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How to use iTunes on a computer


iTunes is not just a file sharing service. He became an excellent assistant for installing applications, synchronizing with the gadget. For mobile users, this application is indispensable. The main functions of the service:

  • Work with multimedia files - navigating in libraries, creating playlists, changing metadata in music (title, author, cover), playing audio and video,
  • Synchronization with the device on which the program is installed,
  • Transfer data to other devices - from a computer to a mobile device and vice versa,
  • Creating backups to restore data if necessary,
  • Track your gadget’s location from your computer,
  • Software Update,
  • Internet radio
  • Acquisition of multimedia objects in the iTunes store, AppStore. Some files are available for free download.

How to install

A media player in Russian can be downloaded from the official Apple website. Many sites and torrents also offer to install the application, but it is better to choose the official website of the developer. This guarantees the installation of a proven high-quality version for free and without SMS messages with activation codes.

The download process includes the following steps:

  1. Enter the site of the developer company,
  2. In the left part of the window, find the iTunes section. After opening it, the Download button will appear on the left side of the window. After clicking it, the installation of the service will begin. It is suitable for all kinds of Windows and mobile devices,
  3. To install the program on a Macintosh computer, you need to look down and find the Download iTunes for Macintosh link,
  4. Next, open the downloaded program and log in. To do this, enter the data that was obtained when registering the Apple ID,
  5. We configure the application for an individual user. Using the combination Ctrl + S, we open the side menu, and by pressing the keys Ctrl + B - the top menu. In the top menu, execute the command "Settings" → "Sources" and select the media that you need. They need to be checked.

This video details how to drop music on iPhone via iTunes.

Important! In some cases, the program cannot be installed on a Windows computer. This is due to the capacity of the operating system. They are 64-bit and 32-bit. The type of media player must match the bit depth of the OS. You can learn it this way: click the Start button, enter the word “system” in the search bar. In the window that appears, we find the line System Type.

Using the application

After successful installation of the program, you can begin to fill the media library, play media and perform other tasks. To load objects, select the desired section (Music, Movies, etc.) and drag the necessary into the window. Another way is to find the "File" section in the menu and select the "Add file folder" command.

You can transfer objects from the database to the gadget's memory using synchronization. In the application, click on the iPhone icon and the "Sync" button. Next, select the type of synchronization - individual objects or the entire media library.

If there is a loss of information on the gadget, it is possible to recover it using iTunes. Data copies are stored on the hard drive. Over time, new versions appear and the installed program should be updated. To do this, you can simply delete the old one and download the new version. In another way, you can update the application through Update. To do this, run it and select the "Updates" item in the "Help" menu. Then the search for new versions begins and, if available, a dialog box appears asking "Is a new version of iTunes available. Download it now?" Click the Download button. Or use the video instruction below.

ITunes Store

The application contains a list of paid files that can be purchased or rented (in the case of films) in a special online store iTunes Store. It has movies, music, books, podcasts, iTunes U, the App Store.

To download materials you need to register in the store, for this we launch the Aityuns program.

  1. Click in the Store section on the "iTunes Store". At the top right there is a search in which we write the name of any free program, for example Viber or Skype and press Enter,
  2. After that, next to the program icon, click "Free". In the window that appears, click on "Create a new account" → "Next",
  3. Put a tick on the agreement of the conditions and click "Next",
  4. Fill in the registration data and click "Next",
  5. In the next step, you need to specify the details from which payment for the downloaded materials will be made. If you don’t want to pay for the jump, then select “None” in the “Credit card” field.
  6. After that, we go into the mailbox that you specified during registration, in the letter from Apple, go to the "Confirm Now" link.
  7. In the window that opens, enter the email and password that you specified during registration. Click "Confirm Address" → "Return to Store" → "Done." Congratulations! You learned how to create an Apple ID.

In addition to the usual file types (music, books), iTunes U and the App Store are listed in the list of sections of the application. The first section is for downloading free training materials. The user is provided with more than 1 million books, lectures, videos, and other educational subjects. All of them are provided by leading educational institutions of the world.

The App Store is an app store that you can buy or download for free. When downloading a file, you can transfer it to the device using the "Devices → Programs" command. Find the desired object in the list and perform the actions “Install → Synchronize”. The cost of downloading most files is small - up to $ 1, so this resource is very popular among users.

Install iTunes

Naturally, before you start using the program, you must install it. The main source for downloading this application is the official Apple website.. To download, just open the site, find the section on the program and select the latest version of the application. The system will automatically offer to issue a newsletter from Apple. It is not necessary to do this, but you can leave checkmarks if necessary.

After the application is downloaded, we begin the direct installation. The process does not take much time, while in addition to Aityuns, all the drivers that ensure the operation of Apple technology will be installed on the computer. Once the installation is complete, you can safely connect your gadget to perform such tasks:

  • upload audio and video files,
  • install programs on a smartphone,
  • work with backups,
  • repair damaged Apple gadgets.

In addition to the above, the program can perform other functions. However, for working with smartphones and tablets, those that are listed above are useful to us. The rest of the functionality can be studied independently in the process of use without any special difficulties.

Music download

Recent updates to the operating system for Apple technology have allowed users to replenish the playlists of their iPhones, using not only music purchased in an electronic store. ITunes allows you to transfer any music files from your computer to the device. So, first you need to connect the device to a PC using a proprietary USB cable and configure the program. To do this, click on the “Browse” button and select the items that relate to the manual download and processing of multimedia files.

When you first study the program, it is better not to use the automatic synchronization function. You can change iTunes settings at any time.

You can create a wireless connection using Wi-Fi. The main condition is that the computer and the smartphone must be connected to the same network. In the settings, you need to select the option “Sync with this iPhone via Wi-Fi”.

If your device has low free memory, we recommend checking the box “Decrease bitrate for high quality songs to ... kbps AAC”. It is also necessary to choose the most acceptable level. It is better to choose 128 or 256 kbps. After the initial preparation is completed, you can proceed to download the songs. It is enough to open the “Music” window in the program and click the “File” button. In the drop-down list, select the option “Add to Media Library”.

In addition, songs from folders located on the hard drive can be added to the application directly. Just select the objects of interest and simply drag and drop into the “Music” window. Further, fields in the properties of ID3 tags are edited for more convenient search for tracks in the smartphone player. The final step will be to click on the “Sync Music” button.

Pay attention to one feature of the system. After processing the data, the files in the phone player will look exactly the same as in the program window. If you wish, you can take the time to configure settings that allow you to sort tracks by various parameters.

Download videos and movies

What do you need to quickly download your favorite movie or series to your device? The procedure is almost the same as the previous one, but there are still some differences. To download visual content after connecting, open the “Video” tab and send files using one of the described methods. Sometimes a video does not load or plays incorrectly. This is due to the lack of Quicktime on the computer. You can download it on the Apple website in the appropriate section. If everything is in order with the files, you can select the item “Synchronize video” and select the necessary clips. Downloading will begin immediately after clicking the “Apply” button.

Please note that we can only add supported video files to iPhone / iPad.. ITunes may refuse to download some video files. Correct the situation will help one of the converters. For example, change the format to the desired one using Free MP4 Video Converter.

To transfer other files (photos, e-books or podcasts) to your iPhone or iPad, use the same method. You can find out exactly how the system works in the process of synchronizing video or audio.


In addition to working with the media library, the program allows you to create backup copies to restore the device in case of system problems. This task is quite simple and is performed by a few simple manipulations. First, you need to connect the gadget to a computer and wait for the program to detect it. The next step is to open the “Browse” tab and select the “Backups” item there. Among the settings of this option, attention should be paid to the choice of the place in which the archive with the data will be stored. Select the item “This computer” and confirm the action with the “Create” button. After completing all the procedures in iTunes, a notification will appear.

An application can not only create a copy of a device, but also restore it. To do this, again go to the “Backups” and select the “Restore” menu. If several different archives were created during use, you can select the one of interest, guided by the date of creation. Recovery, as well as the creation of a copy, can drag on for 5-10 minutes, which depends on the amount of information available on the device.

How to update or restore iPhone / iPad

It helps iTunes not only when it is necessary to download content and archive data, but also when installing iOS updates. If you are sure that there is a new firmware version for your device, then you need to visit the “Browse” menu and select “Update” there. iTunes will check for updates and then offer to update the firmware to the new version. The menu contains all the information about the update and, if you wish, download it to the gadget.

Sometimes in the operation of the operating system Aypadov and iPhone failures occur. Most of them are eliminated independently, using the same Aityuns. The process consists of two stages. Firstly, the gadget must be put into recovery mode. Do this by first connecting the device to a PC with an already running program. During recovery, the program will make prompts that must be followed.

Having mastered the set of options described in the review, you can begin to study the rest of the application functionality. However, if iTunes proves to be too difficult to master, there are alternative programs for working with Apple technology. Information about them is available on the pages of our site.