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How to become a freelancer? Successful Start Guide


And so we all know that there are different kinds of professions. Today I wanted to talk about creative professions. Many representatives of this profession often work with clients directly. In this article I want to consider in more detail the moments of work for beginners freelance. I will try to answer the questions that are in the head of every second creative person.

1.Can I be successful?

Before starting your journey, you need to answer the question yourself - how competent am I? What can I do that others cannot? Thus, you will understand whether your freelance work direction at all.

  • To assess your chances a little, compare your work and the work of other freelancers, and of course the result of your comparison should be no worse, or even better, than other specialists in your field.
  • You can turn to word of mouth, remember how often people praise your work, what do they say about it?
  • Think about whether you are ready to invest in your development (courses, trainings, software). If not ready. then you are unlikely to achieve something

2. Look at yourself from the side, is such a lifestyle suitable for you at all?

You must understand that you will need to earn a living with this, is your family ready for you to work at home?

  • Are you an outgoing person? Freelancers often have a lot to do with customers. If you are not ready for negotiations, then most likely freelance is not yours.
  • Your home should turn into your office. Are you ready for it? Is there any way to organize an autonomous workplace? If not, then freelance is not yours.
  • Have to forget about paid leave and sick leave
  • If you live in a small town or village, but want to look for customers offline, then most likely it will be very difficult for you.

3. I will tell you a secret, freelancers all earn differently =).

It all depends on the frequency of work and the quality of the contractors. So you need to decide on freelance, knowing that the level of your income may be different in different months.

  • Now, take care of how much your hour of work costs now, and then figure out how much the cost of work should be like that of a freelancer
  • Evaluate the market of your region, the price should be set average for the market, do not bully, do not overestimate yourself
  • It is also important to understand the time costs, if you do a higher level, but spend more time than other specialists, then you can raise prices
  • Well, I can not help but say about taxes =) Your business is to pay or not, but I must say

4. The quality of equipment and tools = your success in the future.

Use only equipment you have verified. Since if you work anyhow, you will most likely soon begin to bear the costs of repairs and more ...

  • The main thing to understand for yourself, your equipment is your tool for making money.
  • You may first have to invest in a number of tools, programs, equipment in order to exclude these expenses in the future.

This is the first part of your journey to freelance. The second part will be released tomorrow, be sure to read it, there I will consider the moments with the organization of your business, both officially and not officially.

1. We start mail, wallets, Skype

“Gentlemen's” freelancer set - fast Internet, preferably a dedicated line, laptop or computer, e-mail, mobile phone, Skype for communicating with clients and receiving tasks, a bank card or Webmoney and Yandex.Money e-wallets to receive payment. All this needs to be made.

Also, task managers come in handy - special programs in which you can set tasks and monitor their implementation. These and other useful services for freelancers are described in the section Useful services and tools for freelancers.

2. We choose the services that we will provide

Decide what services you will offer? Dozens of specialists are in demand on the Internet, for example, copywriters, designers, programmers, layout designers, social media specialists, contextual advertising specialists, content managers, moderators, community administrators, teachers, tutors, engineers.

I recommend choosing a profession that will be of interest to you. To become a successful freelancer, you need to love your job. In the directory of professions of freelancers, you can choose a suitable field for you.

Do not worry if you do not have experience or the necessary education.

Many freelancers don't have one. And I didn’t have it when I started. In freelance, you will have to learn new knowledge - without this in any way. What can be done in this case:

  • Learn the basics of many professions for free by watching educational channels on YouTube. Entry-level is enough to complete simple projects and earn first money.
  • You can learn the profession through the Internet, for example, in the center of Netology. Practitioners teach there. You can study online from any city. After training, you will receive a certificate confirming your qualifications.

Learn simple ways to earn money, for example, basic photo retouching, services in Photoshop, performing simple tasks, copywriting. This will allow you to start earning without experience and special education.

If you decide to develop a new field, I recommend choosing an applied profession. For example, programmers solve specific problems and the result of their work is immediately visible (a working program or site). The same applies to designers and layout designers, contextual advertising specialists, and SMM specialists. But the profession of an Internet marketer is more general, and it may be more difficult for a marketer to find projects on freelance marketing.

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3. We determine prices and competitive advantages

Think about why customers should work with you? Beginners attract customers with low prices, but usually do not give any guarantees. Experienced freelancers take more money, but can show a large portfolio, positive reviews and customer recommendations.

I advise you to go around the freelance exchanges and see how much performers are asked for the services you offer. Evaluate your level and accordingly set the price for services based on it. Think about what your strengths are and focus on them when communicating with a client. For example, you are always punctual and do the work on time - this is a very big advantage, because It’s hard to find an artist who never breaks deadlines.

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4. Making a portfolio

Portfolio is a list of your works on which a potential client makes a decision on cooperation. Therefore, having a portfolio is a must!

What to do if there is no work experience and show customers nothing? Either work for free on the condition that you add work for the client to the portfolio, or for a very low fee. As a rule, if the employee does not ask a lot, the first customers are fast. And then, as the portfolio grows and professionalism grows, you can increase fees.

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5. We are looking for the first orders. Where to find a job?

The easiest way to find the first orders is through friends. Tell your friends what you started to do and ask them to bring you together with people who will be interested in your services. If there are no such acquaintances - the first orders can be obtained on exchanges for freelancers.

Register on suitable exchanges and leave your contacts there. Describe your services, advantages, strengths, unique features in as much detail as possible, fill out a profile with 10-15 projects at least.

If possible, buy PRO accounts. They give more chances to get projects on exchanges, as freelancers with paid accounts are located higher in the directory of performers and enjoy great trust from employers.

Visit the communities and groups where representatives of your specialty communicate and ask experienced colleagues to take you to their team. Even for a modest payment. The main thing is to get customers faster and start earning, and prices can always be raised as experience and the number of customers grow.

Where else can I look for work:

TOP-7 article exchanges where copywriters, rewriters, and text authors can earn money.

6. We register IP and pay taxes

Any income is taxed. Tax evasion is a serious violation of the law, something to keep in mind!

If freelance is the main source of income, then in Russia it is advisable to register as an individual entrepreneur. Firstly, there will be less tax problems. Secondly, you can work with large customers who want to pay for work by bank transfer with a contract. Thirdly, you will not be registered as unemployed.

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7. Making a career

Not everyone wants to write simple texts or create simple designs all their lives. Many people want to build a career. In freelance, this is also possible. There are two development paths:

  • Grow professionally and become an extra-class specialist. To do this, you need to constantly learn, learn new technologies, conduct experiments, create your own achievements. For example, some copywriters create their own writing styles and unwind on this. Extra class freelancers are very expensive. The cost of their consultation can reach up to 5-10 thousand rubles. at one o'clock.
  • Create your team and take more projects to work. Gradually open a studio and grow into a business. This one is suitable for freelancers who like to communicate with clients, manage, build systems.

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Usually the first year is the most difficult. It is difficult to work at home, not to go anywhere, to independently determine the work schedule, to look for customers. Difficulties will arise - without panic, this is normal!

  • Focus on finding loyal customers - These are the most valuable customers. They will provide you with a download and a steady flow of money. Do not be afraid to start with modest fees. If the customer sees that you are a good employee, it will be possible to discuss a rate increase.
  • Train negotiation skills. There are many videos and books on the subject on the net. Negotiations, sales - these are necessary skills for a freelancer.

Do not worry if some customers refuse to work with you.. It is absolutely normal if out of 10-15 potential customers, only 1-2 reach the real order. Professional freelancers have the same performance.

Learn to plan your time and be sure to devote an hour or two to rest.

The first year is the most difficult, but if you hold out and manage to find regular customers, you will find out how much more convenient and comfortable it is to work as a freelancer than in an office!

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  • For beginners about freelance - a series of useful articles for beginner freelancers to help you understand the basics of remote work.

Cheats and scam - be sure to read this information and do not fall for them!

  • Freelance TV is a useful freelance channel on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to it to receive useful knowledge.
  • Freelancers Club is the largest freelance community on VKontakte. Here you will find a lot of useful information and fresh projects for freelancers.

You have learned what freelance is. How and where to look for customers, communicate with customers and receive orders. We got acquainted with various payment systems and schemes guaranteeing receipt of money. It remains to open a browser and plunge into the world of freelance.

1. Web design and programming

Web space confidently holds the primacy in the list: both in terms of demand and supply. The real masters in their field feel best here. A competent web programmer will never be left without orders, another question is that you still have to become one. The market is filled with a huge number of freelancers of various levels: on the exchanges you can see schoolchildren who have completed free homebuilding site building courses, self-taught pensioners, and numerous graduates of retraining courses at universities. Each of them is able to find his client if he is ready to agree to his terms (there are the same mass of clients with minimal budgets who are looking for cheap performers). Basically, the specialist’s income level is fully consistent with his professionalism and, despite the enormous dumping in this area, real knowledge and skills will be paid at their true worth. Therefore, the conclusion: if you like it, then you can and should do it anyway. But if you are not a high-class master, then be prepared for penny orders and a fight for each client. Another way is to invest heavily in your education and enter a fundamentally different level of income and market position.

2. Copywriting

Texts are now needed by everyone and everywhere. Particularly in demand are descriptions of products for online stores, product reviews, feature articles for websites, posts for social networks. In terms of competition and payment - everything said about web design is true here. But becoming a copywriting professional is somewhat easier if you have, as they say, “natural data”. At a minimum: competent Russian language, the ability to write a lot, the ability to quickly perceive and process information. You must understand the principles of SEO and the requirements for optimized texts. There is also a higher caste of copywriters who compose selling texts and headings and charge them very dearly. This area already lies at the junction of copywriting and marketing itself.

To enter a niche, it's enough to try yourself on content exchanges like TextSale and the like. Articles written for sale can be sent to potential customers as an example of their work. I repeat, there are a lot of clients, and for a start it is worth looking for them on work sites and on Avito. But the ubiquitous recruitment announcements with a proposal of about 10 rubles for 1,000 characters, in my opinion, it is better to ignore, unless you write with the appropriate quality, since not being a robot you will at best earn 100 rubles for this day and the incorrigible reputation of a virtually free employee.

3. Promotion of sites and groups on social networks

Also a very actively developing area with great potential. Entrance is complicated by the need to confirm their qualifications not only by education, but also by the presence of actually completed (i.e. advanced) projects. It’s clear that you won’t get the resource in one of the Top 10 search results in one day, so even a simple portfolio creation will take a decent amount of time and your own money. That is, of course, you will have to train most likely on personally created sites and groups. But the reward for you will be not only an excellent portfolio, but also the possibility of additional earnings on their offspring. You can study professions in this field both for free and for free - there are a lot of courses. To constantly refine knowledge, do not neglect seminars and thematic conferences, as the area is very mobile - all the time there is something new.

4. Counseling, training, coaching

Suitable if you have achieved real success in something and are now ready to teach others. An indispensable condition here is precisely the presence of personal results. Calling yourself a business consultant without creating a single successful business of your own ... well, I think you yourself understand. Therefore, the entrance to this niche is not immediately accessible to everyone. But, having gained some experience in other areas, it is quite possible to go here. Really sought-after coaches and trainers earn incredible amounts, but for beginners, you can try to produce mass products at a low price first.

5. Unskilled labor

Here is a vast area that does not require any special skills. The Internet is full of services offering payment for clicks on ads, likes on social networks, posting on forums. There is also a higher level - on-line assistants and performers of various tasks, for example, information retrieval or mailing. To enter a niche you need practically nothing but a computer. But it’s unlikely that you can really earn money - such a low payment. In offline similar can be called the profession of a handyman or cleaner.

6. Translations

An old proven niche with a steady flow of customers. The only nuance, as you might imagine, is the quality of your knowledge. Разумеется здесь место настоящих дипломированных филологов и переводчиков. Можно попробовать свои силы и будучи студентом профильного вуза. Еще вариант – если вы живете за границей и знаете иностранный язык на уровне native.The skill level will have to be confirmed, as a rule, by performing a test task.

7. Accounting

Accountants were and will be needed, although, with the advent of online accounting resources, small entrepreneurs and companies with a small number of operations disappeared from the clientele. Most likely they will be ready to take an incoming accountant only if he has significant experience. So, you can say almost 100% about this area: you can become a freelance accountant after working for a long time in some company and, of course, having a full-fledged specialized education. A great option for former chief accountants who have retired or are on maternity leave.

8. Manicure, eyelash extension and hairdressing

Of course, in the process of work, your presence next to the client is assumed. There is a certain inconvenience in this regard. Many quite manage to work at home, although this cuts off a decent portion of potential customers. So the most profitable will be a trip to the customer, especially if you took up wedding hairstyles and makeup. To set the base, social networks and the good old word of mouth are now actively used. Quick-witted and efficient craftsmen in megalopolises are capable of making very decent amounts. Training can last about a year and is quite expensive, but usually it fights off in the first months of independent activity. If you live in a big city and you like these specialties, it’s definitely worth a try.

9. Repair and construction

Real gold mine for people with hands from the right place. Demand is traditionally high, professional contacts are willingly passed on to friends and acquaintances. Only practical skills are needed, hardly anyone asks for a diploma. The easiest way to deal with those types of work that do not require special permits and tolerances. If you have the appropriate skills and experience, you can start now. The highest earnings and volumes, of course, in densely populated regions.

10. Insurance

Not everyone can be a consultant / insurance agent. Actually not because of his talents, but because of his personality. This niche is well suited for active, punchy people, extroverts with a lot of friends. There is a need for fear of “cold” calls and an active search for customers on all fronts. Income, alas, is unpredictable. Logging in is easier if you have experience in sales. Using special services, such as Workle, you can work online.