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7 methods to cut your own hair ends at home


You can update the hairstyle in any beauty salon. But it takes time to visit, moreover, this procedure is paid. If you learn how to do the job yourself, but you can do haircuts at home. Moreover, this can easily be done by yourself. At home, you can create a cascade, as well as perform a haircut with a ladder and a square. You can cut hair directly with scissors, as well as other devices.

Haircut Recommendations

To carry out a haircut for herself at home, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools. To work, you need scissors, a comb, clothespins.

Trimming hair at home will work out smoothly only with a mirror. It is desirable that it be wall mounted. You need to sit with your back to him, and put a mirror on a chair in front. This will allow you to see the front and back of the hairstyle. If you do the work without a mirror, then it’s unlikely that you can do the work directly. And after that you will need to correct the flaws.

Tip cutting

How to cut the ends of the hair to herself at home? The procedure is simple, the main thing is to carry out the sequence of work. Most often you have to trim long strands. To properly trim the ends of the hair, you need to prepare the necessary tools. The technology of work includes the following steps:

  • It is necessary to comb the hair. They should be smooth.
  • Then you should collect them in the tail. After that, gum should be fixed on it after 2 cm. The tips may remain free.
  • While holding the hair, you should cut off the ends under the bottom rubber band.
  • After that, you need to dissolve the curls on the sides, and comb them.
  • On each side, you should collect the side locks, and trim them, collecting the ends.
  • In the end, you need to make sure once again that everything is trimmed evenly. If there are any flaws, then they should be corrected immediately.

Let's analyze the pros and cons of home methods

Cutting the tips will help you begin to learn hairdressing, and how to cut a slanting bangs on our own at home, we will analyze the examples and methods of video, as well as the mistakes that beginners often make.

If you suddenly overdid it and shortened the ends or bangs too short, then we will reassure you and recommend adding vitamins and linseed oil to your diet, as well as applying masks with honey - all recipes and master classes are waiting for you in this article.

We recommend turning long hair into braids from ponytails with elastic bands, as this is easily and simply described in this material.

free, cut exactly 1 cm or exactly as much as needed, cut at any time convenient for you (there is no need to record, adjust to the wizard’s schedule), choose any shape you want, your eye will improve and you will easily determine how much it is 1 centimeter, study cut yourself, later you can cut your loved ones by any method (flagella, cloves, even cut ...).

    it is necessary to purchase professional tools either suitable and very well sharpened, the responsibility for the result lies entirely with you, cutting with blunt scissors will lead to a section of hair, mirrors (or dressing glasses) are required,

Photos and videos with instructions and step-by-step explanations

We suggest you learn from photos and videos, so you will see the whole process of cutting from and to, which will help to avoid mistakes.

Instructions for use:

  • We watch the video from beginning to end to see exactly the whole process and understand whether we can repeat it.
  • Turn it on a second time and prepare all the necessary tools for cutting.
  • Start again to watch the lesson 3 times step by step and stopping at important or incomprehensible points, rewinding and revising them several times until the whole process is precisely within the head. If necessary, watch the video again from start to finish.
  • Tools necessary for cutting:

    We will need: scissors, rubber bands, a hair straightener, if you have curly hair, a comb with rare cloves, 2 large mirrors, free 10-20 minutes so that no one bothers you, a broom and dustpan for collecting hair, a hair moisturizer or just wet your hair in bath and squeeze slightly.

    Pre-clean carpets or other coatings so that the floor is smooth: laminate, linoleum or wood. Cover the floor with newspapers, if you do not want revenge, it will remain so, just collect the newspapers and throw it away or burn it with your cropped hair.

    This haircut technique is suitable for home conditions, but not for salons or hairdressers.

    Although, it is not inferior in terms of the saloon, the truth will take many times less time and money. Let's get started!

    Prepare for haircut: sharp hairdressing scissors, gum, combs (one brush, the second with rare teeth), a mirror.

    Who already had

    1. Comb the hair thoroughly with a brush and then comb it with rare teeth.
    2. Tie a high tail at the crown.
    3. Make an even cut parallel to the floor.

    Trim the cut, if desired, profile with thinning scissors. Haircut is ready.

    But if you didn’t like the cascade option, then we suggest watching 2 more videos with a more thorough study of the hair.

    For curly

    The pruning principle is the same, but with this we cut the ladder on the face and make it more visible for medium or long hair

    1. Moisten hair under the tap or with a spray.
    2. Comb thoroughly, head down. Collect them and trim the ends evenly. We make the cut with scissors at an angle and only with the tips.
    3. For very thick hair, separate by a thin strand and straighten along it until we make all the hair of the same length.

    If before you had a haircut without a ladder, then you have to cut a little more than the length.

    Following our advice, then you can fix it yourself or with the help of a hairdresser.

    We divide the hair into a parting, combing the hair.

    Sweeping the ladder in front like this:

    1. We determine the strand that will be the shortest and the beginning of our ladder.
    2. Separate it and carefully comb it on the face. We put it parallel to the floor, stretching to the full length. Swift even cut, but it is possible and the tips.
    3. The second strand is cut in the same way, if you have very long hair, then simply pull it out, and then, holding the ends with your fingers, cut the hair, bringing it evenly to the face perpendicular to the ends.
    4. Repeat with the second side a similar ladder.
    5. The result of such a haircut is a ladder on the sides and in front and a semicircle in the back.

    Cascade Tutorial Video

    For long

    What is the difference between cutting long hair from medium length or short?

    With the fact that it is easier to cut them on one side, you can simply take a strand and shift to either side when you see your ends, which is extremely difficult to do with short ones, it is difficult to turn your hands in the right direction.

    But cutting at the back or leveling the entire length is necessary not on a tiny section of the floor, but spreading a newspaper or collecting a carpet on a bare floor.

    These subtleties are shared with you by Katya Gore and Little Lily.

    Option from Katy Gore

    Video blogger and hairdresser in one person, and also the owner of long and chic blond curls Katya Gor, she shares her secrets on cutting tips with her own hands at home, and also tells and shows the result on her hair.

    We need: scissors and spray with water.

    1. Tilt your head down perpendicular to the floor, transferring everything to the front and comb thoroughly.
    2. Moisten slightly from the spray so that they are slightly moist, but not wet.

    A tutorial video on how to maintain hair length and cut the ends in a cascade:

    Thanks to such a haircut, the tips are easily twisted even after wearing and loosening a regular tourniquet. Temporal areas frame the face effectively, making the appearance more well-groomed.

    Short flight of stairs - deep triangle

    This option has a higher level of difficulty, so ask your mom or friend for help.

    1. Comb hair thoroughly and divide in a straight parting into 2 halves.
    2. Tilt your head perpendicular to the floor and cut the desired length of the control strand - this is the closest to the occipital area, similarly repeat from the 2nd.
    3. To check whether you cut the strands of the same length, if so, then we begin to equalize the rest of the hair on them.
    4. We collect the hair between the fingers and carefully comb, while lowering the fingers almost to the level of the control strand, so that it is clear where we need to cut.
    5. Separate the front control strand and equate the second half along it. A similar method as described above. We carry out haircuts with cloves.
    6. We comb the hair alternately on 2 sides to check the quality of the haircut.
    7. At will, we carry out a ladder on the front strands (temporal zone). To do this, select the zone and cut off along the desired path.

    The video will teach you how to cut the tips of a deep ladder in the shape of a triangle yourself:


    We arrange mirrors or set up a chair so that it is good to see what is happening behind you. Prepare everything you need as described above.

    1. Comb clean hair and tie a ponytail, tie a ponytail with rubber bands in several places so that the gum is every few centimeters. The latter should turn out for you 1 cm, to the place of cut.
    2. Cut off the planned centimeter. We recommend cutting parallel to the horizon, along these tips we will smooth out all other hair.
    3. Dissolve the hair and comb, dividing along the parting through the whole head in the middle and lay on the shoulders.

    Check that the length of both strands is the same, for this, take along the strands and reduce it to the face.

  • We cut the clipped hair back and check whether everything is done exactly.
    The main advantage of such a haircut is the exact observance to cut 1 or 2 cm, which sometimes the hairdresser does not understand. Minus: only the rounded edge.
  • A master class in a video shear ends in a semicircle from Lily Moon

    There are situations when the goal of cutting the ends is a horizontal absolutely even cut, it is ideal to achieve it with a machine, but it is extremely difficult to do it yourself, especially from behind.

    1. Comb clean hair and tie a ponytail, tie a ponytail with rubber bands in several places so that the gum is every few centimeters. The latter should turn out for you 1 cm, to the place of cut or exactly in this place.
    2. Cut off the planned centimeter. We recommend cutting strictly parallel to the horizon, along these tips we will align all other curls.
    3. Dissolve the hair and comb, collect in a ponytail or shell the entire upper part of the curls, leaving a thin strip in the back of the head. Divide them by parting.
    4. Take 2 back strands cut by you, transfer them forward to your shoulders and trim on them all remaining from one and the other side.

    Straight-cut tutorial video

    This method is suitable in the case when you do not have scissors or for some reason you do not want to use them, but there is a hair clipper.

    Consider the option of cutting a square, the model has hair below the shoulders, after the haircut you get an average length to the shoulders.

    You will need: a machine, comb, gum, scissors for trimming hair, mirrors.

    1. Divide all hair into 4 parts: parting in the middle and 2 above the ears in straight lines.
    2. Tie 4 ponytails with rubber bands in the place of the cut, if in doubt, make 2 rubber bands and cut between them.
    3. Be careful that the length of all tails is the same.
    4. After that, we cut off the ends under the rubber band.
    5. Align the transition between all the ponytails, smoothing the slices with a machine. In addition, we smooth the transitions with scissors, checking against the control strand.
    6. We check the quality of the haircut after washing the hair and drying it with a hairdryer.

    The video will help you step by step to cut the ends with a machine, for example, a haircut

    The shorter the hair, the harder it is to cut it with your own hands.
    Recommendation for cutting the ends of short haircuts, for beginners, contact the master.

    If you decide to independently remove the longest length on your ears or bangs you don’t like, then follow the instructions:

    We find your haircut model in photo and video format, step by step steps are needed.

    Repeat after the master haircut part of the temples and bangs. Ask for help for the back area as It is extremely difficult to do exactly yourself.

    Splitters - victory in 3 methods

    Split ends bother both long-haired beauties and those whose length barely touches their shoulders. Therefore, learning to cut exclusively with your own hands, the cut ends is very convenient and practical.

    Since each method and the proposed ones is aimed at preserving the length, but at the same time carefully working out the cutting of the cut ends.

    In all 3 cases it will be required: sharp scissors and patience, with a lot of free time, the more it is needed, the more ends you cut.

    Sitting at the window on a sunny day, we twist the flagella out of thin strands and slightly “fluff” it, moving from bottom to top and cutting off only the cut ends, so we move in a row along the whole head.

    The thicker the flagella, the less ends you can process, so first twist very thin, after the first such haircut, the next time it is already recommended to make thicker ones.

    Since for the first time, if you spend it qualitatively, most of the cut ends will be cut off and in a month or 2 they will not have time to grow so much.

    3 finger clip

    Ideal for those who are afraid to cut off extra centimeters. Double finger locking allows you to more carefully release and cut the ends.

    Look at the photo above, where there are all 3 options, on the second you will see the placement of the fingers and the correct fixation of the strand, so you can not only fix, but also move it.

    Try this method, maybe it will be the most acceptable for you.

    We braid thin pigtails and inspect the weaving, ruffle and cut the weak and cut, so process all the curls.

    It is important to understand that any experiment with clippers or scissors is a risk that is quite easy to fix, especially if you overdone it and now you are concerned about how to grow bangs quickly at home, then our article will help.

    Often mothers, and the schoolgirls themselves are limited only to a braid or a ponytail, and now we offer to learn how to make a hairstyle to school for yourself in 5 minutes with photos and video lessons, everything is described in detail here.

    Many girls, girls and women feel the desire to have smooth and even curls. We suggest you learn how to straighten hair without ironing and a hair dryer at home quickly at -domashnih-usloviyah.html

    To the child - to the girl at home

    The methods are quick and very economical, which will allow you not to waste your time and money, as well as nerves trying to put the child in the chair to the hairdresser and persuade him to sit upright and not move.

    Suitable for both curly from nature and even hair. Length is not important, and this means it will help perfectly to long and medium length curls cut by a ladder.

    For this method you will need: scissors, a hair moisturizer, erasers - 4-5 pieces, a comb brush and with frequent cloves.

    1. Comb your hair thoroughly and moisturize.
    2. Divide into zones and tie ponytails. The first zone is from the forehead to the auricles. The second to the middle of the nape. The third remaining hair.
    3. Collect each zone, tie it with an elastic band, then 2 rubber bands mark the places where the shortest hair is used to cut. Be sure to moisten baby curls in the process as they dry.
    4. We make a cut, only we put the scissors not horizontally, as in the video, but vertically cutting the ends and placing them perpendicular to the teeth.
    5. We open our hair and check if we have cut the length evenly.

    The training video clearly shows how to trim the tips of the girl yourself:

    That's all for today, we hope that at least 1 method is right for you.

    Here we’ve figured out how to cut the ends of the hair at home for yourself with video tutorials for beginners and those who have already done this more than once, but want to diversify their arsenal.

    We wish you good luck in the much-needed and useful business for girls and women!

    Kristina Akhmaeva

    Journalist, ex-director of Fashion

    I managed to try the most radical dyeing and the most daring haircuts on my hair, and now she knows everything about hair.

    Manicure, eyebrow correction, hair removal, hair coloring - many women have learned to do these procedures on their own, at home. Is it possible to cut your hair yourself, and even do it exactly? Of course! And SalonSecret experts know how.

    Workplace organization

    It is better to do your own haircut in a room with good lighting and a mirror. If you straighten your hair from behind, you will need a second mirror to control the result. Think in advance about cleaning after cutting: if it will be difficult to collect the strands from your floor covering, it is better to first cover it, for example, with newspapers.


    Tools for self-cutting should be as sharp as possible. You will definitely need scissors: it is better to use professional ones, with blades no longer than eight centimeters - so it will be more convenient for you.

    In the process of cutting, the hair should be perfectly combed, so you can not do without a brush. A comb will also be required, since the hair will need to be divided into sections.

    Опционально вам могут понадобиться филировочные ножницы, если вы захотите сделать концы более небрежными и рваными.

    Обязательно нужны резинки для волос — как минимум две.

    Если вы будете стричь на мокрые волосы, не забудьте позаботиться о наличии пульверизатора с водой, поскольку в процессе стрижки шевелюра будет высыхать. Часто парикмахеры вместо воды используют профессиональные средства. For example, the multispray One United Elixir from Redken. It facilitates combing and removes static electricity.

    Hair preparation

    It is better to cut your hair wet, because dry hair begins to stick out, become electrified and curl. Therefore, the first step in preparing for a haircut is washing your hair with shampoo. A favorite of experts - Daily from the Source Essentielle line, without parabens, sulfates and silicones, for the sensation of natural hair.

    Then apply Redken One United Elixir on the strands and comb them first with a comb-brush and then with a comb with frequent teeth.
    Important: It is better not to cut extremely curly hair yourself, but to entrust this process to professionals.

    Cut hair back

    1) Divide the hair into a single parting.

    2) Gather the hair in a low ponytail using an elastic band.

    3) Make sure that the strands do not break out, and the tail is as smooth and tight as possible.

    4) Tie an elastic band over the place where you are going to cut. If the hair is long, then tie the elastic along the entire length of the tail so that the hair does not move.

    5) Holding the scissors horizontally, cut the length of the hair to the elastic.

    6) Loosen the hair, appreciate the back view. If there are bumps, repeat the procedure.

    1) Divide the hair in the middle.

    2) Separate the forehead with the triangle from the hair of the size that you want the bangs to be. It is better to start with less and then increase the number of strands.

    3) Remove excess hair by the ears or secure with hairpins so that they do not bother you.

    4) Comb the future bangs, pinch with your fingers and cut to the desired level. Note that it will be shorter when dried.

    5) While holding the scissors vertically, walk along the bangs so that the cut line is more airy.

    Hair tips

    How to make a beautiful shape for long hair at the back? Everything is simple. If you need to shorten your hair first, collect it in a low, tight and smooth tail and tie it with elastic bands up to the place where you are going to cut it. Then cut off part of the hair under the last elastic. Now trim the tips!

    1) Divide the hair in the middle.

    2) Move the strands forward.

    3) Separate the upper part of the hair - it will be needed later - and stab it.

    4) Comb the hair strand on one side well and pinch it horizontally with your fingers like scissors.

    5) Shorten all hair under the fingers to the same length.

    6) Repeat the same with the hair on the other side.

    7) Loosen the top of the hair. Again, divide the hair into two parts, comb well.

    8) Grip the hair on one side between the fingers and cut off the excess, focusing on the already trimmed lower layer of hair.

    9) In the final, you should get a semicircular cut in the back.

    A haircut cascade (she’s a ladder) is very easy to do at home.

    1) Comb the hair and collect it in front so that it is parallel to the floor.

    2) Tighten the hair with an elastic band in the middle of the tail.

    3) Fix hair with one more elastic band over that length which you plan to leave.

    4) Cut the hair, holding the scissors parallel to the face.

    With this method of cutting, the hair on the face will be cut with a ladder, and in the back with a semicircle.

    Useful tips for hairdressers

    During the haircut, it is very important to take into account the fact that after drying the hair will become a little shorter, so do not forget to leave at least a small margin.

    Scissors should be very sharp and preferably professional, because a blunt tool is not only a curved cut, but also split ends. If the strands even curl a little, they must first be straightened with the help of smoothing products: shampoo and conditioner from the Redken Frizz Dismiss line from Redken. The composition of the funds includes aquatoril, which does not allow hair to fluff, and healthy Brazilian praxaxi oil.

    If it is more convenient for you to cut dry hair, then straighten the strands with an iron, not forgetting about thermal protection: for example, Lait de Soie Aura Botanica, Kérastase smoothing milk.

    The shorter the hair, the more difficult it is to cut it yourself. It is better to turn to a friend for help or go to a trusted master in the salon. Do not cut your hair yourself before important events.

    Do not forget that such a haircut is an emergency option that does not imply a sharp change in image. If you want dramatic changes, it is better to trust a professional.

    There seems to be an error. Please try again later.

    How to cut split ends?

    At home, you can cut your split ends yourself. The strands should be dry. To do everything smoothly, you must complete all the steps:

    • First, comb your hair.
    • Then from them it is necessary to allocate locks, and twist each into a bundle.
    • You need to run your fingers along the tourniquet to stretch out split ends.
    • Then they should be cut.

    This method is excellently performed with hot scissors. They are usually used in salons, but you can buy tools for the home. Thanks to the effects of high temperature, it is possible to protect curls from further cross-section.

    What you need to do your own home haircut

    Like a professional hairdresser, you should have at your fingertips a set of necessary tools, comfortable conditions and hair prepared for cutting:

    • The most important tool on which the result of hair manipulation depends is scissors. Dull blades can only spoil the hair, make the shape torn, asymmetric. We decided to try yourself as a hairdresser - go to a professional store. Buy prof scissors with a blade length of 6 to 10 centimeters,
    • Mandatory conditions for the room - the presence of a large mirror in which you will see not only your face, but also the back of the head. Good lighting, a table for tools and styling. Nothing should hamper the movement of your hands. If the room is densely furnished, temporarily move the elements of the interior, providing yourself with free space,
    • You know better than any hairdresser the features of your hair. Heavy, naughty, porous, curly, brittle - consider all the nuances and choose the haircut technique that suits you the most,

    • Decide in advance what you want to do with your hair. Taking the scissors in your hands, you must act clearly according to plan, without improvisation. The technique of classic trimming the tips from the first stages differs from a cascading haircut. Therefore, if you do not want to hurt yourself, be consistent and do not follow the spontaneous desires,
    • Before cutting, the hair should be clean and moist. This is the basic rule and the very first stage from which the hair-session begins in any beauty salon. Wash your hair and blow dry with a towel.

    Performance ladder

    How to cut long hair at home? To do this, you need to choose a suitable haircut, and perform it according to the rules. At home, you can cut your hair with a ladder. In this case, you can pre-perform hydration, as well as comb the strands.

    • The head should be tilted so that the hair is perpendicular to the floor. The tips should be combed, backing 2 cm from the edge. Then they should be cut.
    • Then you should stand up straight, comb the strands, trim the ends.
    • Then a parting is created, after which the curls should be combed again.
    • The strands need to be pulled forward alternately, moving to the tips, and securing them with “clothespins”.
    • The tips need to be cut 2 cm from the edge.
    • This procedure is performed throughout the hairstyle.
    • In the end, it turns out that the hair is trimmed with a ladder. It is perfect for long, straight hair. It does not require long styling.

    How to make a short cut?

    For short hair, a quack is an ideal choice. The hairstyle can be correctly performed at home if you perform the following steps:

    • First you need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. If they are clean, they should be wet.
    • To create a square, the strands need to be divided into 7 parts. A 3 cm wide strand should be combed in front. The scissors should be held parallel to the floor, and then cut the length. Typically, the square is cut to the chin.
    • When the front is trimmed, the occipital region can be treated. To make the hairstyle square, you can use the ruler. It is necessary to comb the occipital part of the hair, then cut it, pulling it a little. Then you should move forward.
    • Then you should comb the occipital parts of the curls. Then you need to use the same haircut method as in the previous steps. You need to cut strands moving back to front.
    • At the end of the cut, the area above the forehead is trimmed. The hair is separated by a straight parting, and sheared in a similar way.
    • At the end of the square, the curls should be dried. They should be laid with a straightener, and fixed with varnish.

    5 split ends cutting technique

    Classic cut in one line. At home, quality can only be done on long hair. It is necessary to make a perfectly flat back.

    Flagella. The technique allows you to maintain the length, which is important for young ladies who have difficulty in growing hair. We divide the strands into several parts and twist each with tight bundles. Protruding hairs are trimmed.

    Gum. We collect the hair from behind with a tight elastic band, then every 4 centimeters we catch the tail with other elastic bands. The tip that remains is under the cut. Dissolve the hair and trim the length.

    In a semicircle. For independent use, the technique is suitable for long hair. Divide the strands into two equal parts horizontally. We throw the upper one forward and intercept it with an elastic band or a hairpin. The remaining hair is divided into two parts (also horizontally). The occipital strands are pulled at a right angle to the head and cut in a straight line. We do the same with the bottom. We do the same with the upper strands. Then dissolve the hair, comb and adjust the hairs falling out of the total length.

    The corner. Suitable for long straight hair. The principle of the technique is similar to the technique in a semicircle, only divide the hair into a larger number of parts and make the angle more than 90 degrees. The shape is voluminous, with smooth transitions.

    How to cut short hair at home

    Cutting short hair requires a clear implementation of the stages of technology. Remember or print the cheat sheet and place it in front of your eyes, next to the scissors on the desktop. 7 steps and you with a neat short haircut:

    1. The first stage - moisturize your hair. To do this, you need a spray bottle with ordinary water at room temperature,
    2. Divide the hair into several parts. Four is better. If the length allows, we fix it with an elastic band. For short strands we use clamps,
    3. We start with the temples. Separate the lowest strand, pull out with a comb and cut the ends in a straight line. In the same way we go up, separating and trimming the tips of subsequent strands. Both temporal zones should be trimmed equally
    4. After the temples go to the occipital region. Equal to the already trimmed hair, slightly lengthening the cut line. According to the golden hair rules, the strands on the back of the head should be slightly longer. So we trim the back often to the middle of the back of the head,
    5. We pull in the lower strands remaining at the border of the cropped hair and ask them the desired length. Further on the already developed mechanics,
    6. The parietal zone remained. Nothing new here - we equate the ends cut from below, gradually moving towards the center,
    7. We dry the hair with a hairdryer, comb and carefully examine the shape for blemishes. Correct broken hairs.

    How to cut your hair with a ladder yourself

    Ladder haircut - universal. Suitable for almost all types of faces, has no age restrictions. We’ll tell you how to save your time and money and make this popular haircut at home. The instruction consists of 6 steps:

    • We start by moisturizing the hair. Spray from the spray gun and gently comb along the entire length,
    • Throw the hair forward - so that they are parallel to the floor. Once again, comb and evenly cut off about 2 centimeters,
    • We become in the starting position and divide the strands into three or four parts, fixing with clips or hairpins,
    • Starting from the bottom back. Pull the strand at a right angle to the head and cut it. We do the same with other curls of the nape, focusing on the length of the first,
    • Getting to the side zones. We take the lowest strand, stretch and, equal to the length of the nape, cut the ends. Then we take the next strand and cut it 1.5-2 centimeters higher. By this principle, we move to the center from all sides,
    • We dry and comb the hair, correct the flaws.

    7 steps of self-care

    • Wash hair, dry with a towel, comb thoroughly,
    • We divide the strands into seven parts: two zones on the back of the head, two on the top of the head, two on the temples, and the center on the front. To prevent hair from falling out, hold it with hairpins,
    • We start with the temporal zones. We take the lower strand, pull it out a little (but not very much, otherwise the length will suffer) and cut the line parallel to the floor. So align the whole area,
    • Then we go to the back of the head, focusing on the control strand - bordering on the pristine hair,
    • The very last is the front part, turning into a bang. The mechanics are the same - we are equal to the control strand of the neighboring zone,
    • The finishing touches - we dry and comb the hair, paying attention to possible shortcomings. We bring the form to perfection and do the styling.

    How to make a bob haircut

    The technique is similar to a bob haircut, but has a number of differences. The technique is carried out in 5 steps:

    • We divide clean and wet hair into 7 equal parts according to the main zones: two occipital, two at the crown, temporal and central. We leave a thin line of strands for hair growth,
    • We start with the temples. Pull at a right angle to the head and trim. Strand by strand
    • We pass to the back of the head. On the control strand, measure the desired length and cut the ends,
    • From the back of the head we move forward, focusing on the length of the previous curls. So cutting all the zones, ending with strands left around the circumference of the head,
    • We trim the back of the head with a machine, dry the hair with a hairdryer and style it.

    Do it yourself haircut cascade

    This is perhaps the simplest technique of all the above. It is carried out in three stages:

    • We comb clean, wet hair and collect a high tail on the forehead, using a thin comb to give it clear, even edges of grip. The tail should be centered,
    • In a straight line, cut off the ends of the tail, taking into account the length of the haircut that you want to get in the end. We check if there are any falling hairs, we correct the bundle,
    • Dissolve hair, comb and style. Haircut Cascade is ready!

    You can’t find a good hair-master, the hand confidently and without trembling is taken by scissors, in childhood dreamed of becoming a hairdresser - decide on an experiment! Start by cutting the ends. After completing the technique, move on to more complex techniques. You can create an actual, effective image with your own hands.