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How to choose garlic


The benefits of garlic have been known for a long time, but in order to feel it as much as possible on yourself, you need to know how to choose garlic. If you follow the recommendations below, you can do it without difficulty, and you will enjoy ripe, ripe, and most importantly, healthy garlic.

  • The two main indicators of the quality of this product are hardness and dryness. The greatest benefit of garlic for the body will be if it is ripened and fresh.
  • The best thing pick small garlic heads, since they have a finer taste and are able to perfectly complement various dishes, acting as a seasoning for them. The head of this product itself should have large teeth, and be elastic to the touch.
  • Discover, whether the garlic has ripened, you can feel its cloves. If it is not yet mature enough, the cloves will feel worse, not as distinctly as a ripe product. Another indicator of not fully ripened garlic is an excessive amount of husk on its head. Unripe garlic is not only not so tasty and healthy as ripe, it also dries much faster.
  • Categorically it is not recommended to buy already sprouted garlic. On the palate it will be sharp and even a little unpleasant, and there will be no useful qualities left in it.
  • It is believed that the most useful is the garlic that was grown in hot climates. This is explained by the highest concentration of useful substances in it.

If you follow these simple tips for choosing garlic, you will be able to buy a fully ripened, tasty and healthy product that can perfectly complement many dishes.

Chlorine Garlic

In the course of research, scientists determined that in chinese garlic a lot of heavy metals and other substances hazardous to health. It is delivered to us from those territories of China where once the land was cultivated with a prohibited insecticide, which is known as dust in our country. And before sending to the buyer, the garlic is soaked in chlorine. This gives garlic a beautiful presentation and allows it to withstand the road.

How to identify good garlic

  1. Heavier
    Our garlic contains more water than Chinese, so it is heavier. He is also much harder. Before buying, take at least a couple of heads and push them with your finger.

Due to the lack of special storage facilities and conditions for our farmers, garlic sprouts or dries by October-November, and at the same time loses its presentation. The Chinese is white, clean, without the slightest damage.

Metallic aftertaste
Chinese garlic has metallic aftertaste. Therefore, before buying a lot, first take home a sample at least a head.

How to recognize Chinese garlic

  1. Remember that at chinese garlic not such a pungent smell and rich taste as that grown with us.
  2. Buy garlic with root and stem, this is an indicator of quality. Chinese manufacturers remove roots and stems to save on product delivery.
  3. Chinese garlic is not as convex as domestic.
  4. After processing toxic substances garlic can blame color: turn green, turn blue.

If you really need it, it’s better to buy a head of garlic from your grandmother in the market or grow it yourself. Most likely, it will not be so juicy and beautiful, but safe.

Now is the season when you can easily catch a cold, and for sure your loved ones consume a lot of garlic. Take care of them, share this article. Let them be careful!

Garlic Storage Conditions

A refrigerator for storing garlic, as well as for storing onions, is not needed. Required temperature: 15-20 degrees Celsius. The ideal place is dark, dry and ventilated. In general, home conditions should come up (e.g. pantry, balcony).

It is better to store garlic not in bulk, but in a container, box (best of all) or in a bunch. Before long-term storage, it is recommended to dry it (preferably on paper). Drying is allowed in the oven, but at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

Garlic not only kills viruses, but also fights pests (insects, various microorganisms). This useful property is used when storing other products that are susceptible to damage as a result of pests (for example, cereals and flour). To do this, use peeled garlic cloves.

If you want to buy garlic for long-term storage, choose it carefully so that it is of high quality and not overripe.

70% of garlic in stores contains methyl bromide, lead and sulfates.

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It turns out most of the garlic supplies China to world markets. The heads of this plant are bleached with chlorine to give them a salable appearance, and they also contain methyl bromide, lead and sulfates, reports CureJoy.

By consuming this kind of garlic, you can develop cancer, damage your airways and central nervous system.

The main ways to protect yourself, and choose healthy garlic:

1. Weigh the garlic.

Natural garlic will be heavier than those brought from China. To reduce the cost of shipping garlic, the Chinese dehydrate it.

2. Try the garlic to taste.

The taste of homemade garlic is much richer and richer than that of Chinese.

3. Evaluate the appearance of garlic.

Chinese garlic is too pure, its roots are cut off.

The best advice is to buy garlic from local farmers or grow it yourself.