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The people, the problem with Google Drive


I want to note right away that this service provides the opportunity to work with different office documents in a shared environment. I often take advantage of this in my work, commuting employees involved in solving various problems. In particular, a tool from Google Docs is:

  • Documents,
  • Tables
  • Presentations
  • Tests and more.

It is enough to provide access to a specific document, and all users who receive a link will be able to work with it. Believe me, this is very, very convenient. Especially for those who work remotely. Most of my employees work just like that. Therefore, I deliberately refused to create an office, giving the specialists a certain freedom. But this is the topic of a separate article.

By the way!Google Drive or Google Drive does not support all file types. However, it is enough to install special extensions, and they can also be used in the service.

How much space is provided

Each user is provided with 15 gigabytes of disk space. And it is completely free! It would seem pretty good. But this volume is designed for:

  • files themselves stored on disk
  • to mail from gmail, including all attachments that will be in it,
  • on photos uploaded to Google+.

We can say that the company's employees made a successful move. Since you psychologically evaluate that you have much more space for storing your files than is provided on other similar services. And only then comes the realization that the place is divided into several "services".

Note.The history of editing documents is saved on the disk. You can always easily return to the version you need. But the story is stored only 30 days!

How to make Google Drive: start with registration

Let's start with how to use Google Drive on a computer. There is nothing complicated about it. Simply create an account (if you don’t have one) with Google. When creating your account and filling out a profile with personal data, remember that according to the user agreement, the company has the right to use all your downloaded files (including photos) for personal purposes.

I will not talk in detail about the features of registration. There is nothing complicated, incomprehensible and extraordinary there. Just step by step do everything that the system requires of you.

Enter Google Drive

Now about how to use Google Drive. To do this, click on the link and you will be transferred to the service interface. It is quite simple, intuitive, so you will not have any problems with its development. It can be used online.

For convenience, I recommend installing the appropriate program. It will greatly simplify the use of the service. A separate folder will appear on your computer, which will automatically synchronize with your repository.

Note.That is, everything that you transfer to the folder is immediately loaded onto the disk. Or, if there is currently no Internet connection, log in there later.

How to use Google Drive on a computer: install a special program

Now about how to install the program on your computer or laptop. You can do this on the main page of service or at the bottom of the left column of the service there is a special link with the corresponding name.

After downloading the file, click on it. The program will install and you will need to enter your Google account information. This will allow you to access the data warehouse and perform the synchronization procedure.

There will be no difficulties with connecting the program. You do not have to create additional passwords, accounts. Just enter the main password. Probably, at the first login you will need to enter the code that will come to the phone number specified when registering your account with Google.

Note that when you install the program, you will have the opportunity to choose a place on the computer where you want to "place" it. There will always be a folder in which you will mix the files for storage.

To gain access to such an opportunity - choosing the location of the "folder" - at the final step, click on the "Advanced Settings" button, and not on the usual "Done" button. Here, just be careful and eliminate the rush.

Note!I hope you do not need to say that Disk C is not the best place to store data? Well, at least for the simple reason that the system drive should not be overloaded with extra files. Therefore, select other disks for such a folder.

After choosing the place where the folder with the files will be located, click on the “Synchronize” inscription. Your new folder will appear in front of you. All files, data falling into it, will immediately be synchronized with Google cloud storage.

To do this, just drag and drop folders or individual files into it. Or copy them there through the explorer.

In the tray of your computer - in the lower right corner of the monitor - a special Google Drive icon will appear. By clicking on it, you will receive information about the loading status of your disk. That is, how much space has already been used and how much more space is left.

How to save to Google Drive: a simple and intuitive instruction

In order to “upload” files from a personal computer to Disk, special skills are not needed. I wrote above that just drag and drop files into the folder. Or copy them through explorer.

In this section I want to tell how to save any files that you found on the network to Google Drive. It can be:

  • Pictures and photos
  • videos
  • audio clips
  • documents,
  • links
  • screenshots, etc.

All this is easy and simple to do through a special extension for Chrome. It is called that.

Note!The usability of the extension is that you don’t even have to download such files to your computer. To find the extension above, just go to the Chrome app store. If you use this browser, of course.

After downloading the extension, a special icon will be displayed in the upper right of the browser. Left-clicking on it allows you to take an instant screenshot of the screen, which is also instantly loaded onto the Disk.

Right-clicking opens a menu that allows you to configure your extension. The setup process itself is also quite simple and intuitive. In particular, such settings provide several options for saving the page open in the browser:

  • a screenshot of the entire open page in PNG format,
  • a screenshot of only the visible part of the page in PNG format on the monitor,
  • HTML source code of the page in the same format
  • web archive of the page in .mht format,
  • as well as google document.

After that, to upload a file to Google Drive, right-click on the file you need and select the item corresponding to your action in the menu - in this case we are talking about the option: “Save image to Google Drive”.

You should do the same with all the links you need. You will also have the opportunity to make changes to the name of the file - name it as you like.

Note!I have been conducting an online course for a relatively long time on how to create a website on my own in 4 days. Initially, it was precisely such options in my work that greatly helped in creating the training base. Since they greatly simplified the process of collecting data and screenshots for the course.

Regarding the images, I note that Google’s cloud storage allows you to save images in the following five formats:

That is, in the most common and popular formats.

After the files you need are saved in your storage, you can easily drag them to any folder created there. By the way, I highly recommend creating thematic folders. This will make it easier for you to find the information you need. I love order, so I have everything cataloged.

I note that now there are several innovations in working with pictures, images stored in Google Drive. For example, you can highlight such features as:

  • add comments
  • 100% view,
  • and much more.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated in how to save to Google Drive; there’s just a couple of clicks to do. Naturally, after installing and configuring the appropriate extension for the Chrome browser.

How to use Google Drive: open shared access to a document, file or folder

I continue to talk about how to use Google Drive on a computer. And now let's talk about how to provide access to a single file or the entire folder as a whole. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • left-click on the disk icon in the tray of your computer or laptop,
  • open the folder and drag the file you need there,
  • after that, right-click on it and among the options select the line “Open access”.

As if nothing complicated. But in fact, it’s not so easy for beginners to figure out - sharing files on the first try may not work out if you do not familiarize yourself with the instructions.

This is especially true for providing access to documents. Since they are now also connected to Google Drive, you must first understand to understand what and how to click.

Therefore, the creators of the service came up with certain divisions. In particular, separation is provided for those who will see the file:

  • to all users
  • only to those you mark
  • everyone who has a link to the file.

It also provides for the separation of users depending on their level of “access” to a file or document:

I hope you should not explain what is allowed to users from each access group? After all, everything is clear, right?

Note!Many are interested in how to use Google Drive on Android. To do this, you need to download a special program in the application store. This is the app. It is easy to configure, with an intuitive interface.

It is clear that providing access to files to the vast majority of users is necessary so that this same file (or a folder with several files - for example, the same photos) is transferred to other people. We are, of course, talking about those files that are too "heavy" for sending by mail.

That is, they downloaded the file to disk, set access and sent it by reference - no tricks, everything is simple and clear.

Although more and more people also prefer to work in this way with documents. Because it is very, very convenient. Just give the link to an employee / colleague and now you are already working together on one document. Or get shared access to the data necessary for work. In addition, you do not need to store these files on your computer.

Two main options for providing access

Okay, I’m continuing to talk about how to use Google Drive. In particular, telling about the features of providing access to files to other users. So, having opened the menu "sharing", put a tick in front of the inscription "Everyone on the Internet." After that, send the link to those who need a file / document. Now this person can use the file without having to log in to his Google profile.

The next popular option is "Everyone with a link." That is, you also provide a link to people who need files. However, they will be able to access it only after entering their account. The attractiveness of this method is that files, documents are hidden from prying eyes and even from search engines (unless, of course, the types of downloaded files are indexed by search robots). You can find such files only by accident - and even that, I frankly doubt that this is even possible.

You can provide access to both documents, individual files, and folders containing several or even many files. Anyone who receives an access link from you can not only view the files, but even download them. Which is very convenient.

To disable the ability to share files, do the same, just turn off access now. This one will take you a few seconds. Just a couple of mouse clicks and access will be closed.

What is the online version of Google Drive

Above, I told you how to use Google Drive through the application. However, it also has an online version, which is available at

You can upload files and documents here. To do this, on the page that opens, click on the inscription “My disk” and select the item of interest in the menu that opens.

Or you can simply drag and drop files, folders onto an open page.

In both the first and second cases, after the download starts, a pop-up window will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, in which the process itself is displayed. That is, it shows how much is already loaded.

The online version of Google Drive has its own specific features. In particular, it allows you to perform certain actions with loaded objects through a special menu. In particular, a number of functions and options are available there that are not available in the application described above.

Among such additional functions, one can note version control of the document - each change is stored for 30 days. That gives you the opportunity at any time to open the version you need.

How it works? Very simple. Imagine that you wrote an article for your site, and its outline (or draft, as you like) was stored on disk. The article is too large, and therefore it takes several days to write it. And so you accidentally deleted part of the text, and noticed it only after a week. And so, if it was an ordinary document, you would not have the opportunity to restore the text. And Disk allows you to do this.

To do this, go to Version Control, there you select the version you need, put a checkmark in front of it and click on the “Close” label. And now the version you need opened with the desired piece of text. Now you can copy it, after that return to the latest version (supplemented with new information) and paste the randomly deleted text.

Google Drive as a mobile office

And I also want to talk about how to use Google Drive as a mobile office. It is incredibly convenient and makes you mobile. It has good features:

  • creation and editing of text documents,
  • creating and editing tables,
  • presentation creation
  • creation of data collection forms,
  • and even creating drawings in a graphical editor.

Expanding the capabilities of your mobile office is quite simple. To do this, connect other applications. At the very bottom of the page there is a special button, which is called "Connect other applications." You will open a new tab, it presents applications with a short description of their functionality.

How to use Google Drive on Android and other mobile platforms

Now a little more about how to use Google Drive on Android. I will focus on this particular mobile platform, because it is one of the most popular. In principle, all others work with Google Drive in much the same way as described below.

You need to be prepared for the fact that there are no special advanced settings for the application for working with the disk. There were difficulties in finding the synchronization of the captured media content (photo, video) with the disc. Either I could not figure out the application, or there really is no such function.

Although it should be noted the fact that developers can add different functions even at the time of writing. Therefore, treat my criticisms with understanding. I do not write them in order to somehow denigrate the application.

But it should be noted such a convenient feature as the ability to view files offline. Agree, this is cool! After all, this way you can significantly save your traffic. You do not have to constantly download and download the entire contents of the folder. Therefore, it is enough to simply download files to the phone’s memory.

In order for this to be done automatically, in the mobile version of the application, you need to activate a checkmark opposite the line “Offline access”. To do this, you need:

  • click on the letter “i”,
  • it is located in the lower right corner of the preview image of the file,
  • and select the option you need there.

In the menu that opens, you can perform other “settings” of your file. For example, open sharing, etc.

To summarize: a little more on how to make Google Drive

Now you know not only how to do it, but also how to use Google Drive. Despite the fact that this service as a whole has an intuitive design, it will take some time to finally understand it. But it is very convenient in general. Especially if you have a personal website and you have to work with a large number of different files.

By the way, if you don’t have your own website, I invite you to my four-day completely free training. On it, I will tell you in detail and step by step how to make a site with my own hands. Classes are practical! You will only have to repeat after me and after 4 days you will have your own site, with the first articles and first visitors!


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