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Adsense earnings: how much it pays for views and clicks


Using Adsense allows you to receive a stable income from each web resource that meets the requirements of the program and on which there is traffic. The advantage of this advertising system is a large number of advertisers. This means that you can make money on Adsense using a site or YouTube channel of any subject and in any language - there will always be a relevant ad.

  • There is a suitable advertisement for any site,
  • A simple mechanism for advertising,
  • There are no minimum website traffic requirements.

Any size of audience of your web resource will already be profitable if you install Adsense blocks. Naturally, the higher the attendance, the greater the earnings.

AdSense Earnings Strategies

The main factor affecting the amount of AdSense revenue on a site is traffic, the more visitors come to the site, the more there will be those who click on the ad. Therefore, the main strategy for increasing earnings is to promote the site in search engines. But there are other factors that affect the percentage of visitors that respond to ads.

The behavior of visitors to the site is not described by the exact rules, the webmaster can only take measures that affect the likelihood that the user will notice an ad and click on it.

Key strategies to increase earnings on AdSense:

  • Optimization of the location and type of ads on the page using split testing. You need to periodically rearrange the ad units, fix the CTR and repeat the procedure until an option with the best performance is found. This is a lengthy process, but only A / B testing allows you to squeeze the maximum income out of the site. We recommend reading the article “What is A / B Testing?”.
  • Website optimization for mobile devices. Already in 2016, 52% of smartphone and tablet users on the Internet. If the site is not convenient for viewing on small screens, you will lose a lot of visitors and income.
  • The use of native advertising (ads whose format is automatically adjusted to the design of the page). Bright, prominent ad units are subconsciously ignored by users (“banner blindness”). Now, an ad that looks like an organic part of the page will give more effect.
  • Use a map of user activity and place ads in those places where the mouse cursor is most often located and visitors most often click.
  • A tricky arrangement of ads based on random clicks. For example: a wide horizontal banner under a heading can be perceived as navigation and clicking on it; you can also place an ad unit under an article with the heading “Related Articles”.
  • Change the number of ads per page. In this case, all the attention of visitors will go to one ad unit, in addition, AdSense primarily displays the most expensive ads.
  • Using exit pages from the site. Look at the statistics on which pages of the site have the largest outgoing traffic and increase the number and size of ad units there. After all, users still leave or they feel bored and want a new one, and you offer them new links.
  • In the AdSense settings, prohibit the display of ads of dubious content or with low pay.
  • Attract visitors to the site from social networks. For example, we recommend an interesting article about driving traffic from Facebook and earning $ 300 a day on AdSense.

You should also consider the differences in the types of ads displayed by AdSense and choose the best for each web property. For example, according to the observations of the well-known contextual advertising specialist Vadim Kurilo (BackSpark), on commercial-themed websites, contextual ads generate more revenue, and personalized ones on entertainment.

How much you can earn on your site on clicks using AdSense

As practice shows, there is no exact rule on how much Adsense pays. The following factors affect earnings through this ad network:

  • Site audience size
  • The number, location and design of ad units,
  • Theme of the site,
  • Seasonal fluctuations in user interests.

For example, news, political sites, women’s-related resources show the average cost of an AdSense click of $ 0.06 before the New Year, and after the holidays and for more than a month, the cost of a click drops to 1-2 cents.

Considering that 1% -2% of site visitors click on ads, a very approximate income can be calculated based on traffic. For example, if the site has 600 visitors a day, then this can bring 180 clicks, with a click price of $ 0.04 this will amount to $ 7.2 per month. If this is a highly profitable topic, where clicks cost $ 0.17- $ 0.20, then the same site will bring 30-36 dollars a month.

A few examples of how much Adsense pays for high traffic:

  • Indian Amit Agarwal maintains a blog on technology and the Internet at Every day the site is visited by 270,000 people; earnings on the blog are $ 70,000 per month.
  • Pete Kashmore from the UK since the age of 19 has been blogging about technology, entertainment and interesting news The monthly traffic of the site is 4 million visitors, revenue is $ 450,000 per month.

How to make money on Youtube channel views using AdSense

The owner of a YouTube channel can associate it with an AdSense account and earn money by viewing ads. In this case, several types of advertising are used:

  • Ads before the start of the video, which can be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • A block of personalized ads on the YouTube page to the right of the video.
  • Advertisements popping up on top of a video during playback.

Once you enable monetization and connect with AdSense, ads will automatically be embedded in your channel’s page. You just have to further develop the channel, create and upload videos.

How much you can earn in Adsense on watching Youtube videos

According to the experience of channel owners with a large number of subscribers, an average of 1,000 views brings in $ 1 of advertising revenue. But it’s difficult to calculate exactly, the size of earnings is affected not only by the number of subscribers, but also by the percentage of active users among them, as well as the topic of the channel.

Estimated revenue for an existing channel can be estimated using services such as or For example, the entertainment channel This is Good with 5.9 million subscribers and 1.3 million views, according to Socialblade, earns $ 1900 - $ 29600 per month.

It should be understood that each of the visitors to your site or YouTube channel is a separate person with his own interests and needs. There is no equation that describes how the site’s audience will respond to ads. All you can do if you want to make a lot of money on Adsense is to choose a topic with expensive advertisers, create high-quality content, increase the number of visitors to your web resource in all ways and spare no effort in experimenting with advertising on the site.