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How to get out of depression


How to get out of depression on your own when there is no strength to do anything? How to live on if you don’t have the strength and want nothing? What if very bad at heart? It turns out that you can overcome this condition very easily and quickly. How to do this, you will learn from this article.

It is only important right now to give yourself the word to start acting, stop looking for answers on forums and blogs, while doing nothing. Indeed, often some people who are stuck in depression begin to like the role of the victim, when everyone pities you, which means that they expect and demand less from you. Therefore, it is important to answer the question, do I really want to get out of depression by applying effort and action to this?

Answer the questions right now:

  • Are you sure you want to increase your self-esteem?
  • Do you really want to build relationships with your loved ones (with children or with parents, with relatives or friends)?
  • Do you really want to get rid of the relationship that pulls you back?
  • Do you really want to get rid of the role of the victim, feel like the master of your own life and finally say goodbye to your beloved depression?

If you answered “Yes!”, Here a step-by-step plan on how to get out of depression yourself a woman or a man, no matter, the action plan is the same for everyone! And it doesn’t matter how old you are 20, 40 or 60! And for its implementation, you do not need psychologists, doctors or antidepressants, only you can overcome this condition on your own. Just as no one can love or live your life for you, so no one can do this work "on yourself" for you.

Causes of depression in women, in men, and even in children

  • loss of a loved one
  • psychological trauma
  • painful jealousy
  • burnout at work,
  • retirement, a false sense of self uselessness,
  • self-doubt, low self-esteem,
  • resentment, spoiled relationships with loved ones,
  • anxieties, fears and phobias,
  • hate irritability
  • limiting beliefs
  • other reasons.

Step 1. Do not look for a reason, in most cases you know it

Do not force yourself to relive again that unpleasant moment or period of life, because of which it is hard on your soul, as the analysts advise. You still can’t change anything and understand why it happened. Often people don’t remember the reasons for the quarrel or breakup. Therefore, this situation should simply be accepted, and not upset because of it. To be upset means to divide into 3 parts. So get together (stop wasting) and think about how to fix it.

How to get rid of depression, two approaches

There are two radically different methods of treating depression.

  1. You go to the doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. They use various methods of psychotherapy, and they also prescribe medications and antidepressants for you.
  2. You get out of depression on your own at home using the self-development methods that have been described in the relevant articles. That is, you are treating depression without doctors, without drugs, with the help of your consciousness and the reserve forces of the body.

People tend to rush to extremes, fanatically defend one thing, completely rejecting the opposite. This is mistake. In fact, both methods have the right to life, have their pros and cons, are used in different cases and under different circumstances.
Let's look at the pros and cons of both ways.

The second method is very good in that it actually relieves depression in the long run. It even helps to get out of a very deep depression.

It acts slowly, but surely, almost 100 percent can be said.

Is it still possible to get rid of depression forever? Yes, using the second method. The finale of almost all of them is the complete elimination of the disease. Such is the law of nature, or rather of our consciousness. Another thing is how long it will take. This is where a big minus appears. This is the duration of reaching the final goal. And she is different for everyone. Some will need a few months, some a year, and some a few years. Quickly get out of depression, as many dream, will not work.

But there is one positive nuance. As soon as a person tries to get out of a depressed state in this way, he often begins to feel positive changes in his body and consciousness. Even if he is still far from getting rid of depression, he realizes that he is already feeling better and is just starting to like it. There is a hope for recovery, an incentive not to give up work on yourself.

But after some time, a surprise appears and a new big minus of this method. This is a reset of negative emotions that were previously hidden deep in the subconscious. The methods used got them out of there.

This is an inevitable step that must be completed for complete healing. Someone is lucky, and the discharge is not so acutely felt. But still often, unfortunately, it again leads to a severe depressive state.

It would seem that depression is returning, which means that all efforts are in vain. But you just need to be prepared for such a turn of events, to understand the reset mechanism, and also to know what needs to be done in this case. You can read more about resetting in the corresponding article or in the meditation manual. It also tells what needs to be done to make the discharge painless.

Before you overcome depression yourself and forget about it forever, you first need to get all the dirt from the closets of the subconscious mind that caused this depression. To get, and then dissolve. No other way. And you have to go through it.

But many can get so dirty out of their subconscious mind that it really will be very bad. In this case, you need the help of a good mentor or competent teacher in meditation. But this is hard to find. Therefore, if you treat depression yourself, you need to go to the touch, rely on common sense, even if you need to temporarily stop the practice. Apply also traditional methods of psychotherapy, consult a specialist, can even connect medications. Everything is individual here. Remember that not everyone has a very severe discharge, therefore it is better not to stop the practice and not to use antidepressants. Better to endure, so you will quickly come to complete healing. Quitting practice, you just take a step back. But, I repeat, sometimes this needs to be done, especially when there is no specialist in proper meditation nearby.

Is the second method suitable for everyone? No matter how good he is, in fact not. Then another fat minus appears. To get rid of depression without drugs, you need to work on yourself. Therefore, you need to have at least a small remainder of the will with a piece of self-awareness. The fact is that there are such severe stages of depression when a person, one might say, loses not only his will, but even his mind. There are such serious conditions that there can be no talk of any work on oneself.

Here, only the first method with the use of medicines, methods of psychotherapy is suitable. It is necessary to take urgent measures, and not wait when the techniques of self-development gradually restore the psyche. Often a person goes to the hospital. But this does not mean that after reading these lines, many will think that they have severe depression and urgently need to take antidepressants. If you could find this article on the Internet, then you want to do something, which means you still have at least a small piece of will. Think again before taking the medicine. Read an article about the harm of antidepressants.

So that way when you go to the doctor and drink medications is actually needed. If a person is very sick, there is simply no other way. Otherwise, he can either do something terrible or severely undermine his health. Remember that severe or prolonged depression wears out the body, leading to illness.

Often a person is so weak simply physically that because of this he cannot begin to do anything for his cure. Therefore, in individual cases, quick specialist help and appropriate medications are needed. But remember that in this case, you will not cure depression completely. You only remove the symptoms, give the primary impetus for healing, artificially change the brain chemistry.

Push depression into the subconscious, but don't get rid of it.
You can also read about this in past articles on depression. Therefore, in severe cases, as soon as a person wakes up his will and mind, you need to take on yourself, get out of depression on your own in the second way and start living fully in health and joy. Be completely healthy, not half.

So the advantages of the first method (psychotherapy and drug treatment):

  • faster results of raising mood, getting rid of a depressive state, returning to a normal life,
    almost the only alternative in serious conditions.

Cons of the first method:

  • not getting rid of depression completely, but just removing it from actual consciousness,
  • addiction to antidepressants,
  • killing a person’s ability to work on himself, as a result of which he becomes weaker,
  • and if weaker, it means a loss of immunity to the difficulties of life, in the future to a return to a depressed state with new tests.

And other disadvantages, which have also been repeatedly mentioned.

Pluses of the second method (working on yourself using modern and ancient methods of self-development, changing the work of consciousness or treating depression without antidepressants at home):

  • almost complete relief from depression,
  • the acquisition of many other bonuses that change a person for the better, make him healthy and happy,
  • improving physical health, which is very important for getting rid of depression,
  • and other pluses, actually there are a lot of them.

Cons of getting rid of depression without antidepressants by self-development methods:

  • a very long cure
  • discharge and frequent exacerbation of the disease,
  • the need for a mentor in severe cases,
  • the need for free time to understand the method and get started.

In fact, the second method has more pros than cons. I also hope you want to completely get rid of depression, so let's talk about it again. But in this article you will learn something more, as well as many things that you already knew, take a very different look.

Step # 2. Tidy up your self-esteem

Often a woman dissolves in her beloved, his interests become the goal of her life. Therefore, when the husband leaves (to another woman or from life), the woman loses the meaning of her life. After all, her whole life was completely in him.

How to get out of depression after breaking up with a loved one? You need to find yourself, increase your self-esteem. Highly recommend this article. Self-development and self-improvement - where to start? Here is the Action Plan, List of books, List of useful sites, VIDEO Instruction. You will be amazed how many interesting things there are in life and how interesting it will be for you to find out how many hidden talents you have.

The main cause of depression

Having understood the main reason for depression, it becomes clear how to get rid of it yourself, how to get yourself out of a terrible depressive state.

In fact, the causes of severe spleen (as I call depression, although ordinary spleen is a mild illness) are many. But still, the main reason can be identified.

You probably heard that expression and that’s it.
Depression actually occurs when our soul is sick. And then what happens? Is it enough to heal your soul and depression will disappear? Yes this is true. But what does it mean, our soul is sick, and how to do it all?

I want to reassure everyone who is depressed and say very important words.

If you stopped experiencing positive, bright feelings and emotions due to a depressed state, this does not mean that you do not have them, and you will never experience them again. If you have lost the joy of life, love and pleasure, remember, they are inside you. Inside there is that light that will awaken you to life again.

But why don't we feel it? Yes, because he was obscured by a gloomy veil of depressive feelings, which completely absorbed our consciousness. Imagine a shining diamond smeared with mud. It ceases to glow. Once it is cleaned, washed, it again begins to shine, radiate light and beauty. See what that means?

Depression is a distorted work of the psyche and mind, when some wrong thoughts, emotions, feelings begin to dominate and obscure from us the positive feelings that exist in our soul. So the soul begins to hurt.

After all, we not only have a psyche, a mind, we also have a soul. It is in it that there are positive feelings, such as joy, love, a sense of happiness. They have not gone anywhere, they are inside. It is thanks to them that life is filled with joyful colors, I want to live and enjoy every moment of life.
But the psyche is so arranged that it has its own egotoprotective mechanisms. They are needed to protect and separate a person from the outside world. These mechanisms generate their feelings, thoughts and emotions, which in their extreme manifestations can be very ugly and lead to depression.

For example, fear is needed to escape from danger. But if it begins to strongly dominate or distort, over time a depressive state occurs. Fear of everything and everyone, a strong fear of death, a painful sense of the meaninglessness of life (why do something if we die anyway), the emergence of suicidal thoughts.

A sense of self-importance in a distorted form makes us, for example, strongly attached to something, want the world to always do the way we want it. Therefore, when we lose some material thing or when the world does not meet our desires, we also become depressed. We begin to feel sorry for ourselves, thereby worsening the depressive state.

A trigger that triggers depression can be some kind of shock in life, the loss of loved ones, a stressful situation. Many over time experience such adverse periods in life, it becomes easier for them. But often such an event is picked up by some kind of psychic mechanism, focusing on it, intensifying, passing into pathology.
There is a category of people who are very sensitive to stress, they are more prone to depression.

Over time, this condition leads to changes in the energy of a person and in the body itself. The biochemistry of the brain changes, the amount of hormones responsible for a good mood decreases, pain and somatic diseases of the body occur. Negative thoughts, emotions devour the lion's share of vital energy, as a result of which vitality decreases. A decrease in energy is also the absence of positive feelings. It turns out a vicious circle.

But it happens that, on the contrary, at first, for some reason, the biochemical composition of the brain changes, the mechanism of normal hormone production breaks down, vital energy decreases or its imbalance arises. In this case, the road is open for the egoprotective mechanisms of the psyche and mind to begin to distort and give rise to negative emotions. Again there is depression.

Step # 3. Withdraw poisoning adrenaline from the body with ...

I remember the lasting impression that the Stress Management training had on me, which I initially didn’t really want to go to. It turns out that constant stress is a source of injection of adrenaline into the blood. Adrenaline causes depression in a person (do not forget that our body works like a chemical factory). Adrenaline is derived from human blood only through exercise. Many people at work are now under stress due to multitasking, multifunctionality and a constant lack of time.

How to get out of depression on your own and start enjoying life, important tips

Now it becomes clear how to independently get out of a painful depressive state.

It is necessary to remove the distortions of the mind, not to interfere with the manifestation of the soul. Free her from the shackles of a distorted psyche. To clear a diamond of mental pollution. To help escape the bright feelings of the soul. You must know, believe, hammer into your brain the idea that the positive feelings that make you feel the joy of life are inside, they have not disappeared. This is an essential property of our soul. You need to help her wake up and then the depression will simply disappear. Depression is a distortion of the psyche. If there is no distortion, there will be no depression. How to do it?
There are many ways to do this.

The easiest and fastest way is, of course, artificially replacing negative emotions with positive ones. You can change the biochemistry of the brain and force the body to produce hormones responsible for a good mood with the help of antidepressants.

But what happens. Yes, positive feelings and emotions arise, but they belong to the mind, psyche. The mind can also produce good feelings. But these are not those bright, subtle feelings that the soul engenders. In fact, the soul cannot be fooled; it subtly feels such a substitution. В таком случае в глубине души мы продолжаем страдать, хоть мы и начинаем немного испытывать радость или наслаждение.

But if we confess to ourselves, to be honest with ourselves, to delve into the soul, we will find that some dissatisfaction is still sitting inside, which sooner or later will again become depressed.

But it often happens that the positive feelings of the soul break free even when taking antidepressants.
Antidepressants lower the level of vital energy and drive negative manifestations of the psyche away into the subconscious. At the beginning of this stage, when the vitality is more or less normal, but the distortion in the psyche has already receded a little, positive feelings of the soul break through to us and we feel them.

Indeed, in fact, we cannot force ourselves to experience joy, love and many other bright spiritual feelings. So simply impossible to do by nature. This is how our consciousness works. We can only clear the way for these feelings to manifest. I repeat, they already exist within us. But we cannot learn to test them. All we can do is give them the green light, clear the way so that they themselves break out. Peel a diamond that will shine on its own.

We cannot turn on any lamp inside it, we can only clean it from dirt. When, as a result of antidepressant medications, negative emotions of the mind are replaced by positive feelings of the same mind as a result of the production of certain hormones, real feelings of the soul can appear as a result of at least such a clear way out.

But what happens next. Prolonged use of antidepressants is increasingly pushing depression deep into the subconscious, and also greatly reduces the level of vital energy. Under such conditions, positive feelings of the soul simply cannot exist for long. The low level of energy and the squeezed emotion that is devouring inside is again an obstacle for the release of the bright feelings of the soul.

That is why antidepressants, as already mentioned for the real treatment of depression, are either not used at all, or are used in severe cases as an emergency measure. They are also needed in cases where the biochemistry of the brain has changed for some reason unknown.

How to get out of depression

How to get out of depression, thousands of people wonder, and only a few find the answer to it. Man is a biological, social creature, completely dependent on society, and is in constant interaction with people at work, at home, during leisure, and also in the family. The broken chain in society leads to a change in character, a change in life plans, hopes, and as a result leads to the birth of lack of initiative, insecurity.

With the aggravation of life’s tragedies, a person often breaks down completely and is no longer able to psychologically cope with them on his own, therefore he falls into a depressed state. Many people do not fully realize that they have fallen into the clutches of depression. Therefore, they do not turn to specialists, and independently seek the answer to their question: how to get out of depression?

Initially, it is important to indicate an understanding of the term depression, which is sometimes confused with a short-term, sub-depressive state. Subdepression is noted in people quite often, since it precedes depression.

Depression, being a serious mental disorder, is characterized by a depressed mental state with inherent negative emotions, as well as pronounced passivity in behavior with changes in the motivational sphere and the cognitive function of a person. These changes affect the ability to work. For a person in a state of depression, heavy, painful emotions and feelings are characteristic: longing, depression, sadness, despair. A sharp decrease in motives, attraction, volitional activity is noted. Thoughts about one’s own responsibility for unpleasant events in his life or his environment do not leave a person. Feelings of guilt for past actions of the past and the resulting feeling of helplessness are often intertwined with a sense of hopelessness.

A person in this state is characterized by a drop in self-esteem, the appearance of slowness, lack of initiative, rapid fatigue. If the condition is delayed, then suicide attempts are possible. A depressive state is also marked by reduced vital impulses and a decline in mood, inhibition of intellectual and motor activity, a pessimistic assessment of ourselves and our situation in reality. As for the time frame for recovery, this process is individual and depends on the depression itself. Duration varies from several weeks to six months, and some depressive states drag on for years.

Subdepression is a shallow depression or acts as endogenous depression in the initial stage or manifests itself as a neurotic, depressive state of cyclothymic genesis.

Subdepression is characterized by a lowered mood, a pessimistic assessment of events, and a temporary decrease in working capacity. Very often this mood is characteristic of cyclothymics. Such individuals are characterized by a wavelike, multiple change in the states of excitement with a subdepressive state. During mild depression, a person loses his usual working capacity, being constantly in a state of chronic fatigue. On the surface there are problems with sleeping at night, decreased concentration of attention, memory impairment, a strong desire to sleep during the day.

Subdepression often hides behind various manifestations of a somatic nature. A person is bothered by headaches, neuralgia, problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The patient is examined, goes to the doctors, but they do not find anything. And in parallel with this, a person loses the taste for life and everything that happens around him does not cause the slightest response. These conditions were seen in people with high intelligence, as well as having great potential, but when certain difficulties appear, they are influenced by negative thoughts. Such a bad mood provokes a state of subdepression.

In fact, the function of injecting adrenaline into a person’s blood is aimed at saving a person. You have probably heard that under the influence of unexpected stress (for example, a person saw a snake), adrenaline is injected into the blood, under the influence of which a person can perform powerful physical actions for a short time (when he sees a snake, a person jumps from a place for several meters, or when he sees danger, he runs from faster than even running world champions). This is a scientific fact. That is, everything is arranged so that the injection of adrenaline is followed by physical activity, during which it is burned. In another way, adrenaline is not excreted from the body.

Here's an explanation for why depression is the scourge of civilization. Our ancestors worked physically and even if they had stress, they burned their adrenaline while working physically. The modern person is in constant stress, but physically does not work and almost does not move. From work - to the car, from the car - to the computer.

That is why TOP managers, subject to constant stress, are forced to constantly go to the gym. There, they at least partially burn their adrenaline and thus fight their depression. I think you’ve heard of such a mental disorder as manager’s syndrome. So the conclusion. To fight depression, we do exercises, we don’t ride the elevator, we walk along the stairs, we go a couple of stops to work to walk at least 3-4 km at a fast pace.

Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle

How else can you change the biochemistry of the brain, force the body to produce hormones of happiness, but do not lower the level of vital energy in order to get rid of depression already without pills.
Everything is simple. It is necessary to load the body with not heavy physical exertion, to engage in light sports.

It is proved that moderate physical activity has a beneficial effect on the whole body, promotes the production of hormones responsible for a good mood, and increases stress resistance.

It is also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, observe biological rhythms, get enough sleep, eat right, do not drink alcohol. Often, due to an improper lifestyle, a malfunction occurs in the body, the biochemistry of the brain changes, which leads to depression. For example, night gatherings at the computer, improper daily routine, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, lack of fresh air very often leads to a depressive state.
In a healthy person, everything is normal both on the physical and on the mental plane.

Meditation and relaxation

How to truly overcome depression and learn how to finally enjoy life?

Of course, apply the best means of eliminating mental imbalances. This is meditation, all kinds of techniques for relaxing, stopping internal dialogue, gaining awareness. Holotropic breathing is also used. All of them are interconnected and lead to the result that suffers from depression.

Depression is a distortion of the psyche, its malfunction. Many scientists are struggling with how to eliminate it. But, unfortunately, few of them turn to proven centuries-old techniques of human self-development. But it turns out that you need to do a very simple thing. If the psyche works with a bias, you just need to stop it for a while.

When it stops, wonderful things begin to happen both in the psyche itself, in the mind, and throughout the body, in the body. Everything is interconnected. If in a well-coordinated mechanism, some part starts to work incorrectly, it spoils all the joint work. The whole system suffers. But if you stop this part for a while, other parts of the mechanism will work much better, since the broken part has ceased to interfere with them.

Even if the result of collaboration will not be the same, because one part does not work, it is still useful for the entire system. And the stopped part after rest starts to work much better. I think the analogy is clear to you. You can read about the benefits of meditation in a separate article. Also, previous articles on depression have been devoted to this issue.

It is the application of these self-development techniques in conjunction with sports, with other work on oneself that is the second way to get rid of depression, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article. I repeat, it has both its pros and cons. But if you want to completely get rid of depression in the long run, then there is no other alternative.

Many psychotherapists use methods in their practice that are based on this second principle. But often they only come close to them, not understanding the very essence of the methods of meditation and relaxation. For you, they are at your disposal. Take and apply. All in your hands.

Diamond light

In order to get closer to the cure for depression, it is also possible and necessary to make the positive feelings of the soul break through themselves through the distortions of mental distortion. It will also have a positive effect. If we somehow awaken these feelings, they will intensify. Against the background of their vivid manifestation, mental distortion will not be so noticeable. Of course, this must be done in parallel with the work on the psyche.
To awaken and strengthen emotional feelings, you need to do something in life, change something, so that it is good for our soul. And what does our soul like? When higher, beautiful feelings awaken within us, for example Love.

Often depression occurs when a person loses the source of his love, loses meaning in life. Therefore, no matter how hard it was, it was necessary to return it, to replace it with something, to find the meaning of its existence. Find your favorite hobby, try to meet a loved one, give birth to a child. Think about what you can live for. After all, you need someone, parents, children, a loved one. Live for them. Before diving into depression, think about the people who need you.

It happens that a person falls in love with a business so much that he just has no time to become depressed. That is, find something for which you can live and that will give satisfaction to your soul.
I understand that with depression it is difficult to do. But if you start working on yourself using other methods, it will soon be possible to do so.

Often the circumstances of life do not correspond to our being happy. Therefore, in order to get rid of depression, you also need to change something in life, improve the conditions of existence.

Of course, as already mentioned, depression arises, first of all, not from external circumstances, but from internal distortions of the psyche. Depression is within us. Strong people in any difficult life situations do not fall into a depressive state. And to get rid of depression, first of all, you need to change yourself, not the outside world. Change yourself, the world will change, said the ancient sages. Otherwise, we will take the depressive distortion of the psyche with us to new living conditions, and everything will be repeated in the old way.

But the truth is still in the middle. Often, living conditions do not correspond to the normal functioning of the psyche. Sooner or later, a failure occurs, we become depressed. It is difficult for the soul to show high feelings in such conditions. A rough example: a person who has not seen violence, suddenly goes to prison, he is likely to find depression or other mental illness. Someone lives with an alcoholic, someone is in too difficult living conditions, someone is constantly beaten or just nerves tremble.

For mental health, a person sometimes needs complete peace and solitude. After such a rest, you can already go into battle to achieve some goals. But if this battle continues indefinitely, the psyche simply cannot stand it.

Therefore, if you suffer from depression, figure out what living conditions led you to it and try to at least change something. Of course, if you are in a very depressed state, it is hardly possible to do something. But you need to understand the main thing.

Many despair, give up when they can’t change anything in life. Fall into even greater depression. But a depressed state in this case further exacerbates life circumstances. This is the law of life. Therefore, it is very important to somehow find the strength in yourself to just at least look into the future with hope for the best. Hope actually does wonders. Hoping for the best in difficult circumstances, and without falling into even greater depression, we attract the best events in a new segment of our journey. And then act, trying to change something. I assure you, the Universe will help you if you do not despair and believe in the best.

Acceptance as a remedy for depression

Why does depression occur? Everything is simple. We do not accept life, any twists and turns of our fate, the inevitable burdens of everyday life. Life cannot always be good, the world cannot only revolve around us, present us with everything on a silver platter. Sometimes you have to fight, to be near the black, terrible side of life. Many simply have no immunity to this. How to gain this immunity. Everything is simple.

One must learn to accept life in any of its manifestations, to understand that there is a black streak of fate, to learn to be tolerant. Be sure to read the article on tolerance. Also repeatedly on the blog in various articles raised the topic of adoption.

If you learn to accept life in all its manifestations, to understand that there are also difficulties and failures in life that are given to us in order to learn, then a depressed mood will bypass you.
But often depression occurs due to some sort of crowded out emotions. That is, in the past we did not accept any event in our life.

The reaction to this rejection has settled deep within us in the form of some kind of unconscious negative emotions. Indeed, very often depression arises from the accumulated negative mental material inside.

To accept past events, you first need to get them out of the closets of the psyche. But for this it is not necessary to recall them. Everything is very simple. If you do meditation to get rid of depression, as well as relaxation techniques, they themselves will emerge, go from the depths of the subconscious into the actual consciousness.

You are meditating as usual, and suddenly a long-forgotten insult pops up onto the surface that imperceptibly poisons your life for you. Or some kind of fear that would seem to be no longer relevant. Because of such impurities, depression may well arise when the well of the subconscious begins to overflow. It needs to be cleaned, but we are not doing it. Meditation is the purification of mental dirt within us. For this purification to occur, it is necessary at the moment when the long-forgotten negative emotions and events begin to come out, look at them from a distance, and also say such a phrase to yourself. "I agree, I accept."

Speak, feeling the acceptance within yourself. That is, you need to accept past experience. Previously, we did not accept him, so he was stuck inside, polluting the psyche. Thank the world for giving us these experiences for life lessons. Feeling sincere gratitude, we do miracles. It just gets easier for us.

Thus, we will gradually get rid of depression. Of course, this will not happen quickly. It takes time for the past experience to come out, so that the positive feelings of the soul begin to gradually break out. Но это, уверяю вас, стоит того.

Итак, теперь вы знаете, как избавиться от депрессии. Осталось только применить эти знания для своего блага. Самое сложное это начать двигаться по пути к счастливой и здоровой жизни. Встаньте и начните хоть что-то делать. Дальше вам будет легче.

You will move simply by inertia. After that, scatter so that nothing will stop you. Of course, obstacles will be waiting for this path, for example, dumping and returning of a depressed state. But if you overcome them, you will become much stronger, which means you gain immunity to the further burdens of life. All this will contribute to the fact that depression will not come back to you.
Also remember, if you have a very severe depression, consult a specialist.

Many people ask the question of how to get out of depression on their own, when there is no strength, you do not want to do anything. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to break out of severe mental distortions on your own. You may even have to take antidepressants. But know, as soon as you acquire at least a little willpower, and clarity of consciousness gradually move away from treatment with pills in favor of the best methods tested for many hundreds of years.

Self exit

Now we have come to the topic of interest to us: “How to get out of depression yourself?” There are many factors that provoke a devastating, painful, uncomfortable, passive state of depression, often provoking a number of diseases: headaches, bulimia, anorexia, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases. A person’s life takes place in constant interaction with other people, and the situation in society, as well as the internal state and level of our life, will depend on how successful the interaction with each other is.

To help you get out of depression on your own, knowledge of the fundamentals of psychology comes to help you manage yourself, as well as other people, and give you an understanding of yourself. It is a person who decides and determines who he will be in this life, only he is for himself the most important object in this life and not on anyone, but on himself, it is necessary to concentrate. In order to realize one's vital role, one must clearly control oneself and also understand oneself so that external factors do not triumph over the internal state.

A person cannot influence events, however, he can change his reaction to them. The first step to get out of depression on your own is to make the sick person realize that only he can get himself out of this state. If the patient does not take any actions to exit, then the condition can only worsen.

The second step involves the need to put in order the way of thinking and life. Keep track of the information that enters the brain. Do not allow negative information into your life, limit it. This will bring a good result, and help to get out of depression on their own.

Pay enough attention to your diet. It is noted that mental health is directly dependent on good nutrition.

The third step involves the fight against laziness, because the desire to stay in the familiar comfort zone is great. Negative memories of what depression brought you are good at managing laziness. Put suffering on one side of the scale, and on the second, committed actions that allowed you to get out of your comfort zone. Since he does not want to return to suffering, this will serve as the strongest motivation for the necessary actions. If you read everything described above, you can immediately note that it is the goal that helps to get out of depression.

The first step is to set the goal (to get out of depression), the second step is the plan (what needs to be done), the third step is to complete these actions. So, to get out of depression on your own you need to set a goal and obsessively go to it. Setting a goal, then searching for necessary actions, as well as performing these actions will protect you from a depressive mood.

How to help a person

Often a person who has become depressed, seeks help from specialists with a request: "Help get out of depression."

Specialists will help to deal with the occurrence of a particular psychological problem and the causes of its occurrence. It is very difficult to get out of the world of illusions and stereotypes on your own, because the habit is strong, takes root and carries an understanding that is far from reality. However, those who ask for help should not shift all their problems to a psychologist and believe that a single visit will solve all his problems. It will be necessary to fulfill all the recommendations of a specialist, and try to quickly get out of this state.

It is important to stop living in the past and not expect anything from it. Slowly rebuild your life. To be active, make new acquaintances, change your image, smile, change your wardrobe, go in for sports, change your atmosphere, fulfill your dream, allow yourself to be happy and bring pleasant moments to life. Do not forget about the diet, always filled with vitamins, and forget about alcohol. In a new life to walk a healthy person.

Deep depression

In order to get out of deep depression, you need to know yourself and try to start living with meaning and happily. To do this, look for meaning everywhere: making new acquaintances, walking, traveling, going to exhibitions, gastronomic delights, change jobs, get an animal, go in for sports and more. Gradually, depression will recede, and you will become satisfied with your life. It is very important to learn to enjoy every moment of life and that this happens regardless of the successes achieved in this life.

How to get out of deep depression will tell more experts - psychologists, psychotherapists. The therapeutic methods performed in a timely manner, as well as biological treatment consisting of electroconvulsive therapy, sleep deprivation - deprivation, pharmacological therapy, phototherapy - light treatment, herbal medicine, and dietary therapy will be effective. They will also prescribe medications, which include antidepressants, vitamins, tranquilizers, lithium salts, antipsychotics, antioxidants, drugs that are responsible for improving brain cell metabolism.

Love depression

Having figured out the mechanism of falling in love, it will become clear why parting with a loved one is so hard experienced and how to get out of a love depression. A man in love exists in his world, which he considers true for himself, but at a certain moment this truth ceases to give him what he wants. And the lover becomes hardened, naughty, angry, wants to return his beloved person in order to stay in his usual state and not to grieve.

It is possible to get out of love depression over time and for a start you need to mentally release your beloved.

The divorce process brings negative aspects to the life of both spouses. These are feelings, discomfort, parting with children, settlement of housing issues, nervous sharing of property, a feeling of loneliness.

To get out of depression after a divorce helps a new goal set for yourself. However, for starters, you must forbid yourself to suffer, worry, be sad, lie, wait for something and live moments from a past life. This lifestyle is disastrous. If, however, the divorce process is exhausting, and the depressive state is completely swallowed, then the most important thing now is to calm down, find a lesson that is relaxing for you. It is necessary to realize that divorce is just a break in relationships and is not the end of the world. It is necessary not to go in cycles in the feelings and talk about it with those who are ready to listen. After a while, the divorce will no longer cause such violent emotions, and will move into a calm stage of a past life. At this stage, try not to scandal, keep yourself in control.

How to get a woman out of depression

Initially, a woman has an acute crisis state, which becomes chronic depression, upsetting the previous state of mind. According to statistics, every eighth woman is prone to suicide, and every fourth needs psychotherapeutic help, the rest cope with depression on their own.

How can a woman get out of a depressed state? You can’t do without treatment here. At first, antidepressants, consultations with a psychologist, and meditation will help. If a woman’s depression developed amid a divorce, then rebuild your life anew, diversify it and allow yourself what you did not do in marriage. The most important thing is to take the divorce calmly and not to zealously hold it. This will cause negativity and further increase her husband’s resistance. Better maintain sincere as well as friendships, as this will help balance your peace of mind and allow your husband to return to you. In the meantime, free yourself from attachment to your husband and mentally say that now your life paths will go in parallel and intersect only if necessary.

How to get a man out of depression

It’s much more complicated for men, since a depressive state after a divorce occurs later and it seems that they have no feelings. The first time after a divorce, men are calm and not bothered by memories from a past life. All this appears later, enjoying a free life. Confusion, depression, chronic fatigue, alcohol abuse, feelings of loneliness, burnout, overeating, and frustration due to intimacy begin to overcome men.

The cause of depression in men is a simple disappointment. Once free, it is not so easy to meet a younger, more unusual and seductive woman. Only a few fulfill these dreams. And for many, close acquaintance with women brings disappointment and does not bring long-awaited joy. In parallel, bright moments from a past life come to mind, and overcomes the desire to return to the family.

Having realized this, it is possible for a man to get out of his state, one has only to cope with the invented laws of male stereotypes that prohibit this.

This period for a man is marked by the accumulation of mental fatigue, as well as loneliness. Not everyone is able to lead such a lifestyle and after a while men become dominated by depression, which pushes to promiscuous sex, alcohol, excess entertainment, and overeating.

How can a man get out of a depressed state? It is necessary to master the ability to suppress your desires, as well as become more organized.

Help teenager

Parents are responsible for the teenager and it is their task not to miss the depression in the teenager and to help cope with this in the event of a depressive state. First of all, stop humiliating, punishing the child and fix all his positive qualities in his memory. Stop scolding for mistakes and letting you make decisions yourself, support the teenager in everything. Listen to the child, especially if he is depressed and avoid moralizing.

Postpartum depression

In the first three months after birth, a woman may experience depression. This is due to the unreasonable fears of mothers about babies and the fear of caring for them. This fear is destructive in the communication between the baby and the mother. Therefore, the task of the psychologist to establish contact with the baby, to remove fears and postpartum depression. Acceptable drug therapy, which includes antidepressants that relieve symptoms of depression.

The death of a loved one

The experience of grief after the death of a loved one has its own stages, but each person experiences them in his own way, and without clear time boundaries. Initially, a person is numb, then shock for up to one week and stay in a state similar to sleep. The next stage is the experience of acute grief. The duration of this period is up to three months. The condition of a person is characterized by acute emotional feelings, bitter tears, as well as regrets. There are thoughts of helplessness, anger, as well as feelings of guilt, the meaninglessness of existence. In this state, one should not be left alone and not confine oneself to one’s experiences, one should speak out, discuss, and recall. This will help you survive the grief more easily. If you want to cry - do not restrain yourself, you want to be angry - get angry.

Alcohol depression

Drinking alcohol can lead to alcohol depression. Two types of such depression are noted. The first is manifested from dependence on alcohol and the desire to abandon it, and the second occurs during a hangover. Often people solve their problems by drinking alcohol. As a result, a deeper depression develops and the person finds himself in a circle of alcoholic depression.

A person does not know how to get out of alcoholic depression, is angry at his inner circle, emotionally breaks down, and the offered help from relatives is only annoying. Sometimes the symptoms of alcohol depression are mistaken for symptoms of alcohol dependence. The period of alcohol depression in a person is filled with disappointment, sadness, thoughts of suicide and death come. Often a person in this state commits suicide. The help of a psychotherapist is necessary, since it will not be possible to get out of alcohol depression alone. Only a specialist will help you figure out what situation has led you to a glass, or, on the contrary, how this glass has led you to a depressed state. Your treatment will be built on the basis of the root cause.

Autumn depression

Seasonal depression delivers a lot of unpleasant moments to people who can not readjust to changes in nature. The main treatment for seasonal disorder is light therapy. The drug “Light therapy Bioptron” helps in this.

To achieve inner peace, there are suggestion techniques that help restore inner peace, as well as achieve a state of relaxation and deep sleep. Self-medication in this case is excluded and treatment by specialists is necessary. Preventive measures are effective, including an early rise, a balanced diet, a good night's sleep, walks in the fresh air, and sports.