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Work for children, schoolchildren and teenagers - 20 ways for all occasions


How to make money for a child: 4 recommendations on how to work safely + 3 ways to make money on the Internet + 3 options, how to make money on knowledge + 8 ideas for simple work for a child + 6 tips on how to make money wisely.

How to make money for a child? The eternal question.

If you are over 22-25 years old, then you well remember the 90s, when even schoolchildren sought to earn. Then it was caused by need - there was not enough money in families, therefore everyone tried to make a feasible contribution.

There were not so many opportunities.

Now the question of how to make money for a child is being asked for other reasons:

  • because work gives life-giving skills
  • a way to have pocket money,
  • to take free time (for example, when all peers left in the summer, and the child stayed in the city).

In the end, making money is an opportunity to feel grown-up and independent. And almost all children strive for this.

By law, you can’t earn up to 14 years. But this applies only to official jobs. In fact, a child of any age has ways to get any kind of income.

How can a child make money and not make trouble?

Unfortunately, the world does not consist entirely of good-natured people who will in every way help the child in the desire to make money.

No wonder they say that work tempers and disciplines.

Even if the child decided to make money, he still has to adhere to some rules if no one wants to run into trouble:

Children control their emotions not as successfully as adults.

Therefore, any criticism or refusal during work can cause an active negative reaction in them.

But it’s important to understand that they won’t turn to a cheeky or bold person a second time. Even if it is a child.

Start with relatives, family friends, and neighbors.

Best of all, if the first customers are familiar people.

This will give self-confidence and is safer than immediately trying to make money “on the side”.

Not knowing is normal.

If you don’t understand something or don’t know how to do it right, do not be afraid to clarify.

It’s better if you ask the owners of the doggie, who you walk, if you can remove the muzzle from him, than your parents will then pay for his treatment when he eats something on the street.

Adequately evaluate the work.

The desire to make money can make customers call prices that are not true.

This is a bad step, it will not lead to the construction of a non-one-time earnings model. But do not underestimate yourself.

How to make a child on the Internet?

That's what, but the children of the 90s did not have the opportunity to make money on the Internet. Who knows how the situation would develop then.

We can only say for sure that the current guys are very lucky.

They skillfully handle computers, and “behind the monitor” does not really matter how old you are. The main thing is the ability to do well entrusted work.

Method number 1. Money on SAR sites

Active advertising sites can earn very little money. But the work itself is so simple that the child will cope with it without difficulty.

There are several options for making money:

Clicks on sponsored links.

With their help, advertisers wind up counters of visits.

The essence of the task is as clear as possible: click on the link, get to the advertising site, stay there for the allotted time (a timer will open at the bottom or top of the page).

Sometimes after viewing you need to enter captcha.

Almost the same, but the format is different.

The child must open advertising letters, carefully read and answer the security question.

After that, follow the advertiser's link.

Earn a lot will not work, but they pay more money than for simple clicks.

But various tasks - this is a real chance to earn.

But to execute them is not as easy as thoughtlessly clicking on the links.

As a rule, tasks of about this format: “go to the site and visit 5-10 pages”, “vote for the participant”, “register on the forum”.

Look for the above ways to earn here:


Method number 2. Money for comments and reviews

The child will be able to cope with this work without any special difficulties (except for sites of highly specialized topics).

Tasks for writing paid comments look here:

  • (section with tasks)

But when writing reviews, it is already important to a person’s real opinion about a product, service, place, site. As a rule, money is accrued for viewing your "opus".

It would seem, what can a child write about?

However, the opinion of minors is also important. For example, it can help many to choose a suitable gift for their child, or what institution should go.

Pay for reviews here:

Method number 3. Make Money Trading Online

How can a child bring it to life?

A child can sell things that are no longer needed by him, parents, neighbors.

For your service, take a certain percentage of the "transaction".

What is the challenge?

It is beautiful to take pictures, follow comments and questions, give parcels in person or send by mail.

The tasks are simple but time-consuming.

You can also sell various collectibles.

You will be mistaken if you include only coins, antiques, etc. in this list.

Figures from Kinder, magazine inserts and even posters can also be valuable.

PS. Useful advice to the child: You can not sell things without asking permission from adults. Firstly, this is not fair. Secondly, you can cheapen without knowing the true value of the item.

Where to sell your and other people's things on the Internet?

    (for those who are not afraid of difficulties - an international trading platform).

Method number 4. Make money on registration in social networks

The number of users of social networks is growing before our eyes. Surprisingly, many are still not registered in any, while others have several pages at once and even their own groups.

Adults can be frightened by everything new and unknown, but the child has no such internal resistance.

For a small monetary reward, they can help friends register pages on social networks, help upload photos and download music.

Method number 5. Computer literacy lessons

Since we touched on the computer theme, it is worth noting: not only social networks are difficult for adults. Even the usual use of a computer for some becomes a test.

While children, who even still have difficulty speaking, boldly use tablets and smartphones (for example, include cartoons or play games).

A child can earn money by helping adults use a computer.

There are a number of tasks that a minor can handle without any problems: turn on the computer, install simple programs, configure shortcuts, change wallpapers, and more.

Method number 6. Work with photos

Of course, this option, how to make money, is not related to professional photographers. A child cannot conduct photo shoots and process personnel as an expert, if only because this requires training and many years of practice.

But sorting photos into folders, deleting frankly unsuccessful frames and flipping them correctly is the first task!

To do this, you have to spend a lot of time. Therefore, any person on the computer who has blockages of photographs will be glad of such help.

And, of course, he will pay for it without question.

8 more ways to earn money for children (simple part-time job)

If this article is read by a caring parent, and not a child, indignation is quite predictable: “they are always at the computer all the time, so with such ideas of earning they will not be delayed at all!”

Quietly, we still have a stock of ideas on how to make money that are not related to high technology.

Method number 7. How to make money in the winter?

Obviously - in winter you can earn money if you help with snow removal.

Those living in the private sector can go around the houses of their neighbors with an offer to clean their paths for a small fee. If a child lives in a multi-storey building, this is not a hindrance.

The idea of ​​snow removal near the entrance can be communicated to a local activist (and there are literally any in any house). In the end, you can hang a notice on the porch door, and delegate the collection of money to the concierge.

Caution: evaluate your capabilities sensibly. Making your own money is great. But not at the cost of colds or a strained back.

Method number 9. For a talented child

As for an adult and a child who has any talents, earning some amount is a simple task.

Options for using your gift:

  • playing musical instruments during the holidays,
  • make paper crafts for interior decoration,
  • create jewelry from beads, fabrics, other materials and sell them over the Internet.

Method number 10. Earn a bike wash

If you have already searched on the Internet for ways to make money for your child, you might have come across the option of washing a car.

But it is worthwhile to understand that not every car owner will entrust his "child" to a child.

But a bicycle is another matter! Firstly, many children have their own “iron horses”, therefore they know how to handle them. Secondly, this transport is not so "sensitive".

Useful advice: work in clothes that do not mind stain. When choosing a detergent, ask for the opinion of the owner of the thing.

Method number 11. Earn Dog Walking

Another fairly popular way to earn money is to walk your neighbors' dogs. Those who have a pet know: it’s not always possible to find the opportunity (to be honest - the desire too) to get up in the morning and go for a walk with the four-legged.

The child can do this before school or only during the holidays. The task is made easier if he has his own dog. Accordingly, there is an understanding of what and how to do.

Attention: letting go of a small child with a large dog is a bad idea. The kid may lose the dog, in the worst case - to suffer himself.

Method number 12. A child can make money on garbage too!

In our country, waste collection has become the lot of homeless people or just having a poor financial situation. But not so long ago, all schoolchildren were engaged in the collection of waste paper! Now there are still recycling centers in every city.

A child can collect paper and cardboard in his family (by putting a box and notifying all his relatives about it), as well as from neighbors. Such an activity will not only bring money, but also be a contribution to the care of the environment.

Method number 13. Earn money by looking after someone else's house

A good opportunity to earn money during the holidays is to look after the apartment of the neighbors. Even a 10-year-old child will cope with watering flowers, picking up mail from a box, feeding the fish and wiping off the dust.

And in the event of any emergency, he can turn to his parents for help.

To make money in this way, communicate your desire to those neighbors with whom you have a trusting relationship. It is better not to disturb unfamiliar people.

Method number 15. Own business project

Own business - sounds too cool for a child? No matter how! In fact, if you dig into the biographies of famous people, you can find many references to the fact that their business vein began to “blossom” in childhood.

For example, a minor with the help of adults can do soap making and sell products through shops, social networks, even his own site.

There are also children who reach significant heights through the YouTube channel. Everything is not as complicated as it might seem! The main thing is sincerity and a good idea.

PS. Useful advice: read the guide-tale of Bodo Schaefer "Mani, or the ABC of money." There you will find inspiration and useful information.

We also recommend watching a video about real methods of earning for students:

How to make money for a child: 6 tips for making good money

  1. Strive to work not in order to earn payment here and now, but "in the long run".

Of course, this is not a permanent job.

But customers who will contact again - this is a chance of a stable income. Set aside earned.

The amount may seem insignificant.

But if you don’t immediately let her go for sweets or entertainment, you can buy something more serious (for example, a skateboard or a t-shirt of your favorite football club).

  • When you offer services to friends, do not be too persistent, otherwise they will begin to hide from you.
  • Gather a team of several friends.

    Together, you can take on larger options to earn money.

    But do not forget, separate the work from the game. Implement marketing moves.

    "Two things for the price of one," "dog walking on weekends at a discount."

    All these tricks work not only with serious business. Tell your parents what you do.

    Often children fear criticism or simply want to keep secret that they are trying to earn money.

    If you save up for a gift for mom and dad, then the truth is to keep quiet. Otherwise, share plans.

    Adults can give advice how to earn a child, help secure work and attract new customers (for example, their employees).

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    Good afternoon, there is a question on the assortment

    Hello, please tell me the catalog

    Give your child the opportunity to feel independent and adult

    By the way, if I loved working for money, I did NOT hate working for money. For example, I hated working with my parents in the garden. Planting and harvesting potatoes, weeding grass, picking berries - all this terribly bored me.

    If I tolerated the first few hours calmly, then I began to frankly get bored. Moreover, parents always went to the garden from early morning until late at night.

    So if you have children and they don’t like to go to the garden or cottage with you, then either take them for a shorter period of time, not for the whole day, or justify something with something. It is possible both in money and in other ways, for example, sweets, films, etc.

    But back to my first job. Generally this way of making money for a child is relevant now. There are gas stations where refuellers work on an ongoing basis, and there are gas stations where there are no such employees and are not provided for.

    We worked at a gas station without any agreement. They just came and started to work. Nobody chased us away, though the time was different then. Now, most likely you will have to first chat with someone from the gas station. For the refueling itself, this will be only a plus, because it is convenient when you do not need to poke around with the gas tank cap and the spray gun, especially when the car is dirty.

    How does a teenager make money on the Internet?

    When we talk about work for children, adolescents, schoolchildren, we primarily mean work in the summer. Indeed, in the fall, winter and spring, children learn and, as a rule, they have no time to work.

    But with the advent of the Internet in our lives, this situation has changed dramatically. Now, any child can easily earn their pocket money on the Internet at any time of the year.

    If you have a computer with Internet access, then you can earn money at any time of the day. Want early in the morning, if the child is studying on the second shift, you want in the evening or even at night.

    In general, this way of earning should be put in first place, because working on the Internet is simple, any child from 9-10 years old can easily cope with it. To master this work, you do not need to take any special courses, study at the institute for 5 years or read a bunch of books.

    You won’t be fired from this job. You can work for a week, then for a month or two go to the grandmother in the village, then return and continue to work.

    You can be sure that your child will not be injured in the workplace, he will not get under the car and some hooligans will not pick up the honestly earned money from him.

    Let's get to the bottom line. You probably are already eager to find out what you need to do to earn money on the Internet for your child. Today, any teenager can earn as follows:

    • Clicks on links and browsing sites. Do not worry - this is absolutely safe work and all the websites you are browsing undergo preliminary monitoring and verification. Там не будет порно сайтов и сайтов, которые могут повредить детскую психику.
    • Чтение писем. Это тоже безопасная работа. Она сводится к тому, что подростку нужно прочитать краткое письмо и ответить на контрольный вопрос.
    • Прохождение тестов. Here you also need to read the text prepared by advertisers, and then give the correct answer to one of three options. The test usually gives three questions, each of which contains three possible answers. The questions are all simple and if the child is attentive, then he will easily answer.
    • Perform various simple tasks. For example, to get money you need to register on the site, play a demo game and then write a short report.

    This work can be found on this link on the Seosprint website. And here on this link you will find detailed instructions with video tutorials, which I recorded specifically for you.

    In addition, you can write comments for money on various sites. You can earn money from reviews, for example, play some new toy on the Internet - write a review about it and get money. Reviews can be written about everything in the world.

    How else can you make money for a child?

    Try contacting your local employment center or your city administration. Perhaps they have some kind of public organizations or special companies that are engaged in the employment of children.

    In our city there used to be a special organization, it seems it was called “Cobra”, which employed teenage children. I remember later, after a gas station, somewhere between the ages of 13-14, I worked part time at this organization. It was spring and we cleared snow from roads, pedestrian walkways and areas in front of porches. In the summer, they usually cleaned different areas.

    They worked for several hours a day, did not get tired very much and received well for children. It was already a work closer to reality. If at a gas station we were akin to individual entrepreneurs, they decided what time to come to work and what time to leave. In Cobra, we were already hired employees.

    Work began at a specific time. I remember how worried I was about not being late for her. Now I understand how much this work has affected my responsibility, punctuality.

    After that, I did not work anywhere else until I was 18 years old. At 18, I had already begun to work seriously, in an adult way. But that's another story. Now let's look at what other ways there are to make money for children.

    Newspapers for sale

    In my city there is a newspaper of free announcements “Fair”, which invites teenagers to distribute their newspaper for the summer. They are given bright yellow t-shirts, given newspapers that they offer to buy in crowded places, in markets, near shopping centers, etc.

    In general, this is a good school. I think that the subject of “sale” must be taught at school. One way or another in our lives, much is built on sales. When we get acquainted with a girl, we “sell” ourselves, our charm, sense of humor, etc. When we get a job, we “sell” our knowledge, skills and useful experience. When we persuade someone to our opinion, we “sell” its advantages. When we build our own business, the key skill that an entrepreneur should possess is the ability to sell.

    There are many more examples. If you have a child, I highly recommend that you train him in sales. But if you yourself do not know how to sell, then give it to where he can be taught this. Newspaper sales are one such place.

    Posting ads

    This is a common job that teens do. No special knowledge and skills are needed here. Run around the city and put up ads. In this regard, I do not really like this kind of work. There is no need to think here, which means that the head will not develop.

    Refueling cars with gas or selling newspapers is much more preferable in this regard. There, all the same, work with people is provided. And it depends on how you approach a person, how you smile, whether you like it - in many respects you will sell something to a person or whether he will reward you for your work.

    But what I don’t like most about posting ads is that they often come across ads of an intimate nature that adolescents put up. I will not allow my daughter to do such work.


    Today, postmen are required both by mail and in various commercial organizations that distribute their flyers in mailboxes.

    I once worked as an advertising manager in a trading company. We made our own small catalogs, which we distributed in the city's mailboxes. For this work, we attracted adolescents.

    And by the way, teenagers do this job much better than adults. Teenagers work much more honestly. They are not yet spoiled by life. But adults often cheated. For example, they threw leaflets in garbage cans, and they told me that they had distributed everything. As you know, the company suffered serious losses because of such a rogue.

    Car wash

    This is a job for older children from 13-14 years old. For example, selling newspapers or refueling cars with gasoline make money for children can be from 10 years or even younger.

    Car washing is a monotonous physical job. But its main drawback is that the child will have to work in a humid room, which may affect his health. And you need to remember that your child will have to work with expensive cars, accidentally scratching which you can get a lot of trouble.

    The task of couriers is the delivery of various goods, food, correspondence. This is also work for older children from 13-15 years. The fact is that you will need to dangle around the city. And I would not advise doing it to younger children.

    Distribution of flyers and flyers in passable places

    There is nothing complicated in this work. The main task is to distribute as many leaflets as possible to people passing by. Such work needs to be sought in various advertising and marketing agencies.

    Usually, they are commissioned by large trading companies to attract teenagers to distribute leaflets.

    Product advertising and tasting

    Often in large shopping centers I meet the so-called promoters who lay out some products on small tables and offer everyone to try it for free.

    Various dairy products, yogurts, various semi-finished products, cheeses, sausages, soft drinks, beer, etc. can be offered.

    Flower sale

    Once, I invited a girl to a restaurant. We had a great time, had a nice conversation, ate delicious dishes, listened to live music, and suddenly, unexpectedly, a boy of 10-12 years old appeared in a strict black suit and with a bow tie instead of a tie. He looked very serious and presentable.

    In his hands was a basket with roses. Smiling, he said: “Do not want to give your lovely companion these beautiful roses?”. That was very helpful. You can’t imagine any better. My companion was very pleased when I gave her a beautiful flower.

    Further, this boy went through all the other tables and sold a few more flowers. Then, he left the restaurant and most likely went to the next. In this case, adult help is indispensable. Since the boy needs to be taken to restaurants. And the time was already late. About 21-22 hours.

    I really like this way of earning. Because the sales method is practically trouble-free. Even if my plans did not include buying flowers for a girl, then in that situation I would not be able to say: “Thank you, don’t.” I would look like an outspoken miser and it is unlikely that I would later succeed with this girl.

    Selling ice cream in squares

    One of the easiest ways to make money for your child in the summer is to sell ice cream and soft drinks in squares, squares and other crowded places.

    Installing a refrigerator is easy. In addition, companies engaged in the production and sale of ice cream for these refrigerators are a dime a dozen. You can just come to them, propose your candidacy, and then they themselves organize the workplace.

    It's even easier to sell ice cream on a bike. Once in Tyumen I saw special bicycles, in front of which stood a small refrigerator with ice cream.

    Bicycle, roller rental

    Usually in the summer a lot of bike rentals and rollers open. Such rentals are organized both in separate rooms and in natural places. I saw special trailers in which they are great.

    These trailers are small and easily transported by car. Such a job can be found both for hire and organized independently.

    Many parents walk in parks and squares with young children. Children need to be entertained somehow and usually different trampolines and inflatable towns are set up for them, where the kids can frolic in plenty.

    A child from 10 years old can easily sell tickets or keep track of time on such playgrounds. By the way, a simple trampoline on which 3-6 children can fit is not expensive and You may well organize an independent business in this direction.

    Graduation and coursework

    If your child is a good student at school, then he may well make money on their own brains. You can help less capable classmates, solve problems for them to order.

    You can also try your hand at writing term papers and essays. By the way, for this it is not necessary to study at the institute yourself. Today, most of the original essays and term papers are simply old essays and term papers that were rewritten in other words.

    Dancing in clubs and restaurants

    This way of earning is not for everyone, but only for those who know how to dance well. More than once in clubs and restaurants I saw young boys who danced break dance there, and then they went around with a hat and collected donations.

    In general, I bring more this way of earning money for children so that you include your imagination. If you or your child have creative abilities and skills, then you will not face the problem of lack of money.

    When you know how to sing, dance, draw, play musical instruments, sculpt or make, you can always earn on your talent.

    What should the parents of a working child remember?

    The main thing you should take care of in case your child is hired is his safety. Conduct appropriate safety training, talk about the features of a particular type of work, give all the necessary phones for emergency cases.

    And before your baby begins to work, do not forget to take all the contacts of his employer and personally get to know him.

    Computer literacy (children teach adults to work on a PC)

    Children today know computers much better than adults. This can and should be used. Computers are everywhere, at any enterprises, but far from everyone knows how to handle it.

    This is especially true for the adult generation, those over 40. If your child understands the computer, then let adults be taught to use it for money. Posting an ad to a newspaper or bulletin board is not a problem.

    At what age is official employment possible?

    Many children themselves are not averse to finding a part-time job at the age of 10 years. However, according to Russian law, an employment contract with the consent of one of the parents can be concluded with a teenager from the age of 14 (part 3 of article 63 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

    Until the age of 14, children can work under the same conditions, but only in the following organizations:

    • cinema,
    • theater,
    • circus or other concert organizations (part 4 of article 63 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

    Types of earnings in 10-11 years

    If the child does not have acting or theatrical skills, then he will not succeed in earning money at the age of 10 or 11 years with official employment.

    However, we can offer you several options for part-time jobs for children, with which they can get their first money:

    House cleaning and lawn mowing

    Children can earn money on housekeeping. It can be both your house and the apartments of friends or neighbors with whom you communicate well. In winter or autumn, work for children can be related to weather conditions - to help clear access roads from snow or to help collect leaves in the yard.

    Also, the child can perform work on the garden site: weed, dig, plant, mow the lawn, water.

    Pet Care

    For children 10-11 years old, such work as animal care is also available. It can be animals of neighbors or relatives, while they are away.

    In addition, the baby can look after the apartment of the neighbors during their vacation, and, for example, from time to time to water their flowers (by agreement with the neighbors). Also, for a child, it may be uncomplicated to work on dog walking.

    You can sell neighbors and acquaintances hand-made cookies, various snacks, soap or other crafts made by the baby manually. In addition, you can find out about the availability of fairs in your city and organize a special tent for your needlewoman or needlewoman.

    In the Internet

    You can also earn on the Internet.

    For a child of 10 years, you can choose a side job, which includes a set of simple actions:

    • clicks on links and browsing sites,
    • reading emails and simple answers to them,
    • passing various kinds of testing or passing test games and writing a report on them.

    Do not worry, all these types of part-time jobs are carried out without any investment, except for the free time of your son or daughter.

    Part-time girl

    Starting at age 12, a girl can be given manicures for her friends, mother, neighbors and relatives. Especially if she has creative abilities for this type of work, and also lacks perseverance and accuracy.

    In addition, girls can find a part-time job for caring for the elderly, or help them while cleaning the house, on trips to the store or pharmacy.

    Selling your old things

    A child can earn money quickly by selling his belongings that he no longer wears to second-hand stores, or posting ads for selling them on the Internet. First, make sure that all clothes are clean and in good condition.

    In addition, a teenager can place an advertisement for the sale of any of his collectibles or cards, if, of course, there is one.

    How to make money online?

    The number of ways to make money on the Internet is also increasing. At age 12, you can already learn how to process photos in various photo editors, or learn how to draw logos, icons and other graphics on a computer.

    At the age of 13 on the Internet, you can learn to fill sites with content or develop sites in their entirety. Also, children can conduct training courses on working with the Internet or with any program, or with a computer, in general, for people of age.

    Types of earnings at 14 and older

    Starting from the age of 14, children have the opportunity to earn money on official employment.

    In addition, school or other public organizations in your city can conduct recruits to special summer labor camps, where your child will be offered work to improve the city or repair work in the school.


    A merchandiser is a person who places products in large supermarkets. You probably paid attention to how beautifully and evenly juices, milk, jars, cookies and other products stand on the shelves.

    All this is a merit of merchandisers. Usually young girls and boys work in these positions. The truth is not younger than 14-15 years. The fact is that sometimes you have to pull heavy boxes, which not every child can do.

    8 vacancies for children and adolescents at the Employment Center

    But what vacancies I found on the site of the local employment center

    Types of work for minors:

    • Assistant educator in the organization of extracurricular activities for children,
    • Cleaning of rooms and recreation areas,
    • Gardening and land improvement,
    • Mail delivery,
    • Design work,
    • Paperwork,
    • Typewriting,
    • Book repair.


    In conclusion, I want to give some recommendations about finding a job for a child. Ways to make money for children are much more than what I brought here. There is a lot of finished work today. By finished work, I mean vacancies in various enterprises.

    But even if you have problems with this and you can’t find anything, then come up with a job yourself. Turn on the imagination and think about how your child can make money. This is a very useful exercise. I recommend to spend it with the whole family. Brainstorm together.

    My wife and I often do this. I'm generally not a fan of spending time in vain. And often, walking with the whole family, we can be caught discussing a project or business idea.

    As for the finished work, then never wait when she comes to you. Always take the first steps yourself. It is not enough to take a newspaper with vacancies or open a website. I recommend that you make lists of eligible organizations and call them up or visit them on your own with suggestions.

    It often happens that an organization has some problem or need for a certain employee, but it is not acute enough and managers postpone its solution until later.

    Your visit to such a company and the offer of your services may prompt them to make a decision. So no need to sit and wait by the sea for the weather.

    Помните о том, что чем раньше вы начнете готовить своего ребенка ко взрослой жизни, тем проще и легче ему будет. Работа позволяет развить у вашего чада новые навыки и таланты. Она сделает его умнее и сообразительнее. Он научится ценить деньги.

    Ну а если вы научите своего ребенка не просто работать на кого-то, а делать деньги, как говорится создавать их из ничего, то ваш отпрыск никогда не будет нуждаться в деньгах. And it is likely that by his coming of age he will be a well-to-do person.

    If you find an error, please select a piece of text with the mouse and click Ctrl + Enter.

    Internet work

    There is still the opportunity to make money on the Internet.

    For children from 14 years old, you can choose a more intellectual work:

    • blogging
    • writing articles
    • maintaining news sections on websites,

    • maintaining and maintaining activity in various groups on social networks,
    • writing school / student work, such as essays, coursework, or quizzes.

    There is enough demand on the Internet for all these activities.