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How to assemble an Airsoft team


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It's about such a thing as TEAM in airsoft. Often I see repeating situations: players create and post information about new teams, write to me in PM and ask for advice. Many teams on their way encounter problems (psychological and material in nature) and fall apart, etc. In order to help people, I will try to give a list of such problems that I encountered and, perhaps, this will help you. Below I will write examples and tips for the commander and for the player looking for a team.

Sooner or later, any fighter has a desire to play in a team of like-minded people, to achieve any goals, communicate outside the team or something else. It `s naturally! And the airsoft community itself sets the framework in which it is impossible to get to a more or less interesting event without a team.

And then what happens? The player tries to create his team from scratch, and the team falls apart quite quickly. There are frequent cases when a team falls into stagnation due to elementary illiterate leadership and, in the future, the team collapses. Often this can be avoided, but not everyone knows how.

So, this article is intended for people who have definitely decided to create a team, or are in the process of any problem. But if you are a beginner who needs to find a team, then I recommend reading the following :-)

1. The commander must be alone. The commander in the team should be alone. Is always! Regardless of the division in the team, its structure and other things, at the top of the whole pyramid there should be a clear character, on which everyone is equal, whose authority is not in doubt, whose actions are not in dispute. No two, three power! In those teams that have existed for more than a year, there is always one leader. Teams where this leader is not present fall apart usually faster. Also, if there is an idea of ​​creating a team, the commander, deputy commander, etc., should immediately be discussed, so that then there are no disputes and division of power.

2. The purpose of creating a team / joining a team? A simple question: "Why do you need this?" You should immediately understand what you want from the future team: one-day games, performances at events, hardcore ARVs or stalker games. Based on this, thought out equipment, training, and so on and so forth!

3. A clear regulation of equipment. A player entering the team must know immediately what is possible and what is not! Accordingly, one of the first things is the need to work out a list of available equipment. There is no double interpretation. A clear style and image of the team should be visible. It should not be like this:

  1. The age is from 18, but 16 can be, we'll see there.
  2. St. Petersburg or another city.
  3. Any form for the first time, and then we will decide.
  4. Any armament.

Nobody will go to this team and most likely the project will close immediately. Ideally, when creating a team, this is either to immediately choose the topic of modeling / reconstruction, as it will be easier to understand the equipment regulations. Or collect an image that you must first clearly represent.

A simple example from experience: before any image of my team took shape, for a year I collected bits and pieces of equipment, changed unloading, and the like.

When creating an IC, you need to understand what you want to achieve in the end. And if you took such a hackneyed topic, for example, as to PMCs (private military companies), then you should approach this responsibly. Many people think that the topic of PMCs is very cheap, but dressing with PMCs correctly often costs more than most areas.

Equipment should improve constantly! Desires like “I want this thing because it looks cool” are not a reason for adopting anything.

4. Recruitment of fighters to the team. You should be aware of how many people you can manage and who you need to be aware of yourself and your skills. It is worth honestly warning people immediately what is waiting for them, describing the process of training, equipment, etc. Often, this immediately eliminates the people you do not need. Do not chase quantity! One fighter is better, but he will remain for 3 years than three fighters who will leave in a year.

You should not deceive and promise that which you really do not have. You should not take minors if you cannot give a 100% guarantee for them (often there are more problems than good). Minors should only take those for whom you are personally ready to vouch and answer, and this is not connected with the danger of legal showdowns in which case. This is due to the fact that, in fact, they are still children and think a little differently, and in the direction of new things (I want a silencer, I want this, I want this, etc.) and are not ready to train thoughtfully.

You should not recruit people by acquaintance, as they will often behave with you, as they used to before. Airsoft is still a military game and subordination is necessary. You should not make 3-4 friends, as then someone will become 100% uninteresting and you risk losing everyone at once.

5. The probationary period. The thing is controversial, but it should be. In my opinion, the ideal option is when a person has time to just get to know the team, and then he makes a decision whether he will start this very period or not.

During the trial period, a beginner should not be something worse or better than others, he should be given equal conditions with everyone. The only thing is that he should NOT have the right to make a decision, but only the opportunity to express his opinion on any issue. Similarly for newcomers - if you want to play, do not shout: “That's it! Tomorrow I am with you, ”and then disappear for a month. Do not immediately criticize the new team and bring your ideas in, you will stay in the team for about six months, understand the whole “kitchen”, and perhaps many questions will disappear by themselves.

6. Do not allow quarrels in the team. The commander and deputy committees, ideally, should work together, extinguishing all disputes in the bud, and for saying: "I do not like him because he is a fool," - punish immediately and cruelly. All claims must be reasoned! Example: “Vasya is bad, because the last time he didn’t have time to get a secondary and cover me.” The outcome of the dispute: Vasya is training to change weapons, and in the future, these 2 people are paired up so that distrust and resentment are gone.

I’m ready to understand the quarrels outside the team, but to come to your day off and fight with the team is the last thing! If abuse begins in the team, it is worthwhile to understand the reason and eliminate it. Swearing and neglecting people on the team - the path to failure!

7. The commander can demand only what he is ready to do himself. Everything else he can only ask for or seek out volunteers. Airsoft is a team game, but voluntary.

If you want to achieve something - be ready to be the best (to become an example). You can’t force people, otherwise, at one fine moment, they will do without you, because their professional skills will exceed yours or they will just get tired of the command of someone who does not share all the difficulties with them.

Ideally, the commander should know everything that he teaches people. Let it eventually become behind, say, in the mine business, from the person to whom he passed the basics, but he should know the basics of everything.

The commander has the right and should delegate the development of the decision to his subordinates, but he must personally make the final decision and bear responsibility for it. Responsibility is not delegated.

8. The goals of the team. The team must constantly have long-term and short-term goals. For example, a long-term goal is to bring all fighters to a certain physical level, etc. These goals should be developed by the whole team in an informal atmosphere, when everyone is not afraid to express their vision of the future team as a whole.

Short-term goals - goals for 1-2 months. This includes victory in any competition, the purchase by all of a certain amount of equipment, preparation and a trip somewhere. These goals allow you to always have an incentive to do something.

9. Dead souls. All team members who do not attend training or games for more than 2 months without a good reason should not be on the team. All these excuses “I feel sorry for driving him out”, “well, he has problems with the girl” and other excuses should not be! A man is not present, that means he is not needed, that means he is not interested, therefore, there is nothing to keep him. At the same time, before you expel a person, it is worth talking to him, perhaps you will be able to understand what served as the reason that he cannot play. Perhaps you will come up with a stimulus for him that will allow him to return.

10. Training complex. The topic is long and battered. There are a lot of discussions on the Internet about this. The complex itself should be formed depending on the goals of the team in the future. Will it be a team for sausage games, or a directional game of milsim. A newcomer who comes to you should clearly understand what he is going to and what he will get.

As an example, I can give basic exercises in my team, which, it seems to me, every airsoft player should be able to. These exercises, one way or another, must be present in each team:

  1. The ability to shoot and reload your weapon with both hands (driven to automaticity).
  2. Reload your weapon.
  3. Change of weapons.
  4. The main racks for shooting.
  5. Gestures.

These are the basics without which the normal functioning of the team is impossible, since the team is as strong as the weakest link.

11. Do not make unreasonable concessions and punishments. A person needs to clearly explain why he is wrong, and just as clearly explain why he received this or that relief. Otherwise, fermentations and questions such as: “Why can he, but I can’t?” Begin.

12. Common hobbies. A team with only airsoft out of common interests is doomed to failure! The team must be attended by informal events, team members must have common interests, communicate not only on the topics of airsoft. This is a rather important aspect. The commander should know as much as possible about his subordinates, participate in their lives, and facilitate communication between people.

13. Girls on the team. We skip this point. I can only say that if a girl is accepted into the team, everyone should be warned about this. And also about the fact that if srach begins because of the girl, all involved will be punished.