Useful Tips

Hardware Setup


This is probably one of the most affordable and easy-to-use ways to manage Tele2 services, since you can absolutely enter your Personal Account from any device and at any time of the day. Logging into the Internet cabinet is easy, just go to the official website of the company, indicate your phone number and wait for SMS messages with a password. After you have logged in, you need to go to the “Rates and Services” tab and then (depending on what you want to do) turn off unnecessary paid subscriptions. After completing all operations, you can view a list of what remains active and what the operator is currently offering.

Call operator

If for some reason the previous method does not suit you (for example, there is no Internet connection), you can always use the call to the Tele2 help and information service at the short number 611.

We recommend that you prepare passport details of the owner of the SIM card in advance, as the operator will ask you to voice them for the operation.

Thus, you can disable paid subscriptions with the help of an employee of the cellular company: either he will do it himself, or he will tell you in detail about the procedure for unsubscribing.

Visiting a communication salon

You can also unsubscribe from options that are not relevant to you when you visit the Tele2 customer service office. Choose the nearest one (you will find the addresses on the operator’s official website) and, having prepared the necessary documents for identification, visit the salon. Workers will clarify what exactly you have activated, what you want to refuse, and will deactivate unnecessary subscriptions.

MTS (Mobile TeleSystems)

Mobile TeleSystems on the main page of the personal account has a section "My Subscriptions":

A list of connected content services will be displayed here. From here, you can connect and disconnect paid subscriptions on your personal account.

Everything is clear and convenient. And most importantly - it is clear to the average layman and, I think, should not raise questions.

MTS also has a very useful USSD command that I have not seen in others - *152#. It displays a complete list of paid content and further subscription management.
The recommendation from the operator is to enable the free option “Prohibition of content” if you do not plan to use such services. Refunds in case of accidental subscription are also possible on a complaint. To do this, you need to call the help and subscription service at 0890 and leave a request.

Tele2 (Rostelecom)

The poorest opportunities for the “daughter” of Rostelecom are Tele2 companies. I did not find in them either USSD commands to control paid content, or an additional service to prohibit its activation. Therefore, I highly advise you to monitor incoming messages. All available information can be obtained only through the personal account

After authorization, go to the Profile and select “Tele2 Mobile Subscriptions” in the list of services. After that, you will be transferred to another section of the official website, where you need to go to the “Subscription Management” tab:

Well, at least a refund is available. To do this, leave a request with a complaint via the short number 0611. Refund.

Special teams

Activated paid services can be disabled through a set of special requests unique to each option.

There is a universal USSD command with which you deactivate all paid and free subscriptions - * 152 * 0 #. Therefore, before dialing it, make sure that you are no longer interested in any of the connected operator services.

But of course, for starters, you should still find out the list of connected options, and only then make a decision to refuse them. It is enough to dial the command: * 144 # or * 153 #, as the phone will receive an SMS message with relevant information. So you will visually familiarize yourself with active services and be able to decide which ones you are no longer interested in.

Here is a list of USSD requests that will help you disable paid subscriptions of Tele2.

  1. You can refuse from the “Weather” as follows: * 111 * 0 * 107 #
  2. To unsubscribe from advertising about current shares of Tele2 you should dial: * 107 * 4 * 4 * 1 * 2 #.
  3. Unsubscribe from Facts - * 111 * 0 * 331 #.

Tele2 has a very convenient command that is suitable for disabling any paid content: * 605 * 0 * XX #, where XX is the number of your activated option (subscription). For example:

  • "Best jokes": * 605 * 0 * 9006 #
  • "Selected Jokes": * 605 * 0 * 9008 #
  • "Fun": * 605 * 0 * 9009 #
  • "Positive": * 605 * 0 * 9013 #
  • Erotic Jokes: * 605 * 0 * 9010 #.

The operator offers a very large list of such options, so you can find out the corresponding subscription number that you want to disable in the parameters of the service description.

Disable subscriptions on tel2 via sms

Before disabling those options, you need to know their list. To do this, you need to send the * 144 # command from the mobile device, in the USSD menu you can get the necessary information.

Also, the list of paid services is received on the phone after sending a request with the command * 153 #. After sending the command to the phone, receive an SMS with the requested list.

You need to send SMS for deactivation to special number 605. In the test, the word deactivation and an identifier must be indicated. The Stop command can be replaced by: Unsubscribe, No, Uns, Stop and No. Thus, the text of the message looks like this: Stop XX, where XX are unique numbers that identify the subscription. This procedure takes little time, therefore it is very convenient for a busy person.

How to disable paid subscriptions on tel2 through your account

For those who like to use the Internet in the simplest way, in order to receive information and control the settings of their tariff plan, it is easier to use the personal account service. It is available for all subscribers of the Tele2 mobile operator.

It’s easy to use this Internet assistant, for this you need to go to the company’s website, and then go to the Personal Account page. There are a large number of subsections that allow you to configure all the available services that can be provided for your tariff and region.

If you have forgotten your password or have not yet activated, then being on the page you need to click on the link “Remember or get the password”.

In order to enter the page of the Internet assistant, a mobile phone number is entered in the login line, and the temporary password is received in an SMS message after clicking on the "Get Password" link.

To familiarize yourself with the list of connected subscriptions, you should open a section in the My Tele2 account with the name Mobile Subscriptions. It contains a list of all the services received from Tele2.

Opposite their names, you can see an inscription displaying whether a particular service is active or inactive, so you can turn off everything that is no longer required (it is impossible to turn off "Beep" and "Auto Payment").

Disabling is free. The list of services can be seen in the section "Service Management" and turn off those that are not required.

How to disconnect subscriptions on the modem

For those who use a modem from the Tele2 operator, the easiest way is to manage the services provided through the “My Account”. This service is available to all subscribers.

It is convenient in that you can independently select the necessary sections, as well as on the company's website to get acquainted with all the connected services. This will allow a more thorough consideration of this issue, you will be able to know exactly what you need to turn off or leave.

If this is not available, then you can visit the nearest office of the company. There are Tele2 employees in it who can turn off options that you don’t need, as well as consult on any issues.

In this case. One must have either a passport or a driver’s license. These documents allow the company employee to make sure that you are the owner of the SIM card with which the number of transactions will be performed.

How to disable subscriptions on the tablet

Like on a mobile phone, tablet users can send SMS to turn off subscriptions. You can also use the Internet Assistant service.

Also, all paid subscriptions can be turned off using the commands * 152 * 0 # and * 144 * 6 #. Confirmation of the successful completion of deactivation comes in the form of SMS, after the message has arrived, you must restart the mobile device.

In addition to all of the above, tablet users can call the operator if other methods are not available to him. The call is free, while in the telephone mode an employee of the company consults the subscriber and, if necessary, can turn off any services.

It is worth remembering that the operator will require passport details of the owner of the SIM card. Service number 611, is the same for all subscribers. The call must be made from the number on which the deactivation process will be carried out.