what I’ll do at 60, will my readers be interested in this blog? Will they also continue to review my reviews?