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TOP 12 places for a first date: not a cafe or a movie


Meeting places for the second time are slightly different in structure from the first. The fact is that your task on the second date is not just nice to chat, but to move on to intimate touches. Obviously, in “Chocolate Girl” or in “McCafe” you will not succeed. In order for everything to go as it should, you need to choose a more secluded place.

And here the cinema will just help us. A cozy cafe with sofas, dim lights, isolated rooms with quiet music is also suitable, and most importantly, this cafe should be in the closest proximity to your home. If you get home by car in 20-25 minutes, then this is right for you. You will greatly facilitate your task if you explore in advance locations that are located exactly at this distance from your home.

I recommend that you go to some European cafe or sushi on the first date, and choose oriental establishments for the second date, because there is a good atmosphere and a cozy atmosphere.

Consider also that you need to invite a girl to those places where you feel comfortable. That is, you should know what kind of institution it is, what the price level is, what is on the menu, and what is not, and it is advisable that you know the number of the table for which you need to sit.

Life hack. When you come with a girl to a cafe, tell the administrator that you need a table for four. For two, they can offer a small table where you will sit opposite each other and this is not very good. And if you say that there will be four of you, then you are guaranteed to be seated at a large table with sofas. And you will kill two birds with one stone: you will get a normal table where you can sit as you like and a few minutes of embarrassment at the girl. She, most likely, will swim a little at this moment and ask: “Well, are we still waiting for someone?”, Which is also good and will give you some emotional head start in the first 5 minutes of the meeting.

3 budget but effective first date options

From our rating of dating sites you found out where it is worth registering the profile and probably already firmly established yourself on several dating portals. And if you read our blog and train your knowledge in practice, it means that there are about a dozen warmed up and not obstinate girls in your “Favorites” folder. It is clear that any pleasant virtual acquaintance needs to be converted into an even more pleasant real meeting. True, you can’t save enough money for “roofing houses”, but you can always organize something spectacular on a budget. Let's talk about how to make an impression as part of lifting even for student means.

Tea ceremony

Invite a girl for a cup of tea in the cozy atmosphere of a tea ceremony. By the way, earlier this pleasure was available only to members of imperial families. Today, even a plumber can walk his lady of the heart “imperially”. In 1.5-2 hours of the tea ceremony, you will truly relax, learn what it is to drink tea without sugar, and, most importantly, you will feel how quickly, easily and naturally you became close or even family. The magic of tea!

First Date Ideas

The first date at any age is an exciting and responsible event. Many standard formats for holding such a meeting may seem like an ideal option. But it’s worth breaking stereotypes about the first classic date.

An ideal first date should be interesting, memorable and romantic. Instead of a cafe, you can date in a tea club thereby diversifying it. If the date is set at home, you should consider a delicious dinner and an interesting program.

Best First Date Ideas:

  • Geocatching.
  • A trip to the lake.
  • Bike ride.
  • Return to childhood.
  • Starry sky.
  • Sports date.
  • Leisure.
  • Overnight at the theater.
  • On the air balloon.

You can also prepare a walk around the city with a visit to its attractions. Often, many interesting places are unknown to their inhabitants. It is recommended to seize the opportunity and learn something new about your city.

The meeting, organized in a volunteer style, will help determine the attitude of the second half to the ability to share good, sympathize and empathize with others. Also you show your spiritual side.

Rules for choosing a place for a date

When choosing a place, it is recommended to gently and accurately learn about the dreams and preferences of a partner. Having organized a meeting in such a place, you will pleasantly surprise your soulmate, and provide a good mood for the whole time of the joint transfer.

The place should be pleasant and comfortable. The feeling is not at ease for the first date is unacceptable. Nothing should distract and strain you and your interlocutor.

The presence of a nearby traffic intersection. Convenience and practicality upon arrival at the venue. It is also recommended to meet in crowded places.

Having decided on a place, you should definitely say how fashionable it is to dress for a girl’s first date. A feeling of comfort and ease will allow you to relax and feel comfortable in any environment.

Where to find a husband

First date rules:

  • Good mood.
  • Timely arrival.
  • Sincerity.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Appropriate appearance.
  • Do not be fancy.
  • Do not flirt.
  • Keep up the conversation.
  • No criticism.
  • Not a word about marriage.

One of the pressing questions is whether to kiss on a first date, and for example, whether sex. In the modern world of free relations, it is impossible to give a definite answer.

Here, probably, the tips are not relevant. Rely on your intuition and personal moral stereotypes.

The main thing to do when setting off for first place is not to make plans and do not make plans for the future. Let everything go as it should, according to the script created in heaven. So in the case of a fiasco, there will be no bitter disappointments.

Rooftop picnic

If you know where your city has open roofs (if you don’t know, ask the ruffers), take a bottle of champagne, two glasses and lead the girl to enjoy the sunset and panoramic views of the city. Do not forget about the safety rules - do not come closer than a meter to the edge, do not throw bottles and glasses from the roof, do not light a fire.

Head in the clouds

“In a big balloon ...” - so be it. Give her the dream of millions of girls - to rise in the sky and touch the clouds. Loving eyes on the result of an air walk are provided, unless, of course, the girl does not suffer from acrophobia - an obsessive fear of heights.

3 places where you can learn and feel the girl more

If you are counting on a panoramic perspective of a relationship with her, give the girl a real test drive. Yes, right from the start. There is nothing to lose.

The game not only unites, but allows you to look at a potential partner from a different angle - how she thinks and reflects, how emotional and temperament is, whether she is able to concede or tries to dominate. As a result of the quest, you will learn much more about her than if you had met in a cafe or a movie.

What does bowling have to do with it, you say. And I will answer you that this is a great way to remove the barriers and bring the girl to clean water. Sitting with her legs crossed and her hands clasped in the lock, she will not succeed. Willy-nilly will have to open up and - lose control of acting. And you observe and evaluate - the degree of her emancipation, excitement, vocabulary, the ability to learn new things, flexibility and plasticity, relationships with alcoholic beverages, etc.

Do you want to know what reserve of kindness, compassion and participation your darling has? Invite her to a place of detention for all homeless, abandoned and unnecessary - children, old people or animals. Volunteering in such an institution is not only a plus in karma, but also a great opportunity to test a girl for the factor of humanity.

Wine tasting

While the sommelier tells how a regular grape bunch produces wine with a complex bouquet and character, and the girl tries the theory in practice, you sit and enjoy how you can get the maximum result with minimal effort. And, most importantly, you will never get any accusations of “soldering” from her. First, swallowing tastings is not necessary (warn). Secondly, it pours sommelier.

Karting club

Make a date in a go-kart club for a girl in the casual, extreme and adrenaline style. You can let her win. You’ll prove that you’re a man, at another time and in another place, but for now let him enjoy his victory, drive and meeting with such an original guy as you, who preferred a real drive to a sad coffee party.

To my home

If in correspondence every now and then there was an irresistible desire to rip off clothes and have uncontrolled sex or something like that, invite the girl to your home, but always under a plausible pretext. For example: “I have a cat in depression, I can’t leave him alone. Come visit us, cook salmon steak and asparagus, chat. ” To the question on the fact "Where is your cat who is depressed?" One can always sadly lower his eyes and meow sadly.

First, it’s the last: where do the girls disappear

She smiled, listened carefully to you and even talked about herself. And then you didn’t pick up the phone, and you wondered why. After all, everything was fine: a date - an airy one, a girl - a beautiful one, and the prospect of developing a relationship - inevitable. So here. The decision about whether you will have something or not, she makes almost immediately. Education and the time spent on manicure and makeup do not allow her to leave after the set mark “unsuccessful”.

Does this mean that a place for a date does not matter? This means something else - from the first second of your meeting you should be at your best. Tightened up, confident and compelling. You smile at the corners of your lips, kiss on the cheek, grab your hand and lead. In general, you know how to flirt with a girl. In the future, lying with her in the same bed, you are guaranteed to hear that you conquered her with just that. Good luck!