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Melee "from balloons


And again, welcome! I present a review of a quality toy gun. Details, photos and videos below.

I bought for my son, it came quickly.
Further information only on a subject

One side

There is a sticker for authentication

That's the way the page of this gun

complete with a gun, three suction cups and two bags of hydrogel

The plastic is good, does not crunch and does not creak anything, the case is assembled on screws.

Soft Bullet Compartment

In half an hour (approximately)

Balls just roll out of the barrel. And they should be slightly larger in diameter than the trunk, because are pushed out by air.

On the box it says that you need 180 ml of water per bag, so we change the dishes and add water. Left for the night, it turned out as it should.

Now you can shoot

Bottom line: I really liked the quality of the toy, I could not find fault with anything.
It shoots far, does not mow. A very interesting opportunity to shoot hydrogel. It’s a completely safe type of ammunition)) It’s probably simply impossible to injure him, unlike plastic balls. The son has been shooting for several days, very pleased with the toy.
There is a more expensive set in the store
characterized by the presence of three targets and plastic glasses.

Thank you for your attention, I hope you liked the review and found it useful.

Instructions and Prescriptions for Beginners

Balls for modeling are ideal for creating models of edged weapons: swords, sabers. swords and other arsenal. All kinds of blades from balloons are made quickly and simply, and there is a lot of joy from them, both for small boys and for very large ones.

Here I gathered a video of the instructions of the most popular, in my opinion, models of blades, and also added a bow with arrows. This arsenal is quite applicable both to pirate parties, and at any competitions.

Balloon Saber

It is made from one ShDM 260

Balloon Sword

It is made of two ShDM 260 and a round ball 5 "

Epee (rapier) from balloons

Made from two ShDM 260

At the end of the video clip, a way to make a belt for wearing a blade is shown. This is convenient, because you do not need to constantly hold weapons in your hands and also adds a game element.

Balloon bow and arrow