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The nuances of the proper use of a humidifier


To ensure a comfortable stay in the living room, you can use a humidifier. With it, the humidity in the house will be in the range of 45-60%. The value of the indicator depends on the fullness of the room with electrical appliances, the number of residents, area and other factors. The choice of type of unit depends on the personal preferences of users.

Due to the low humidity in the room, both the child and the adult suffer. Active moisture loss occurs, migraine bothers. Dry air reduces the protective reaction of the mucous membranes and skin. To prevent the above conditions, users should know when to turn on the humidifier and which device is better to use. Specialists distinguish 3 groups of humidification systems, which differ in principle of operation and basic characteristics:

Steam appliances do not require filter and cartridge replacement. They are used for inhalation. The disadvantage of the systems is high energy consumption and significant water consumption. For 24 hours, a steam humidifier uses 8-17 liters. It consumes up to 350-600 watts.

Steam systems work on the principle of a kettle. Water is heated until boiling. Steam is formed to help humidify the air. Each system has a sensor, the task of which is to turn off the device when a specified humidity level is reached.

Standard systems work on the principle of cold natural moisturizing. Air masses are driven through the filter. As they cool, they gain moisture. The higher the humidity value, the slower the liquid evaporates.

To ensure a long service life and prevent quick clogging of the filter, it is recommended to use purified water. Standard humidifiers consume up to 20-50 watts. Their performance ranges from 4-8 liters per day. Systems work silently.

Ultrasonic devices with a radiator operate under the influence of a current that vibrates at a certain frequency. This leads to the separation of the surface of the water into small particles. The systems are equipped with humidifiers with cold and warm steam.

Devices are easy to operate. and combine many additional features. An ultrasonic humidifier is considered an economical device designed for a small area. Its performance ranges from 6-11 liters per day. Power consumption does not exceed 50 watts.

To use the humidifier correctly, you must study the operating instructions. Separately, experts identify recommendations that the user must comply with. General requirements for all types of systems:

  • Before initial use, you must read the instructions,
  • the humidifier is installed on a flat and dry surface,
  • the appliance must be in a stable position so that there is enough free space around it.

Users should be aware of the operating characteristics of each type of humidifier. For example, a steam appliance is refueled considering the position of the level indicator. Then the lid tightly closes. If the green indicator lights up, the device is turned on.

Then the operating mode is selected. The device itself will only function if there is water in the tank. The system automatically shuts down if it is empty. In this case, the red indicator lights up. Tips manufacturers how to use a humidifier:

  • it is forbidden to add fluid if the operating mode is on,
  • Do not install the device near heat sources,
  • it is forbidden to add flavoring to water (a special compartment is used for this),
  • only clean water is poured into the tank.

Before use, it is recommended that you install the filter in the liquid pan. The lower part joins, the case is inserted. The tank is filled with water, the lid closes. The capacity is mounted at the bottom, the device itself turns on. To select the appropriate mode, turn the switch.

To replace the filter or water, you will need to turn off the device. The operating mode of the device is indicated by an indicator. The instructions for the humidifier describe the operation step by step:

  • a day before turning on the humidifier, the cartridge is lowered into a container of water,
  • the tank is filled with liquid
  • the spray cap is inserted
  • the device turns on, which is displayed by a green indicator,
  • control mode is selected,
  • humidity value is regulated.

When the selected humidity level is reached, the device automatically turns off. A special button is provided for changing the intensity. It is forbidden to install the system near heating or on a hot surface. To demineralize the cartridge, its replacement after 3 months is indicated.

The optimum value of humidity in the children's room is 60%. Since the child often suffers from dry air, it is recommended to install a humidifier in the nursery. It is placed at a safe distance. Experts advise using an automatic device. It turns off when the desired humidity indicators are reached. It is not recommended to install the unit near the head of the bed. In this case, moisture will fall on the bed, moisturizing it and supercooling the child.

The developers of wooden houses claim that in such buildings the temperature and humidity are always optimal for human life. Wood is considered a "breathing" material that provides residents with an optimal microclimate. In summer and winter in a wooden house, humidity rarely drops below 40%.

If the indicator is lower than the specified value, it is recommended to install a humidifier. Otherwise, the tree will dry out, cracks will appear between the bars and the floorboard. Since the material is sensitive to moisture, excessive humidity in the house must not be allowed. The optimal value of this indicator ranges from 40-60%.

Manufacturers recommend using a humidifier, taking into account the current situation. For example, with a cold, when a child's body temperature rises, the body actively loses moisture. In newborns, thermoregulation works by respiration: when you exhale, heat is released, and when you inhale, the body gets more moist and cold air.

During colds, the body needs extra moisture. It will help the child quickly get rid of a viral disease. Therefore, in the period of rhinitis, humidity increases to 70%. Another plus of humidifiers is the ability to use them as inhalers. If the doctor has recommended inhalation, some models work as nebulizers. They spray drugs well in the air, which helps the patient recover quickly.

Dry cough is considered another situation when a moisturizer is used, taking into account certain requirements. During this period, it is often necessary to turn on the device to moisturize sputum released from the respiratory tract. As a result of its easy coughing, the body quickly recovers.

More often, a dry cough bothers at night when the patient is in a horizontal position. Therefore, the humidifier must be turned on periodically throughout the day. At night, the device operates in automatic mode. The humidity value should not exceed 60−65%.

Any humidification system requires timely care. To ensure long-term operation of the device, it is recommended to periodically wash the container, change the water in it. If the model is steam, heating parts are cleaned once every few days. Other care recommendations:

  • in ultrasonic humidifiers, the piezoelectric element is cleaned with a special brush,
  • inspection of the filter with its subsequent cleaning from contamination,
  • frequent removal of accumulated dirt and plaque from every part of the device,
  • Do not use detergents or washing liquid.
  • wiping parts with a soft cloth,
  • timely replacement of the cartridge and filter.

Do not leave a working device unattended. A modern humidifier is considered an indispensable device in the house. It constantly maintains the desired level of humidity, creating a microclimate in the room. Proper operation increases its service life.

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Use of a humidifier depending on its type

There are 3 main options for humidifiers:

  1. Cold (classic). Provides for the presence of a tank for liquid, driven through the evaporators. Special fans draw in air, and give it back moistened. The convenience of such a humidifier lies in the fact that it is also used for aromatic therapy - a few drops of your favorite aroma oil instantly spread throughout the room. The device works through the network in automatic mode, when it reaches a humidity level of 60%, it automatically turns off.
  2. Steam. The principle of its operation is based on preliminary heating of water. Using two electrodes, the water is brought to a boil and begins to be converted into steam, spreading throughout the room. The process is reproduced as long as there is liquid in the container, as soon as the liquid in the humidifier is finished, it is turned off. Using steam models, remember that they consume much more electricity than classic ones, and you need to install them at a distance from places where people sit or plants are located.
  3. Ultrasonic. Silent and surprisingly economical version of the humidifier, the principle of which is based on mechanical vibrations that are transformed from electro-vibrations. Such a device is considered the most suitable option for humidifying the air in your home. The hydrostat integrated in some models allows you to independently adjust the humidity level. For optimal and trouble-free operation, a regular filter change is required.

What humidity level is recommended in rooms

There are recommendations of domestic standards on the relative level of humidity - in general, the range is in the range of 40-60%.

But we must take into account the nature of this indicator. The percentages indicate only the ratio of the specific mass of water vapor in the air to the maximum possible under the same conditions - temperature and pressure. And if there is some definite stability with pressure (even taking into account the “fronts” of cyclones and anticyclones), then the temperature varies over a wide range. And the higher it is, the more air can “absorb” water vapor. Therefore, the percentage of relative humidity is “tied” to the temperature, and how to properly configure the room humidifier depends on it.

According to the standards, there are four types of regimes in a heated room: dry, normal, wet and wet (SP 50.13330.20012 table 1). And if you look at which mode is considered "normal", then for the air temperature in the room above 24 ° C, the humidity level should be 40-50%, and in the range from 12 ° C to 24 ° C - 50-60%.

There are more definite recommendations. According to GOST 30494-96, the optimal value is air humidity of 45%, and an excess of 60% is considered unacceptable.

What time of year do you need a humidifier

The seasonality and mode of operation of the humidifier depends on the climatic zone, season and other working systems for maintaining the microclimate in the house: heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

It is believed that in the warm season, the humidity inside the building corresponds to the value on the street. Most of the regions of our country relate to zones with normal humidity, and only an insignificant part - to zones with a "dry" climate. Therefore, how long an air humidifier should work depends on the region:

  • for areas with a humid and normal climate - in winter and summer with closed windows and operating heating or air conditioning systems,
  • for areas with a dry climate - all year round.

Where is a moisturizer needed and its effect

A household humidifier is a local appliance. And it is needed in rooms where a person spends most of the time - a bedroom, study, living room and children's room.

Naturally, in the kitchen and in the bathroom the humidity level is already quite high. For example, when calculating the thermal protection indicators of buildings, they consider that for kitchens it is higher by 5%, and for bathrooms - by 10% compared with living rooms.

If we do not talk about “intraspecific” differences according to the principle of action, then the list of advantages of using an air humidifier in the instructions for any popular model is formulated approximately like this:

  • prevents the mucous membranes from drying out,
  • creates favorable conditions for the functioning of the immune system during infectious diseases,
  • improves the functioning of the respiratory tract,
  • contributes to the normal growth of domestic plants,
  • reduces the concentration of dust in the air,
  • supports the optimal operation of wooden furniture and flooring,
  • reduces the likelihood of a static electric charge on clothes, carpets and artificial fiber surfaces.

Model Features

According to the principle of operation, there are three options for the device of a household humidifier:

  1. Cold. The fan draws in air and passes it through a container of liquid, in which it is saturated with water vapor and cleaned of dust (the second name is “washing humidifier”). The advantage of the model is the possibility of using aromatherapy when using essential oils. Disadvantages - a noticeable noise level.
  2. Steam. Pure, preferably distilled, water is brought to a boil. Due to the high temperature of the steam, the appliance is not recommended for use in children's rooms and installation near recreational areas or near indoor plants. Advantage - when heated to a boiling point, most pathogens in the water die.
  3. Ultrasonic. The most economical (in terms of energy consumption) and silent device. Evaporation of water occurs due to the oscillation of the piezoelectric element with a grid wetted by water. The disadvantages are the same as those of a cold humidifier - at the outlet the “fog” may contain salts and bacteria dissolved in water. It is necessary to use filters (or purified water), choose a model with the "hot fog" mode.

How to use a humidifier

The nuances of using and maintaining the humidifier depend on the principle of action. Therefore, each model, the manufacturer provides instructions for use, which stipulates: operating modes, the ability to configure and automatically shut off, water treatment, periods for cleaning or replacing filters.

The main provisions on how to use the humidifier correctly can be formulated as follows:

  • water should be clean and, if possible, demineralized,
  • in the absence of automatic control of the humidity level, it must be ensured that it does not exceed the upper threshold of the recommended range,
  • water containers should be washed and disinfected periodically,
  • filters must be changed on time.

And the main rule - a humidifier should be in every home. Especially if children live in it.

Cold humidifiers

They not only moisturize, but also clean the air of dust. Especially effective is use in rooms up to 80 m² where children are.

  • Before turning on, it is necessary to stand the device at room temperature for an hour.
  • Place it on a horizontal surface so that when working it is freely accessible.
  • Turn on the device when the air temperature in the room is from 5 to 30 degrees and relative humidity not exceeding 80%.
  • The efficiency of the device will increase if you place it near a heat source.
  • It is better to fill the water tank with distilled or fresh filtered water. This will prevent the formation of limescale on objects located near it and inside the device.
  • The maximum effect of hydration occurs in 10-15 minutes, if the water temperature is not higher than the permissible (40 ° C).
  • You can add flavoring to a special niche or soak a cotton swab with it and put it in a pallet.

It is impermissible to add essential oils and other special flavors to the pan or tank.

Depending on the capacity of the humidifier and the dryness in the room, the device can non-stop maintain humidity for several days. In modern models, when the water level drops below the permissible level, auto shutdown can work.

Care is very simple: the tank must be cleaned every two weeks, moisturizing discs - every month.

Steam humidifier

This humidification option is more suitable for bulky or frequently ventilated rooms. In addition to moisturizing, at home they use additional functions: an inhaler and an aroma lamp.

  • It is more economical to use a device with a capacity corresponding to the volume of the room for humidification.
  • Mobility, light weight and dimensions allow you to install it in any room.
  • Any water is poured. If it contains salts and minerals, then they do not spray, do not enter the respiratory tract, plants and furniture.
  • Если в конструкции отсутствует гигрометр, за работающим аппаратом нужен контроль. В противном случае влажность может подняться выше нормы.
  • Небезопасно оставлять без присмотра работающий паровой увлажнитель, особенно если в помещении находятся маленькие детки.
  • The surface of the evaporator must be regularly cleaned of mineral deposits. Anti-lime discs will help reduce scale formation.

If you want to save, use water with the minimum hardness, this will reduce energy consumption.

Ultrasonic humidifier

These silent humidifiers are effective when used in everyday life. Especially if there are objects in the room that require a delicate attitude - antiques, musical instruments, parquet.

Nevertheless, they have a serious drawback. Ultrasonic humidifiers do not have filters, and therefore only distilled or at least boiled water can be used. Salts, trace elements and pathogenic bacteria contained in poor-quality water can be in the room with water dust. Traces will be visible on furniture and clothing.

Climatic complex

In a house where there are allergies or smokers, it is better to use a climate complex equipped with powerful filters. With it, you can moisturize and purify the air.

  • The anti-allergenic filter cleans the air from animal hair and plant pollen.
  • Coal - from tobacco smoke, unpleasant odor, harmful gases.
  • The HEPA fine filter traps dust, mold spores, and germs.

Using it is very simple. In a split second, the system evaluates the air in the room, after which intensive cleaning or humidification is automatically activated. If the air parameters are within the required standards, the complex operates in a quiet mode.

After 1-2 weeks, the humidifying filter should be washed under running water. The pre-filter is cleaned after 2-3 weeks.

Charcoal and HEPA filters, as well as a softener for water, must be replaced when the corresponding indicators light up.

Humidity sufficient and necessary

By humidifying the air, we prevent the formation of static electricity and its negative effect on the body. Before turning on the humidifier, check the hygrometer.

To feel comfortable at 22–25 ° С, humidity should be maintained at the level of 40–55%.

Both excess and lack of moisture negatively affect human health. General well-being worsens, drowsiness and distraction appear.

Therefore, it is advisable to use a humidifier with a hygrostat. He himself, depending on the temperature in the room, chooses the optimal relative humidity.

Important to fulfill

Using household humidifiers, you must follow certain rules:

  • use strictly distilled or boiled, preferably demineralized water,
  • control the humidity in the room with a hygrometer or psychrometer,
  • promptly rinse and disinfect water containers, moisturizing discs, clean the surfaces of evaporators,
  • change filters in a timely manner.

Use humidifiers correctly, use all their capabilities. So you will provide a healthy microclimate in the house, the guarantee of the health of all family members.

General recommendations for use

Many people have a legitimate question: is it possible to pour ordinary tap water into the humidifier tank. Actually possible, but undesirable.

The use of distilled water will save on filter changes and extend the useful life of the apparatus.

Before starting operation, it is worthwhile to carefully read the instructions, in particular, in order to study what kind of voltage in the network is needed to connect the device.

If you want to use an air humidifier to flavor the room, you should remember that pouring oil directly into the container is not necessary. In order for the device not to fail, it is necessary to impregnate the swab with a solution and then put it in a container.

If you have not used the device for a long time, then check if the water tank remains full. The device is needed dry thoroughlyBy removing the cork, this ensures the safety and tightness of the sealing material.

Do not install humidifiers too close to walls and furniture - an increased level of humidity can adversely affect their condition.

It is also not recommended to install steam models in rooms where children are constantly located, since jets of hot steam can extremely negatively affect the health of the child.

If the volume of the room is small, then perhaps it makes sense to purchase a device that can be installed on the wall - This will significantly save space without losing the functional component.

You can position the humidifier next to the radiator, as a result of exposure to warm air currents emanating from the battery, humidity will "creep" around the room much faster.

Proper care

The humidifier care procedure includes:

  1. Daily cleaning. It is necessary to turn off the device daily and pour out the remaining water, then wash the humidifier with a brush and hot soapy water. This will allow you to clean it in time from plaque formed due to the increased hardness of the water. The tank is rinsed with water from the tap, its subsequent filling should occur only after complete drying. When performing the above actions, you need to be careful not to let the engine and other used work units flooded.
  2. Deep cleaning. Even in the case of high-quality daily care, a deeper cleaning may be necessary over time, and it does not matter how often the device is used. Vinegar is used to process the walls; to reduce the risk of surface damage, you can dilute it with water. Stubborn plaque can only be removed in this way. After processing with vinegar, it is necessary to rinse the device thoroughly under running water and leave it to dry completely. The frequency of deep cleaning is once every 2-3 weeks.
  3. Disinfection. Its need arises when it is necessary to clean the device of bacteria. As preparatory measures, you need to do the following: open the window and balcony sashes and carefully ventilate the room. Next, prepare a solution of half a glass of bleaching agent and 4 liters of water. Pour water into the tank and press "on". After some time, steam begins to be released, at this moment we turn off the device and wait 3-5 minutes, after which we release the tank from water. We rinse the container with fresh water, and refill it, turn on the device for 5-7 minutes. The number of repeating cycles depends on how soon the smell of bleach disappears. If the instructions indicate that it is undesirable to use bleach as a disinfectant, then hydrogen peroxide is poured instead.

You have probably already received enough information to understand how to use the humidifier properly. This device is not picky, by and large, however, if you plan to use the selected model for a long time and get the most out of its functionality, certain care rules should still be followed. The importance of the device in modern civilization cannot be overestimated. If you still doubt the need to purchase it personally for yourself, the best advice is to get the opinion of people who have already bought a moisturizer. Get recommendations, analyze the opinions of experts and make the right choice!